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    actually, the deals are beatable if you make use of target's b2g1 free sales as their starting prices are often 25-35% lower than UME directs to begin with. adding the points is a nice touch that helps offset that.

    not that i've seen. i applied 7 individual gcs to one order, no issues.
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    I just ordered the Clapton Lady in the Balcony BD/CD for 18 bucks and the Cream Goodbye Tour 1968 box for 42 bucks with the 40% discount.

    I was going to spring for the All Things Must Pass Super Deluxe vinyl but of course it's excluded from any discounts.
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    Got a nice stash of Rolling Stones GHS and Tattoo items that beat anything online price wise with some not even available elsewhere along with my bonus points.
    Grabbed the blue vinyl Cream 68 for around $22 which getting harder to find as well.
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    Thank you for the heads up on the Cream Goodbye Tour - Live 1968 blue vinyl. Amazon selling it for for almost 80, Discogs for over 50 now.
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    Received two of my orders this morning in perfect condition including 3 Blue Note titles, Style Council, Paul McCartney RAM. Ordered them 5 days ago! :cool:
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    On a Sunday?
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    Yeah, they seem to have stepped up their processing and shipping time for sure—ordered mine on Black Friday, already shipped and due tomorrow.
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    got my Tommy super deluxe set today - very pleased. Amazed they even still had one, and to get it this fast is a nice bonus.
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    Quite happy and even surprised with how quickly my items from this sale, and sound of vinyl got to me this year. Last year it was an absolute disaster and I ended up just canceling my orders in late January. I have all the items I ordered already. One of the packages arrived completely unsealed, like someone just forgot to even stick the flap over… Kudos to the USPS for not losing or damaging the 2 records inside!
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    Yes, one of my boxes was the same, kinda unsealed and tape messed up but contents were fine and had additional packaging inside fortunately. Hope to get my other orders (4 more, couldn’t stop) this week.
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