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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by MC Rag, Jan 17, 2016.

  1. AirJordanFan93

    AirJordanFan93 Forum Resident

    I got the Cheers Complete Series Boxset for like $40 from a UK retailer a couple of years ago. To buy the complete series here in Australia its $220 for essentially the same box.
  2. MC Rag

    MC Rag Forum Resident Thread Starter

    I hope it was just for the case!
  3. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Jimi Hendix - Live at Fillmore East (Experience Hendrix edition) £1.99.
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  4. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Very rarely do I see decent LPs for 99p these days.
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  5. Joseph.McClure

    Joseph.McClure Forum Resident

    Memphis, TN
    $1 in Memphis.
  6. johnnybrum

    johnnybrum Forum Resident

    In Oxfam, saw a box of 40s/50s Jazz/Swing CDs, today, obviously donated as a job lot...About 200 all together..Stuff like Art Blakey, Glenn Miller, Dinah Shore...

    To my untrained eye, there didn't seem to be anything spectacular there, so I took nothing. Some of them even had US price stickers, which was a bit of a surprise. It's possible there was a gem or two but how could I tell, knowing nothing about the genre?

    It's a funny feeling when you see a collection like that, as you just know that the owner has died, and the family has 'dumped' his beloved music.. (reminds you that it'll come to us all :cry:) On the brighter side, perhaps someone will buy the stuff, get into it, contribute to the charity., etc, but it wasn't for me...
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  7. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    $ price stickers may also indicate Singapore or Hong Kong. The values will give the game away (Singapore CDs should be ~$30; Hong Kong CDs should be ~$100). CDs from Europe, North America, Japan, or Australia were sold in Singapore and Hong Kong. Trad jazz isn't my thing, so I wouldn't really know about titles. I could tell where and roughly when the CDs were made though.
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  8. G00dVibrations

    G00dVibrations Forum Resident

    Two charity shops in my town. One has just stopped doing CDs it seems (they were there two weeks ago, gone now).

    The other had 4 for a £1 (or £1.95 each...)
  9. MC Rag

    MC Rag Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Yes CDs in Hong Kong from around 1987/88 onwards (when I started collecting CDs and lived in Hong Kong) typically cost around HK$100 which at the time was about £7.50.
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  10. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Reminds me of those offers from supermarkets: two for £1 or £1.50 each.
  11. Django

    Django Forum Resident

    Dublin, Ireland
    It must be a year since I have found any CDs worth buying in a charity shop. I have look every few weeks. There seems to be less CDs in charity shops now.
  12. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    Three boot sales today, all quite quiet, and still the CDs are hiding, there was a proper collection of some sort of Metal, but it was outside my knowledge and interest, it did go very quickly though, otherwise the same sad titles nobody wants or a few things I'd buy for £1, but they were priced at £2, I'm more than happy to pay £2 for CDs, just not these titles.

    Vinyl on the other hand turned out to be a pleasant surprise, the first sale was slow, upgraded my "Brothers In Arms" to near mint, bought a couple of Jazz LPs, Clark Terry "The Happy Horns Of" and Donald Byrd/Gigi Gryce "Modern Jazz Perspective", plus Elvis "Best Of" 10" and "Rock 'n' Roll" both on HMV, both well played, but will see how they sound on my mono deck after an ultrasonic clean. The second booter was looking a waste of time until at the end, a car pulled up, opened the boot and I volunteered to put all his records on the table, :cool: it was mostly mainstream pop, but my nephew now has some more Queen, Prince and Michael Jackson for his collection, plus I have a few bits, whilst I was going through those another seller had turned up and I bought about three dozen Decca mono Classical LPs, normally I would have just cherry picked five or six, but they so obviously belonged together, looked great and I got the lot for £15, yet more fodder for my mono deck, looking forward to the violin records. The final sale keeps buyers out until 1pm, in theory no deals can be made, but dealers on the inside had snaffled any Floyd or similar, I picked up some French music some Spanish Flamenco and what looks like Polish Rock, a diverse day and I finished with a full bag of records for the first time in months.
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  13. MC Rag

    MC Rag Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Always great to come away with a good haul! I've still yet to visit a bootsale. Is the one near Wotton under Edge any good anyone know?
  14. minibreakfast

    minibreakfast Forum Resident

    Suffolk, UK
    Couple of boots here yesterday, ended up with a pair of Walter Carlos records, an Impressions comp, Stevie's SITKOL (which I have, but this one is minty and has the EP still), Richard and Linda Thompson's Pour Down Like Silver, and some Ravi Shankar, among other things. Best was a beautiful copy of Musique du Burundi for 50p - had to dig through bags of utter, utter ****e to find it, but worth the effort.
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  15. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    Sorry, wrong side of the city for me, no idea, but remember that if you do go be there for opening/set up time, get there an hour later and you are unlikely to find anything.:righton:
  16. mark e

    mark e Forum Resident

    umm, hello !
    to my shame I have not been to it despite it being on my doorstep.
    I used to do car boots, but always found them to be pretty hard work re cds, but seeing that charity shops round here seem to be quitting re cds I guess car boots are going to be the only option soon.
  17. parkgrover

    parkgrover Forum Resident

    Picked up Joni Mitchell - The Hissing of Summer Lawns for £1.99 last weekend. Very nice album
    Week before got Sheer Heart Attack by Queen for £0.99
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  18. RobNeil

    RobNeil Forum Resident

    Midlands, UK
    I meant to buy Primal Scream's Riot City Blues in 2006 when it came out, but instead I waited 13 years and got it for a pound last week.

    I didn't previously have anything after XTRMNTR and its piqued an interest in listening to some of their more recent albums.
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  19. Dave S

    Dave S Forum Resident

    Probably my downfall. Getting out for 6.45am Sunday morning is a non starter. Getting up for 6.45 am and finding nothing would really annoy me.
  20. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    I leave home at 5am, but there are plenty of sales that start at a more civilised hour, for example yesterday I started at the first one at 6am when it opened, got to the next at 10.30 ready for it to open at 11 and got to the third at 12.40 for it's 1pm opening, as I said I'm a Somerset and Wiltshire booter so don't know Gloucestershire sales, but I reckon there must be some that start later in the morning. Another tip is to find someone else to go with, not only do you split petrol and entry costs, but also have some company and a helping hand when you hit the jackpot and have to carry it all back to the car.
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  21. Alexlotl

    Alexlotl Forum Resident

    York, UK
    I go to one sale, which kicks off at 7AM. I usually get there about 9AM, and find plenty of goodies. Getting up at sparrowfart isn’t essential.
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  22. Dubmart

    Dubmart Forum Resident

    Bristol, UK
    Down here if you aren't there at the start you aren't getting anything, records, CDs, jewelry, antiques, tools, TVs, Hi Fi, ephemera, cameras, instruments, toys, there are several people, mostly dealers, chasing every category, sure there's still plenty of stuff left at 9am, just nothing great, that usually goes as soon as it's on the table, or often before it even leaves the boot, boot sales are a study of evolution in a microcosm, survival of the fittest and every part of the food chain being filled.
  23. Alexlotl

    Alexlotl Forum Resident

    York, UK
    I don’t doubt I’m missing out on things I might like, but I’m finding enough to make the journey worthwhile anyway. Helps that it’s only 10 minutes drive.

    If I did a 5AM start, then there’s something that I’d definitely miss out on - an extra 2hrs in bed!
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  24. bibliotudinous

    bibliotudinous Music Freak

    Sonoma County, CA
    I sometimes find good stuff at thrift stores, but nothing too exciting. Recently, I did find a blue-face And Then There Were Three, mixed with with a bunch of junk. Also found: a 35DP of The Stranger, a target of Howard Jones' Dream Into Action, The March Violets' The Botanic Verses, targets of Court and Spark and Learning to Crawl, and a "yellow swirl" of a Donna Summer CD (I forgot which one).

    Now, exciting bargains in the used bins of record stores--stuff that was accidentally underpriced--that's another story.
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  25. johnnybrum

    johnnybrum Forum Resident

    Picked up The Very Best of Elton John (2CD) at lunchtime, as new (literally my first ever purchase of any of his music, on any format) No price on it, but they decided on £1.99 at the till..

    Also My Fair Lady (OST). Already got this, but the disc had gone AWOL (I blame the missus) - 99p
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