Unanswered Beatles questions ?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by George Blair, Feb 23, 2018.

  1. bewareofchairs

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    How can people be obsessed with comparing photos and footage of the Beatle whose appearance was most consistent while taking no notice of the fact that the other three - especially John and George, often looked completely different to their old selves?

    Why has everyone decided to keep John and George's fight a secret for all these years? Is it just for the sake of privacy?
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  2. ZiggyZipgun

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    I've noticed in recent public appearances and interviews, he seems to be trying look like Double Fantasy-era John, and telling a lot of really weird, raunchy stories about John. I personally think he's making an effort to bring his image up to the level of John's posthumous "coolness" - he even mentioned in interviews years ago that his solo albums will never be able to compete with John's, because John's will always be considered "great" because he's dead.
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  3. bewareofchairs

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    I think Paul tries to be well-liked, but how does he try to be cool? He's always seemed unabashedly not cool to me. There are many other rock stars that come to mind but not Paul.
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    If the Beatles were all-powerful could they have recorded a song so good that nobody liked it?
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  5. schnitzerphilip

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    It doesn’t sound anything like that.

    Don’t let your head run away with you.
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  6. Generation42

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    I hadn't considered "surreal," but I can see it. Well done!

    But I think we three are on the same page, here. If an extra little message like that really was was planted in "Walrus," (And it's real to me, at least, because I hear it!) then it takes a true masterpiece that much higher.
  7. Generation42

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    As I mentioned, I hear it best on the Love remix (through headphones, particularly). But maybe you're right! After all these years, I may have gone a little mad! :D

    Either way, I appreciate your consideration. :tiphat:
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  8. Black Thumb

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    Finally! Thank you thank you! I've been asking that question for literally decades! Looking at your thread, I'm not the only one.


    I always thought he was crooning "again and again".
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    I think I need to go and throw up for about 45 minutes.
  10. Hammerpeg

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    The Beatles were great at a lot of things, but playing the blues wasn’t one of them. Hell, the Kinks played the blues better than the Beatles did.
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  11. evilpants

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    I mean, at the very least this is a fun discussion - I'd never heard actual words being sung there, and @Generation42 could be 100% wrong, but the idea really brought a spark to my day: thinking about whether it could be true and whether a new layer had just been uncovered in a song that I already love for its creativity. If someone can do that in a discussion forum, that's a good use of the internet so it's a win in my book.

    So even if it's just someone singing something like "yeah-e-yeah-e-yeah", that's ok. Cos we had some fun trying to tease out what words were being sung and who sang them.

    But put that all aside - do you have a view as to what we're actually hearing in that part of the song? You don't have to have any idea at all, but I'd love to put some more meat on the bones of this.
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  12. schnitzerphilip

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    It's either studio gibberish or it's a spin of the AM dial that's too unintelligible to make out. This whole tangent feels like really bad Paul Is Dead reverse vinyl spins. "Turn me on dead man" is more rational that this one.
  13. evilpants

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    London, England
    You sound like this sort of thing annoys you though - we're just having fun talking about it!
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  14. autumn daze

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    Whilst I can’t speak about the woman in blue, I can speak about the men in white on the left... one of whom is my uncle. He passed away last year and didn’t really know of the Beatles so much back then so didn’t pay a great deal of attention to the most famous band in the world shooting their record cover. He was interested in why someone was in the road with a camera and stepladder, however. That was all his memory of the day until the album came out and he recognised what was going on. He still didn’t get interested in the Beatles after then, but enjoyed telling the story!
  15. rikki nadir

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    What was it like to be a Beatle?

    What was it like then not to be?
  16. Mai Tem Baht

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    It would have been extremely difficult for anyone, other than a hermit (Herman's excluded) living in the UK at that time to not "really know of the Beatles so much".

    I'm guessing he was of a certain age and not terribly interested in them. But even so, he still couldn't have avoided the press and TV coverage they got.
  17. Siegmund

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    Paul McCartney was supposedly the first Beatle to make contact with Allen Klein (in November 1966), but where did the meeting take place and what happened during it?
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  18. RingoStarr39

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    Here's a sample of that part in I Am the Walrus isolated from the Rock Band stems: I Am the Walrus radio voice.mp3
    To me it sounds like he/she is saying "Makes you feel weird".
    I think it's interesting that there's also another male voice over this sample that is missing in the Rock Band stems and the Love version compared to the original mono mix.
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  19. ohnothimagen

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    If memory serves around the same time Klein started "managing" the Stones (1965) he met with Brian Epstein and the NEMS people, all of whom were so turned off by him he was politely rebuffed. Klein of course claimed later that he knew The Beatles were "his" as soon as he heard Epstein had died.
  20. edenofflowers

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    I'm hearing a female voice saying "This is pretty weird."
  21. nikh33

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    The video is from a TV show and not the short radio concert, most of which is on Anthology 1 CD, but both were on the same tour of Sweden in October 1963.
  22. urasam2

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    Blimey! I have heard this song thousands of times, and NEVER heard this before!!! What the...!! I am stunned. It's like the whole of my life has been a lie..
  23. urasam2

    urasam2 A Famous Potato

    Definitely no "pretty" in there
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  24. I suspect it's another foreign language snippet. I find it too indistinct to be English.
  25. thos

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    I always thought that part was Lennon's voice (maybe backward or slowed down a bit or...), and it's gibberish. It just sounds like his vocal tone and even the recording quality sounds the same as the vocals in the rest of the song.
    There also sounds like single syllable snippet of a woman's voice that cuts in as well as a male "radio voice" possibly also from King Lear before the strings come in (that's not in the Rock band sample) - I always heard the male radio voice as saying "quite delighted..." it similar sounding to the "now good sir" that comes in a bit later.
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