Uncle Floyd Show Returns On YouTube and Zoom!

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by FredV, Jun 14, 2020.

  1. Jeffhitz

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    Hey Now Fred - I've been watching all of the StageIt shows, and I'm pretty sure you were mentioned a few times - am I correct? My question is - do you have a copy of the song Jan & Dean sung last night on the show - Surf Bunky (Surf City sung in Dutch)?
  2. FredV

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    I have a copy of the video their appearance is on, not the song itself.

    However, check this eBay link! ;)

    Jan & Dean FLEXI-DISC "Surf Bunkey" aka "Surf City" in DUTCH Live 1980 Forever | eBay
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    Thanks Fred! I did see that listing on eBay already - $15.00 is a little rich for my blood, especially these days. Would it be possible for you to post a link to that video segment from the show that you mentioned? I actually remembered seeing it back when it first aired on the UF Show - I never forgot Jan's "lip-synching" the interview.
  4. FredV

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    Be sure to get your virtual tickets for tonight's, September 7th, 2021, online Uncle Floyd Show. Can't say who the special guest might be, but you'll find yourself crawling from the wreckage and singing the blues if you miss it. Sometimes girl's talk, but me and the boys can't wait to see Floyd and the gang. Hope we'll see you there, we'll hear you knocking!

    Link: https://www.stageit.com/uncle_floyd...with_uncle_floyd_and_scott_gordon_live/100976
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  5. RayS

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    Out of My Element
    OMG! If I read your clues right ...

    Wreckage ... Gordon Lightfoot
    Singing the Blues ... Guy Mitchell
    Girls Talk ... Elvis Costello
    Hear You Knocking ... The Rolling Stones

    Quite the lineup!

  6. FredV

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    Close, it was Dave Edmunds.

    Don’t miss the next online Uncle Floyd Show, you don’t know who the special guest will be! :winkgrin:

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  7. FredV

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    Here's what you missed if you didn't catch the online Uncle Floyd Show.

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    His resemblance to the son of Sam always bothered me
  9. FredV

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    Does anyone have the video of when the Misfits appeared on Uncle Floyd on 10/31/1980?
  11. FredV

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