Underrated guitarists

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  1. RaceBannon

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    Ross Ice Shelf
    Skunk Baxter (Steely Dan, Doobie Bros) and Mike Campbell (Petty& Heartbreakers), and Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music, solo, David Gilmour) cited above are all great examples of underrated guitarists that I agree with.

    Dick Dale, nah. Way too prominent and influential to be underrated. Heck, practically invented a whole genre of instrumental guitar rock, with his surf music, up there on all the Rolling Stone lists etc. Now Link Wray, maybe.
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    @RaceBannon Not in the Rock 'N" Roll Hall of Fame though and the average rock fan doesn't know who he is unless they follow surf music or play guitar.

    I would say more people know who Link Wray is than Dick Dale. In addition, Link Wray has been previously nominated for the Rock 'N' Roll Hall of Fame. Dick Dale was never even nominated.
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  3. RaceBannon

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    Ross Ice Shelf
    That surprises me that Dale is not in the Rock HOF, I assumed he was already in. Both should be in. It seems like you hear Dale talked about more than Wray though, obviously that's purely anecdotal.
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    I always bore buddies going on about Robert Quine
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    St. Petersburg,Fl.
    The late,great Kurt Winter of the post-Bachman Guess Who.
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    Danny Kirwan
    Marc Bolan
    Glen Buxton
    William Reid

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