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Unspeakables — Worst Speakers You Ever Heard, And Why?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Cyclone Ranger, Apr 5, 2021.

  1. Dennis0675

    Dennis0675 Relaxed Member

    Speakers are like pizza and sex, it’s always good to some extent.

    I just bought a new RV that has outside mounted speakers. They might be the worst speakers I’ve ever heard but I’m looking forward to listening to them.
  2. styler

    styler Forum Resident

    Zu Audio Druids: bright, harsh
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  3. Dennis0675

    Dennis0675 Relaxed Member

    I guess someone here ever bought a completely Sony system in the late 80’s. Or really any of the department store cheap systems that had partial board cabinet speakers. The more expensive ones with monster sized woofers were the worst.
  4. rebellovw

    rebellovw Forum Resident

    Prescott, AZ
    The very provocative - black see through racy speaker cover - with chrome dust covers - MCS brand stuff, Panasonic.
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  5. Dennis0675

    Dennis0675 Relaxed Member

    I have a theory that the audio industry just made cheaper and cheaper stuff until it lost its costumer base. Everyone was competing to hit the lowest price point and then it went away. There is very little from the 80’s that isn’t in a landfill or should be. Conversely, many amps and speakers from the 60’s and seventy go for crazy money.

    there are many nice speakers that I don’t care for and would bring home being mentioned in this thread but calling them the worst you’ve ever heard is insane.

    Not far from where I live is the county fairgrounds and the have harness racing one week a year. The grandstands looks like it was built in the 40’s and hasn’t been renovated. The pa speakers look like horns and are in the infield, I haven’t understood one word through them in the last 20 years. That may be my final answer on worst speakers ever.
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  6. Silverwolf

    Silverwolf Occasional Esoteric Freak

    New thread! Which is better generally, your speakers, sex or pizza! Maybe the combination of all 3 in an evening makes up for any shortfalls in any one....
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  7. Dennis0675

    Dennis0675 Relaxed Member

    I’d rather not assign winners and losers, I think it’s more a question of sequence.
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  8. Silverwolf

    Silverwolf Occasional Esoteric Freak

    Very true. And how much chilli and pepperoni is on the pizza could dictate the sequence...
  9. head_unit

    head_unit Forum Resident

    Los Angeles CA USA
    What?!? Huh?!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU!!!!!
    Once upon a time, I guy in my college dorm who I took to see Iron Maiden reciprocated by taking me to see Ratt from row 2 front and center. Wow, what a great show EXCEPT for the part where I forgot earplugs. Toilet paper is a poor substitute :shake:
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  10. Cyclone Ranger

    Cyclone Ranger New old stock Thread Starter

    Best Coast USA
    I’ve consistently heard that complaint about Zu’s in general: harsh, bright, and overly ‘hi-fi’ sounding.

    But, some ppl love that type of sound. :oops:
  11. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Perfect Sound Through Crystal Clear Digital

    Hey, you can ship those Cerwin-Vega speakers to Danny at GR Research, and he will charge you about $250.00 and with the addition of new caps and resistors and coils, turn those speakers into Wilsons! Could be a bit more time he adds for the internal cabinet damping materials. Oh my!
    Here is a Dynaudio transformation, problem is, you loose your 8 year warranty, a slight problem for some folks.:shake:

  12. BruceS

    BruceS El Sirviente del Gato

    Reading, MA US
    "New thread! Which is better generally, your speakers, sex or pizza! Maybe the combination of all 3 in an evening makes up for any shortfalls in any one...."

    Tough one, and no clear answer. Any one of them could prevail at a given moment. Giving speakers the plurality, though...not slighting the other two. I'd add a couple of things to compare, maybe. :cool:
  13. John Schofield

    John Schofield There is no replacement for displacement

    New Large Vents to the rescue!!
  14. Art K

    Art K I bite you!

    Corvallis, Oregon
    Epos M12i. Beautiful speaker...unrelentingly bright. I couldn’t be in a room with them for more than 5 minutes. I blew up the Creek & Epos forum...literally, over the issue. I began a discussion and within a few weeks I was the top poster on the forum. Clearly, they couldn’t have someone who was highly critical of their products being the top guy so they closed it down. The terrible thing was that I was very positive in my comments on so many of their other products. It was a shame, really. Later they issued an inline resistor to owners of the M12i, to tame the HF, recognizing how unlistenable that speaker was. Unfortunately, in a PM to me Luke Creek and later one of his minions were so awful to me that I wouldn’t buy one of their products if they were the last audio company standing.

    That said, if I were to find a mint set of Epos ES 14’s I’d snag them in a heartbeat.
  15. avanti1960

    avanti1960 Forum Resident

    Chicago metro, USA
    Chilli on pizza? You mean actual chili with beans, tomatoes and beef?
    That sounds worse than any of the speakers in this thread !
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  16. timind

    timind phorum rezident

    Westfield, IN USA
    Have you guys ever had good sex? I've heard great speakers, and eaten some tasty pizza, sorry, not even close to good sex.
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  17. The Pinhead

    The Pinhead SUDACA ROÑOSO

    INDEEDY, MATEY !:laugh:
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  18. BruceS

    BruceS El Sirviente del Gato

    Reading, MA US
    De gustibus...
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  19. Silverwolf

    Silverwolf Occasional Esoteric Freak

    No man, just chilli peppers!
  20. avanti1960

    avanti1960 Forum Resident

    Chicago metro, USA
    much better !
    in chicago we have a pepper based spread for hot dogs, italian beef, italian sausage and sometimes pizza. try it if you ever see it!
    Giardiniera | Vienna Beef | Home or Retail
  21. brew ziggins

    brew ziggins Forum Prisoner

    The Village
    The stock speakers in my 2014 Subaru Legacy. Took me less than five minutes to realize that an aftermarket solution was *necessary*. For about $1400, I got an Alpine head, German Physik speakers and a suitcase sized subwoofer. Real nice. Good thing, as I wound up driving that car across the continent and back five times.

    I won't mention the home speakers I didn't like because I don't remember the specific models and the brands have hardcore fans that I have no need to rile.

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