Unwanted LP's used as Packaging

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by enfield, May 4, 2019.

  1. enfield

    enfield Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Essex UK
    Have noticed lately that some sellers on ebay are using old unwanted LP's as part of their packaging. (to help strengthen the packaging)

    It's like a lucky dip..Recently received a Kool & The Gang LP and got a mint Seekers LP thrown in free.:)

    The seller gets rid of unwanted LP's and the buyer gets a freebee.
  2. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 Forum Resident

    Portland OR
    Freebie filler. Enjoy them. Not really a new practice.
  3. JasonA

    JasonA Forum Resident

    Cereal City
    I've seen LP jackets used as filler, but not with the album in it too. Seems like that would unnecessarily add to the shipping weight/cost.
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  4. joefont

    joefont Forum Resident

    I used to do that but stopped because I got tired of answering emails from buyers saying that I sent them these other records by mistake!
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  5. eddiel

    eddiel Forum Resident

    Toronto, Canada
    That's what I keep thinking whenever I get a record in the mail sandwiched between two titles that are generally junk. I don't think it provides much protection anyway. I keep hoping that one day a seller will thrown in an lp they think is $1 junk and it turns out to be a $1500 rare soul album. :)
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  6. SJP

    SJP Forum Resident

    I get these from a particular eBay seller. Seems like it jacks the weight up to the next media mail price point where other packaging is likely to weigh less and be more effective. It feels as if I'm throwing away someone else trash.
  7. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Forum Resident

    I've had jackets but never LPs in those jackets. I'm OK with the jackets, though.
  8. johnt23

    johnt23 Forum Resident

    I think using them is false economy. They usually bump the weight of the package up, increasing postage cost. Just add a few cardboard stiffeners instead.
  9. Prophetzong

    Prophetzong Forum Resident

    Central VA
    C’mon , does it really matter? As long a your record arrives safely. I have more to worry about than whether a copy of an old musical or trashed cover is used for extra protection. It’s not an astronomical postage difference.
  10. Raynie

    Raynie Hyperactive!

    Portland, OR
    I recently got one wrapped in Depends undergarment or doggie diaper, I didn't unravel it to inspect but that was a surprise.
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  11. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Forum Resident

    That alone merits a negative feedback entry.
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  12. Dave

    Dave Esoteric Audio Research Specialist™

    Greater Vancouver
    Hmm, as long as it wasn't a crappy packing job. :D
  13. Prophetzong

    Prophetzong Forum Resident

    Central VA
    I don’t believe it. I think he’s full of s**t. :laugh:
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  14. ScramMan2

    ScramMan2 Forum Resident

    Portland OR
    Here is a strange one. I've been buying from Secondspin for a long time. But not in recent years as I had been burned by them a few times.

    I ordered and received the CD I wanted. The jewel case was all beat and cracked to s**t. But in the same package there was Rhino near mint re-issue CD was used as filler. No cracks at all. Go figure!
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  15. Raunchnroll

    Raunchnroll Forum Resident

    An old practice from way back. A few dealers back when used it as sort of buyers bonus. I'd get some obcure promo copy of an LP that at the time wasn't very saleable. Also, using an LP as a stiffener makes the package relatively puncture and bend proof. As far as any added weight, with media mail it would have to be the 4th or 5th record in the package to bump it up in price.
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  16. GentleSenator

    GentleSenator what if

    Aloha, OR
    i don't care if there's an LP or not in the sleeves used as protection as long as i don't have to pay for extra cost.

    i recently received an unopened vintage emmylou harris lp as protection. that was a cool extra. it's a great album i didn't yet own.
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  17. InStepWithTheStars

    InStepWithTheStars It's a miracle, let it alter you

    Not an actual LP, but a cut-up LP jacket used as packing material. It was numbered #79/100. I remember I looked up what it was, but I don't remember what it actually was. I think it was a Brazilian punk band or something like that. I either threw it out or stuck it in my record crate... it may turn up again.
  18. TongueDruid

    TongueDruid Forum Resident

    I'm often delighted to check out what the filler albums are! BUT, twice recently, I've received filler records that were mildewy! Irritated the hell outta me since I feel they could taint the actual purchased/wanted record sandwiched within. At the least with their stench....
    Dick move.
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  19. Strat-Mangler

    Strat-Mangler Forum Resident

    Happened to my father-in-law this weekend. He's a Jazz fiend and got as a packing job a Steve Miller Band LP with a unicorn on it. He turns to me and asks incredulously "What *is* this?" :biglaugh:
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