“Upgrade” you regret

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by VapourTrailUS, May 1, 2021.

  1. Harris11235

    Harris11235 Forum Resident

    Minneapolis, MN
    I moved on to another amp after my PM8006 and had the intention of selling it at the time. That’s coming up on two years ago, and I still haven’t sold it. I just have the feeling I’ll regret it if I let it go.
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  2. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Eagle, ID, USA
    I've spent >$3300 over the past 6 months on all new digital/server gear (Innuos ZENmini + LPSU, Topping D90SE, cables, etc.) and I can't say it sounds appreciably better than my 10 year old Cambridge 840C CD player (yes it was $1600 and considered a giant killer in its day, I paid $1250 for a demo thru Audio Advisor). I can't even say THAT sounded appreciably better than my $169 Oppo DV-980H universal player ...!

    I put a CD in the 840C that I had just ripped to the ZENmini (which yes IS quite nice, convenient, etc.) and started them both at the same time. Switching the preamp input back and forth ... yeah, if I squinted really hard I could MAYBE hear a SMIDGEN more 'separation' and depth to the soundstage but it was DAMN close.

    I'd plug the Oppo back in but it'd be too depressing to take.

    Oh well, at least with the ZENmini I can instantly now select any CD from my collection, listen to all the higher res stuff I've downloaded over the past year, and stream anything from Qobuz too ...
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  3. Tiddy

    Tiddy Active Member

    When I had my Rega Planar 2 my first upgrade was to the performance pack,which included the Bias 2 cart.What a mistake.Hated its,flat,dull,lifeless sound. Was worse to my ears than the Carbon that came with the TT. Swapped it out for a 2M Blue pronto..
  4. KeithL

    KeithL Forum Resident

    London, UK
    Naim NAP140 to a new NAP200.
    I kept the 200 for about a month before jumping to the 250.
    I lost heavily on the 200.

    Benchmark DAC to a new Naim DAC.
    I kept the Naim DAC for a very short period before switching back to the Benchmark.
    I lost heavily on the Naim DAC.
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  5. Snargfarg

    Snargfarg Forum Resident

    Hernando, MS
    Fortunately my latest wasn't a very expensive mistake. I upgraded my phono pre-amp to a Vincent pho 701. I'm was so impressed I bought another tube for it and it only got better. With this nugget of experience I bought a Yaqin SD CD3 tube buffer to put behind my Rose RS250 music streamer. I bought better tubes to go with it. I DIDN'T get the results I was after. It definitely "warmed up" the sound but at the expense of detail. I sold the whole setup and moved on. $100 to find out it was a bad idea. What the hell, I've made worse decisions in life :doh:
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  6. Gandra

    Gandra Forum Resident

    Some 10-15 years ago, I made a huge mistake selling my Audible Illusions preamp. Went through number of alternatives, with the worst of the lot being a Supratek. Took me less than 5 minutes to realise what a piece of $^&$%^ it was, sound quality wise. Couldn't sell it quick enough. Only about 3 years ago came across a Musical Fidelity Primo, the first to offer a significant improvement on that old Audible Illusions. My preamp search is now done. As is the rest of the system. My hard earned cash is nowadays spent exclusively on vinyl. Couldn't be happier.
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  7. Newton John

    Newton John Forum Resident

    Cumbria, UK
    Not so much regret, but I should have held fire on the upgrade to the Katalyst DAC for my Exaktboxes because 18 months later the much better Organik was released. Hindsight is wonderful thing.
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    HIRES_FAN Forum Resident

    When the vinyl surged, I made a small fortune selling off my vinyl collection. I was often in great disbelief and laughing hysterically when the vinyl surging boys offered me way too much cash for my records (that I'd deemed worthless).

    I owe my gratitude to the vinyl surge for exclusively funding some of my more expensive gear. :D :bdance::D
  9. thesisinbold

    thesisinbold Forum Resident

    Camarillo, Ca, USA
    All of them. My ears are terrible.
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  10. ca1ore

    ca1ore Forum Resident

    Stamford, CT, USA
    That is a difficult question to answer. Certainly there have been a few things that I bought that failed to meet the marketing hype. Townshend Super Tweeters at the top of that list, though at the time I was quite keen to hear them for myself .... and, of course, they make no audible difference despite the torturous marketing logic LOL. About the only other 'regret' is the amount of $$ 'wasted' on upgrade journeys. I would have saved myself a lot if I had skipped a bunch of intermediate steps and just gone from my first pre-amp to the best one I could afford.
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  11. condorsat

    condorsat Audio Pragmatist

    North East Ohio
    Regrets? I've had a few but then again ...

    Probably getting into CD's too early back in 1984 ... when I had enough cash to put together a "real" stereo system. Wish I would have put my money into Vinyl back then and waited about 30 years. Oh well .. that's what you get for being in a hurry. ;)
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  12. Rick58

    Rick58 Forum Resident

    Eagle, ID, USA
    Man, I think that’s a universal truth for everyone on this forum.

    Unfortunately I also think a universal truth is that people spend the maximum amount they can at the time, but that amount keeps growing over the years. At least that is the case in my audiophile quest.
  13. keef285

    keef285 Forum Resident

    Time for a new pair of speakers.....or so I thought , bought a brand new pair of the latest rave models...even my wife said what's up with the sound. I put them straight on E bay and bought another pair of Royd Minstrels when they were up and running oh what joy.

    HIRES_FAN Forum Resident

    Passlabs INT-60....I bought it as a possible upgrade to my older Yamaha A-S2100 and lived with the Pass for many months. I started to notice that the Yamaha subtly walked all over the Pass on all my criteria for listening.

    a) Passlabs INT-60 - SOLD
    b) Hugging my Yamaha ("I will never leave you again baby")
  15. matthewp

    matthewp chronic procrastinator

    Wall, NJ USA
    Not really an upgrade but I once bought an Emotiva USP-1 preamp and regretted it from the moment it was hooked up and powered on.
  16. Many years ago I had a wonderful Counterpoint SA 20 Hybrid Amp. Counterpoint offered an upgrade to there latest SA 220 at a KILLER price. The upgrade changed the entire character of my system. I sold the amp within weeks of it's return.
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  17. rcspkramp

    rcspkramp Forum Resident

    Vancouver, WA USA
    Replaced a Marantz 3300 preamp with a Crown IC-150. The Crown almost tore my eardrums out. Horrible decision.
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  18. Roland Bart

    Roland Bart French doctor

    I let go a pair of Audio Note AN-E for a pair of DeVore O/93 (the first pair I saw on the local market after all the good things I read about them, I HAD to buy them). DeVore were excellent speakers with punch and accuracy but not as "natural and relax sounding" as the AN. I got the impression to listen more speakers and less music.
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  19. Naka9

    Naka9 music first audiophile

    I have some regrets of selling these:
    - Rega Planet MkI (almost perfect “analogue” cd player)
    - Audiolab 8000S (very interesting Integrated... never gave it the chance to shine)
    - Sony CDP X3000 ES (top build... had two so I did this mistake twice)
    - Plinius 8150 (amazing Integrated, with the right speakers)
    - Meridian 506.24 (wonderful cd player in every sense)
    - SME 309 (amazing tonearm...never had the nerve to buy a turntable to match it)

    I regret ever buying these:
    - Krell KAV 300i (didn’t care for the sound and hated the volume control)
    - Ayon CD7s (didn’t like the handling)
    - ProAc D18 (great speakers but not for me)

    And I regret never had the courage to buy these:
    - Teac VRDS 25x and the Teac P30 transport (my kind of machine)
    - Nothingham Analogue Ace Spacedeck (to work with the SME tonearm)
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  20. TarnishedEars

    TarnishedEars Forum Resident

    The Seattle area
    Back in the 80s I happened upon an amazing deal for the R2R that I had always dreamed-of: an Akai 747dbx. So I naturally just assumed that it would sound way better than the modest Sony TC-399 that I had at the time. So I purchased the Akai and immediately sold my Sony. But when I put the Akai into my system, I discovered much to my dismay that it exhibited an annoying "tizzy" quality to its top end that the Sony that I had just sold did not have.

    It took me a while to believe my ears, because the deck should have sounded better. But the more I listened to it, the less I liked it. So that was one "upgrade" which always irritated me up until the day I finally sold that deck.
  21. ca1ore

    ca1ore Forum Resident

    Stamford, CT, USA
    Yes, I agree. I think often where you end up is a function of the journey. If you don’t take the journey you don’t get there.
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  22. The Pinhead


    I once ''upgraded'' a fantastic-sounding JVC receiver for a modern Technics amp with remote and over twice the power rating. The dang thing turned out to be a chip amp and sounded horribly. No treble whatsoever, muffled mids, and despite having more than twice the power, no volume ! To my dismay, I tried to return it and the shop wouldn't refund me, so I took a CDP (50 more bucks on top) and got my current vintage Pioneer receiver to replace the amp. I used the tuner section to death like for over a decade (hadn't owned a tuner before)

    Silver lining is I got heavily into CDs, which I'd so far regarded as too expensive. Matter of fact during the next 4-5 years I only purchased a meagre 20 CDs. Now I own 600.
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  23. Buisfan

    Buisfan Forum Resident

    amstelveen holland
    "Upgraded"from Leak valve amp to solid state Pioneer SA6200A, advertised as top of the bill.
    I was young, believed the magazines. Sold it after 5 months, nauseus from the crossoverdistortion. Never ever tried a SS amp.

    Bought an expensive cartridge to replace a AT66 Audio Technica.
    Heard no difference at all, so I never think about expensive cartridges again.
    The secret of good sound is a stylus in good shape, that is to say not worn for about 50 %.
    When both wear facets are fairly close to the tip I already bought a new stylus.
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  24. Rich-n-Roll

    Rich-n-Roll Forum Resident

    Washington State
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  25. Ntotrar

    Ntotrar Rabbits and beer...

    Tri-Cities TN
    Getting a Rogue Cronus III just as vacuum tubes become unavailable or impossibly expensive. Might just have to limit it to a couple of hours a week...
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