Uriah Heep - Their greatest album?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by stax o' wax, Oct 18, 2019.

  1. stax o' wax

    stax o' wax Forum Resident Thread Starter

    The West
    In your opinion what was Uriah Heep's greatest accomplishment? (your favorite)
    This band has several great album's
    Which album is your personal favorite?
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  2. Dr. Mudd

    Dr. Mudd Audient

    Demons and Wizards.
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  3. The Cat 3

    The Cat 3 Desaparecidos

    53rd & 3rd
  4. dmiller458

    dmiller458 Forum Resident

    Midland, Michigan
  5. Bassist

    Bassist Zungguzungguguzungguzeng

    Got to be the live record for me. One of those rare in concert albums (Live and Dangerous is another) that captures a band at the absolute peak of its powers and yet when the audience is still pretty much all devotees rather than people there for the hits. Great record. Great audience.
  6. elgreco

    elgreco Forum Resident

    Demons & wizards by a hair. But I also appreciate their recent output, of which their latest, Living the dream, would come in as a close second. And Wake the sleeper (2008) might just be number three.
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  7. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Greatness is in the ear of the beholder.

    My favourite is Equator. I am likely to be entirely alone in this opinion. :)
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  8. Rufus rag

    Rufus rag Forum Resident

    Sweet Freedom for me.
  9. gkella

    gkella Let there be songs to fill the air

    Toronto, Canada
    Demons and Wizards
  10. Veggie Boy

    Veggie Boy still trudgin'

    Central Canada
    Their dark and raw first album (N American release) has always been my favorite.
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  11. dpv2008

    dpv2008 Forum Resident

    Demons and Wizards.
  12. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    The first greatest hits album (Black cover). What a record.
  13. clayton

    clayton Forum Resident

    minneapolis mn
    Look at Yourself for me although my favorite song by them is Traveler in Time.
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  14. Billion$Baby

    Billion$Baby Forum Resident

    Sea of Light....their most melodic hard rock album ever and I have had em all. Obviously the guy who started the thread never heard of it!! LOL
  15. mestreech

    mestreech Forum Resident

    There is only one better greatest hits album and that's Greatest Hits by Alice Cooper.
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  16. Todd W.

    Todd W. It's a Puggle

    Magician's Birthday.........mainly due to it was the first UH album I bought. Then Uriah Heep Live, Demons and Wizards and Look at Yourself. Somewhere in that order. I thought the song Magician's Birthday was so cool.

    Not a better opener of an album than Sunrise. The only song not up to the rest of the album is Rain. Not terrible, but not a fan either. Sweet Lorraine still has one of the best synth sounds ever. I like Easy Livin on Demons and Wizards just a bit better as favorite UH songs go. But for overall album, it still is Magician's Birthday. Followed closely by Look At Yourself.
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  17. tinnox

    tinnox Senior Member

    I have always enjoyed their first two albums.
  18. Yankeefan01

    Yankeefan01 Forum Resident

    Tonawanda, NY, USA
    In addition to Demons and Wizards being my favorite Heep album, that cover is one of my all time favorites too!

    That said, that's what's missing nowadays. Album art, and the size of the art. With today's streaming and cd's the art is either non-existent or postage stamp size. You're not getting the full audio and visual experience that we had "back in the day".
  19. Billion$Baby

    Billion$Baby Forum Resident

  20. carlwm

    carlwm Forum Resident

    Excellent album!
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  21. squidsdad

    squidsdad Well-Known Member

    Essex, England
    Demons and Wizards
  22. abzach

    abzach Forum Resident

  23. Zeki

    Zeki Forum Resident

    Look At Yourself, if I have to single one out. But their run from ‘eavy through Sweet Freedom is superb.
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  24. Slim Zooms

    Slim Zooms Forum Resident

    Demons & Wizards.

    Great songs, great playing, singing & arrangements. Wonderful.

    The album artwork is great too :edthumbs:
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  25. abzach

    abzach Forum Resident

    Why isn't all the albums put in chronological order?
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