US "banned or unrleased" movies that are available in Japan? Overseas?

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by DaleClark, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. DaleClark

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    I am aware of older pre-50's movies that have been taken out of circulation for various reasons. I was chatting with a client who collects movie memorabilia. He told me that Song of the South is available in Japan by Disney. The client has gone over numerous times for work and always visits retail locations. I'm guessing the client is seeing "bootleg" versions.

    My question, any US modern day movies that were not released here (for any reason) widely available overseas?
  2. altaeria

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    I wonder if they have "Looking For Mr. Goodbar". Isn't that still unavailable in the US? Granted, it may not qualify as modern.
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  3. forthlin

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    I think Song Of The South was released on VHS in Europe, it definitely was released on laserdisc in Japan (many of the bootleg DVDs feature Japanese subtitles.)
  4. -Cabinessence-

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    Song of the South definitely came out once in the UK in the mid-80’s
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  5. Jerry Horne

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    It was released on VHS, Beta and LD. TCM plays it every once in awhile.
  6. Johnny Action

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    What possible reasons are there for banning a movie in the USA??
  7. razerx

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    Are movies ever banned? Movies going out of print or no longer getting distributed for whatever reason is another matter.
  8. Pinknik

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    Correct. Only Disney has “banned” their own title. No outside intervention. Some things are missing just due to various rights issues. LOOKING FOR MR. GOODBAR has been on MGM HD, but no physical media since VHS/LD. Different platforms may require different rights clearances. It’s weird, but there it is.

    I think a movie would really have to push child sexual depiction to be outright banned (and probably charged). Obviously, movies like PRETTY BABY or CHILD BRIDE are about those sorts of things, but not explicit enough to be illegal.

    Of course, many theaters or chains can refuse to carry a movie (NC-17 titles for instance). Some genres probably will use a “banned” note in their promotional materials. :D
  9. razerx

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    Internet influencers. What is the current title for these good people?
  10. Well it really isn’t about the nation banning it (n0w) but a studio refusing to release it.

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