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    I'll be in Paris next week with plenty of time to go record shopping. My interests are mainly rock and jazz, original pressings only. I see lots of stores on the map, particularly in the 11th arr. What are the essential stops in town?

    Merci beaucoup!
  2. optoman

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    Crocodisc on the 5th (Rue Des Ecoles). They have if I am not mistaken three shops close to each other. One specialises in jazz, one for rock and one for soul, reggae and world music.
    I have last been there a year ago so you should check if still there but I thought they were great
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  3. Converse

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    Record shopping is cheaper on line.
    Spend your money going to see live music in Paris.
    Lots of free music bars and clubs and Jazz clubs rocking again into the early hours.
    Paris is still my favourite live music go to City on the planet after Swansea.
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  4. 4011021

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    Crocodisc for sure. I was there in November and it's awesome. Born Bad is good too (11 Rue St Sabin).
  5. Lk4605

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    ...go to "Librairie paralleles",47 rue St honoré 75001 (center of town....)...plenty vinyls and cds....
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