Value of Edison CD Sampler?

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    Hi all,

    I stumbled across this forum when looking for information/value on this Edison CD. My grandfather was a collector of all things relating to Thomas Edison. He passed a number of years ago and I kept several machines and other pieces of Edison ephemera. One of the items I kept is this Edison CD sampler. I've decided to sell it as I am not a collector of music.

    Can anyone provide me with a rough value? The only copy I can find for sale is on eBay and the seller is asking $4,000. Seems ridiculous to me. I do recall seeing one actually sell on eBay several years ago for over $1,000 but can't remember the exact amount.

    My CD is mint and is in the original case with liner notes.

    Any guidance is appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Ken_McAlinden

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    If you are referring to this release:

    Thomas A. Edison* - The Edison CD Samplerâ„¢

    ..., one sold for about $50 at discogs in March.

    Keep in mind that you are not allowed to solicit sales or purchases in the forum outside of our classifieds section and new users do not have access to that section.
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    Brooklyn, New York
    Hello Ken - Thank you for the response. Yes, I did read that forum sales must go through the classified section and I understand why new members do not have access to that part of the board.

    I'm shocked that one sold for as little as $50!
  4. R. Totale

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    Apparently one went unsold on Yahoo auctions in Japan in 2018. The opening bid was set to about US$55.

    Discogs is fixed price, so the $50 it sold for there is exactly what the seller asked for.
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