Van Der Graaf Generator coming in 5.1

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by R E Faust, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. jwoverho

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    I'm in! I didn't join the VDGG party until the past five years or so. They are the dark side of progressive rock that I really like. The early records are certainly classics, but I find myself drawn to the GODBLUFF-STILL LIFE era of the band. Either way, this is an essential purchase. The last batch of reissues are just too expensive now.
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  2. riskylogic

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    Getting the four 3 disc sets is less than half the price of the box. If you just want the surround mixes, that's the way to go. I do want the video bluray too though. Going to be a tough decision.
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  3. fRa

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    Q: Is the link broken, for buy or listen, or is it just me?
    No one else seems to bother about it, so wondering :-/
  4. UlisesLima

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    Will this box sell on Amazon eventually?
  5. riskylogic

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  6. Music Geek

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    The boxset is much cheaper at Burning Shed, which has copies with a signed postcard.
    I usually have reservations with Burning Shed because they take the money in advance with pre-orders and their delivery fees are excessive but I think I will make an exception this time.

    PS: Given the price I assume the single albums will have the 5.1 mix on DVDs, not Bluray discs.
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  7. riskylogic

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    I was all ready to place an order with them, but shipping is 47 pounds. I'm hoping there will be a US supplier.
  8. Trainspotting

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    LOL... Just when I was getting excited.

    And I couldn't find it at Burning Shed either.
  9. riskylogic

    riskylogic Forum Resident

    Found it a Burning Shed under Peter Hamill
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  10. fRa

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    LInks in post 255 works fine :)
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  12. Tristero

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  13. Slim Zooms

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    Thank you so much for providing the links!

    :bdance: :pineapple: :bdance: :goodie: :tiphat:
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  14. Thanks for the links. Just ordered from Burning Shed. 140.77 pounds shipped to US (w/signed postcard).

    Can’t wait! This is my most anticipated release of the year.
  15. Progatron

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    I'm teetering on the fence over whether to splurge on the full set or grab the 4 individual remixes. Do we know if the original stereo mixes are going to be newly remastered, or just a repressing of those horror show remasters from 2005?
  16. The press release from universal says all discs are remastered from first generation tapes.

    The Charisma Years
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  17. Instant Dharma

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  18. According to the Burning Shed listing, the Blu Rays include 5.1 mixes, stereo remixes and also original mixes. Fantastic.
  19. Mr Matchbox

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    I'm interested to know how they are packaging the discs in the box. It doesn't look like the discs are getting individual sleeves which is a shame given VDGG had some great cover art. Hopefully the book will have some good quality cover photos in it.
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  20. Mr Matchbox

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    Actually I can see from zooming in the discs are going in two large sheets of fold out card, similar to the Tangerine Dream sets. Can't believe they've made the discs all white as well. It's not going to draw your eye to the disc you want. Still enough complaints, it otherwise sounds like a very nice set.
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  21. Trainspotting

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    OK, I ordered from udiscovermusic for $270. Then saw the Burningshed offer for $203 and placed an order. Now I can't figure out how to cancel the udiscovermusic order. When I look at my order history on their site, there's no option to cancel, and they never even sent me an email once I placed the order - only paypal did. Not sure what to do.
  22. viennesewaltz

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    Some initial reactions to the 'Refugees' remix on a PH/VdGG facebook group: "very heavy-handed, and Hugh's beautiful counter-melody in the 'West is where all days will someday end' section has been murdered..." "Just listened to "new" Refugees. Massacred imho..."
  23. Lovecraft

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    Worrying. According to the blurb everything had been listened to by all the band members....
  24. R. Totale

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    That one's on there somewhere. I actually have the single.
  25. stephenwtayler

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    Not quite sure what this is about as the track was not remixed for this particular collection - let alone who would have heard it yet?
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