Van Der Graaf Generator coming in 5.1

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by R E Faust, Apr 19, 2021.

  1. Swordsandchains

    Swordsandchains I have come here to chew bubblegum…

    Chicago has Pawn Hearts, He to He, and Still Life all with 2cd/dvd listed for preorder for anyone who doesnt want the box
  2. jcarr73729

    jcarr73729 Forum Resident

    Let me repeat, avoid the 2005 remasters.

    I own all the 2015 Japanese SACDs, but only have 'Godbluff' from the original CDs, Charisma/Virgin CASCD 1109.
    I agree there is very little difference, arguably for this release it sounds like the same source was used for both.
    I think the 2015 release may have benefitted from slightly better mastering, with the treble a little sweeter, the bass less boomy.
    The 2015 UIGY-9680
    DR11 -1.73 dB -17.47 dB 7:34 01-The Undercover Man
    DR11 -1.87 dB -16.30 dB 9:40 02-Scorched Earth
    DR12 -2.22 dB -17.86 dB 9:47 03-Arrow
    DR13 -0.86 dB -16.59 dB 10:32 04-The Sleepwalkers

    The 1988 CASCD-1109:
    DR10 -0.40 dB -14.23 dB 7:25 01-The Undercover Man
    DR10 -0.40 dB -13.16 dB 9:49 02-Scorched Earth
    DR11 -0.40 dB -14.27 dB 9:46 03-Arrow
    DR10 -0.20 dB -13.04 dB 10:32 04-The Sleepwalkers

    I am not expecting major sonic improvements with the original stereo mixes, especially as the 2015 flat transfers were off the "UK original analogue master tapes".
    For me, it's the new mixes that are of most interest, especially if the original stereo master tapes were many times removed from the multi-tracks.
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  3. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

    New ones should be good.
    I already paid the Shed so I'm in for better or worse. Couldn't take the chance of losing out so I gave them 207 smackers.
    I don't have a 5.1 system sadly.
    Honestly still in shock they got this treatment. My only regret is missing out on the postcard and that's my fault.
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  4. Sebastian saglimbenI

    Sebastian saglimbenI Forum Resident

    New york
    I also ordered from burning shed but without hesitation.... I have done several transactions with them and never regretted doing so.....I ordered early enough for the exclusive postcard.....their packing/customer service is second to none!!
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  5. peterpyser

    peterpyser Forum Resident

    New single out today: Killer (New Stereo Mix 2021):

    In my opinion it is outstanding!
  6. hugo.polo

    hugo.polo Forum Resident

    Mastering seems to be really in-your-face on Killer? I’m not sure I like it. The sax solo at around 1:45 is barely audible. And bass doesn’t have the definition of original. Less trebly than the last remaster but it lacks separation of the original IMO.
  7. peterpyser

    peterpyser Forum Resident

    DR10 for the new Killer on the lossless file.
    It seems a dryer mix than the original and the clarity of each single instrument is really impressive in my opinion.
  8. hugo.polo

    hugo.polo Forum Resident

    Ok cool I was just listening from Spotify through headphones. I’ll find a better way to hear it.
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  9. GnuHigh

    GnuHigh Forum Resident

    Montréal, QC
    I don't know if it's the new mix, but the drums are a lot weaker in the mix (where's the snare?) and the sax is almost completely buried. This is really messing with my desire to buy this box set.
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  10. hugo.polo

    hugo.polo Forum Resident

    I totally agree with you about the sax. The good news is even if the new mixes end up not being to our liking the set comes with fresh remasters of the originals, which might be good based on the Refugees single they put out. Plus the 5.1 mixes too.
  11. peterpyser

    peterpyser Forum Resident

    After a couple more listenings: the vocals on the new mix are untreated, while on the original mix they are very processed.
    Now the loud cymbals section from 5:42 to 5:58 is absent, which makes me believe it was an on-the-fly overdub on the original release.
  12. GnuHigh

    GnuHigh Forum Resident

    Montréal, QC
    The box comes with both remixed tracks and original mixes? For every album? I must have missed that!
  13. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

    Take into account youtube compression.
    My bad I guess you all might be listening to a file. Edit.
  14. hugo.polo

    hugo.polo Forum Resident

    only 4 albums are remixed. All of the original mixes are remastered.
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  15. peterpyser

    peterpyser Forum Resident

    On the blu-rays there are (hopefully hi-res) original stereo mixes of the 4 titles which come in 5.1.
    So, we'll get the original mix for H To He, Pawn Hearts, Godbluff and Still Life.
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  16. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

    I really love Wave so bummed about that one. White Hammer is one of my favorites. Same could be said for Meurglys III, The Songwriter's Guild and Chemical World from the other orphans.
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  17. Norco74

    Norco74 You can tell me by the way I walk...

    Now on pre-order at $342.00 CAD on Amazon. ca. :confused:
  18. KCLizard

    KCLizard Forum Resident

    Order it from AMZ US, if they have a better price!
  19. Norco74

    Norco74 You can tell me by the way I walk...

    Funny, looks like only available in MP3 on

    Will wait another week. Amazon Germany price is very tempting, $211 CAD all inclusive. I discarded Amazon France due to too many negative feedbacks.
  20. krimson

    krimson Forum Resident

    Ouch! I went with MusicVaultz for my order. $256 CAD.
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  21. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Ain't but the one way.

    Do they still have an introductory 10% off for new customers?
  22. formu_la

    formu_la A.I.

    Toronto, Canada
    MusicVaultz disappointed me lately. Cancelled my preorder, i needed to remind twice to refund my money, slow communication. I've decided not to deal with them anymore.
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  23. Barnabas Collins

    Barnabas Collins Senior Member

    I did the same thing yesterday, came to just about $200 shipped. I couldn't decide if I wanted this set as I'm generally not a 5.1 guy, but I just started re-reading the Van Der Graaf Generator book from a few years ago and it did me in. Also, it looks like there will be plenty of other things in the box other than the 5.1 remixes, although I do look forward to hearing them too.
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  24. ArpMoog

    ArpMoog Forum Resident

    Same boat maybe. I don't have 5.1.
    Love the the band and this won't last long.
    So burning shed was the ticket. Mine came to 207.00
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  25. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Ain't but the one way.

    I used this code and got 15% off. Ended up being $202 CDN.


    I only ordered the TD Hades box from them before, and it came so I'll give em another chance. Worth it to save $140.
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