Van Morrison - Veedon Fleece - what a great album!

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Tangledupinblue, Mar 4, 2012.

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    Late-night reminded me about Robert Christgaus review of the album:

    Van Morrison: Veedon Fleece [Warner Bros., 1974]
    I count it as progress that his muse is feeding him baseball metaphors, but Morrison hasn't vented his Gaelic soul so unabashedly since Astral Weeks. He'd get away with it if there were more than one decent song on side two. Soothing, evocative late-night music that indulges his discursive side. Favorite title: "You Don't Pull No Punches but You Don't Push the River." B+
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    Van deeply resents your interest in his back catalogue and will mountains to ensure that you don't get to listen to it.
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    Starts strong. Really strong. Love 'Who Was That Masked Man', and the whole thing peaks with 'You Don't Pull No Punches, But You Don't Push The River'. But after 'Bulbs', side two has the four 'C' songs which aren't particularly noteworthy. I mean, they're good as standalone songs, but after such a great stream-of-consciousness lyric, it's all a bit pedestrian. 'Come Here My Love' is the best of the last four. I'd have preferred if he's stepped it up a gear and had something like 'Autumn Song', something that had a bit more joy to bloom out of the pensive first half, and the upbeat 'Bulbs'.

    For the record, I'd still put this third of fourth out of his 'great eight' stretch from Astral to ...Transition. Common One is the only thing I've heard from after this stretch that's as good.
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    Veedon Fleece is easily a top 5 Van album for me.

    Very much agree with the sentiment that Van's catalog is simply overflowing with greatness and Veedon simply is in the shadow of Astral Weeks. Moondance and Astral Weeks cast shadows for just about everything that followed - Astral on the mystical side, Moondance on the R&B, Caledonia soul side.

    Veedon Fleece earns it marks for many reasons - but for me - chief among them is that Veedon Fleece is home to Linden Arden Stole the Highlights.

    It is a singular moment in Van's journey - a beautiful, weird, aching, horrifying, bizarre tale with a melody that idles for a bit, soars majestically and then that's it. It's over. And now he's living with a gun.

    I can easily understand why this is not a hit or even a widely celebrated song but I will admit I've always been a bit befuddled why hard core fans don't praise it more - (maybe they do and I am unaware - but in 30 years of being a pretty serious Van fan I don't remember every hearing anyone speak of it).
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    That’s a very good list right there :righton:
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    When i read through this thread and Vans discogrophy it shows how Van has had such an amazing run of interesting and quality music. Almost compulsive like Prince. I don't always love it all but it's always interesting, to me.

    Vans ability to put new stuff together constantly for years just amazes me.
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    Hard Nose The Highway sure as Hell ain't
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  11. My favourite Van album too...

    A few more thoughts:

    AW v VF poll
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    This is one of my favorite albums of all time! I still remember the night I bought it at the West End Tower Records in Nashville. This is usually the one I save as the deal sealer when trying to convert someone to a fan.
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    Van got mad at a reporter?!?! I don't believe it!! :)
  14. Frawls

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    I love Veedon Fleece but it's very moody and contemplative not as fun as the albums that came before and after. Moondance, Tupelo Honey and Wavelength are just easier for marginal fans to listen to.
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    Oops. Timeline error. You’re spot on.
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    Had this lp for years and gave it a listen once when i got it, then forgot it. Glad you guys bumped this thread, as good if not better tha Astral
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    You are so right. I found 2 years ago at a car boot sale a copy that was visually mint but the cover was a bit flaky. Get round to cleaning it a week later and it has the maddest edge warp ever. Nothing could tame it so I gave it to a mate of mine who gave up on it and chucked it. Still looking for another copy...
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    I had to spend a loooong time on the Bay waiting for a naive seller with no idea of the scarcity of this record to list one. Finally snagged it for about a tenner. Totally worth it.
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    Gotta love those naive sellers! Bless them.
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    This is a great great album but I didn't realize it was difficult to find. I see nice copies pretty often for under $20.
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    Many years ago we were travelling by car from Wexford to Dublin and were listening to this album on the car stereo. As if by magic, just as we were approaching Arklow, the song “Streets of Arklow” comes on! One of those moments you don’t forget. Cannot remember much else about that journey now.

    I think he did three albums which took the listener to a place he/she had not been before; Astral Weeks, Veedon Fleece and Common One.
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  23. Koabac

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    From everything Van says, he's got a back-catalog of great recorded and unreleased material, studio, live, demos. Its time for a Van "Bootleg Series." "Philosophers Stone" MAY be the best of the unreleased stuff (up until that point, at least), but I'll bet he could come up with, at least, three "Bootleg Releases" as good as Dylan's archival stuff.

    I know he's been issuing "going deep" version of many of his classic albums, but I'd rather take entire eras as subject matter - like the "Mechanical Bliss" era between "Veedon" and "Period of Transmission" (SO much interesting g stuff recorded). His current rapid release of new material is, partly, a clearing the vaults move.

    As one of the most unique and iconic singer/songwriters of all time, I'm sure there's a fanbase interest and many revelations to be found.
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  24. Yeah I think Hard Nose is better than VF. It’s more interesting to me. More adventurous.
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    Well, I love them both, but think that VF is probably Van's most ambitious/adventurous album, bar Astral Weeks!
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