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Velvet Underground 2021 releases

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by hallucalation, Mar 18, 2021.

  1. ralphb

    ralphb "First they came for..."

    Brooklyn, New York
    Carpenter brought a copyright infringement lawsuit against Haynes because Haynes never got music clearance. Carpenter also wasn't happy about how his family was portrayed.
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  2. C6H12O6

    C6H12O6 Senior Member

    My lab
  3. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Glad the film has somehow survived
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  4. notesfrom

    notesfrom Forum Resident

    NC USA
  5. Rob Byrne

    Rob Byrne British, music lover

    Shropshire, UK
    Yes, that was my introduction to the VU when it was first shown in 1987 (I think). A couple of my friends encouraged me to watch and I’m eternally grateful to them.

    It’s on YouTube and is well worth tracking down.
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  6. chervokas

    chervokas Forum Resident

    Haynes from EW:

    "The real opportunity for me as a filmmaker since this is the first documentary I've ever made," he told EW from his home in Portland, "was to really seize upon the visual world that was occurring in the '60s in New York that made this band possible.

    "Because although there's very little traditional footage of them playing like you'd see in other rock docs, what you have is the exquisite Andy Warhol films that they played a part in, that he often shot in order to project them on the stage over them while they performed. And so, it really uses the language of those films. It's just stuffed with the most gorgeous experimental film and photography, and what I hope is that it will take the audience back to that time and also let you hear the music in that context and hear it anew."
    I wouldn't have expected anything else from Haynes who is has always brilliantly used location, and lighting, and even going back, old film stock, to capture the visual look of other times, and certainly the visual look of mid 1960s NYC and of the Warhol movies is an intoxicating thing to be taken by (Haynes went there visually for some sequences in I'm Not There). I wonder if that will wind up making it a satisfactory documentary for me. Maybe it's the former newsperson in me, but I'm not looking for visual style or an emotional or artistic experience out of a documentary. I'm looking for information. Not sure, really, in the end, how much we DON'T know already about the VU, though, and with most of the principals gone, I'm not sure how much more there is to find out.

    I am going to want to see it though. Does Apple TV do free months for new subscribers? I could pop on and off to catch this one.
  7. MGSeveral

    MGSeveral Augm

    I'd like visual style and artistic experience and presentation please.

    There's enough factual documentary already.

    Yeah, I'd love some uninterrupted performances and TV shots from back in the day, but we would not be getting that any way around.
  8. gazatthebop

    gazatthebop Forum Resident

    there's a JR bandcamp podcast page
  9. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    gazatthebop. Any inside word that Cale has contributed anything from his archive to these putative new VU releases?
  10. jimjim

    jimjim Forum Resident

    Has anyone contacted Sal Mercuri on the VU Forum? He used to be a regular contributor there and always had good insider knowledge. Wonder if he knows something we don't.
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  11. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Bill Levenson is also on Facebook. But I doubt either will say anything in advance.
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  12. musicaner

    musicaner Forum Resident

    I couldnt get thru Im Not There.
  13. ExHead

    ExHead Forum Resident

    New York
    The only two movies I fell asleep while watching in theatre were I’m Not There and Masked and Anonymous. And I was in my 20s then. And obsessed with Dylan
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  14. astro70

    astro70 Forum Resident

    Southern Illinois
    Any more news on what’s going to be coming out? It seems like a lot of stuff is OOP. All the Sundazed stuff unfortunately, would be nice to get something on vinyl officially. The market is FLOODED with bootleg and unofficial releases the past few years and it only seems to be getting worse with official box sets going OOP.
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  15. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Whilst we wait here’s something new. Supposedly the Upbeat TV performance of Guess I’m Falling In Love from 1967. Audio only. This was posted recently on the velvet underground forum. And it looks like it has been on youtube since 2014, unnoticed.

    You can tell from listening that this is a genuine live performance recording of the band and is not a version heard before.

    Astonishing that this should suddenly show up.

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  16. JackDVD78

    JackDVD78 Forum Resident

    A lot of the older Velvet Underground threads have been closed so thought I would ask here....

    I purchased a VU&N 45th Super Deluxe that was sealed but only later did it occur to me that the plastic wrap doesn’t have any stickers on the front about the release .... and no back cover paper sheet detailing the tracks on the release?

    I’m hopping it isn’t a bootleg. I’m thinking if
    Anything it was a resealed copy?

    You can see pics on this listing
    The Velvet Underground & Nico Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition [New 6CD Box Set] 602537054695 | eBay
  17. jimjim

    jimjim Forum Resident

    Wow...just wow. Many of you know that I'm a hardcore VU fan and I can tell you that is brand new to me!! I'd say judging from the sound of the audience it's a 'youth' programme and so Upbeat probably is the best bet here. Funny how these things slip out after all these years. One thing I find odd is that the SQ is good for an off-air recording which makes me wonder of this isn't the oft-fabled Tony Comrad recording but perhaps one taken from the master tape of the show itself.

    Big question now is ...where's Moe on this?

    Thanks to whomever uploaded it. I'm off to fix this..


    (BTW don't hunt out the CD in the video if you want this. The recording there is the alternate Gymnasium take on the same song)
  18. stepeanut

    stepeanut Holmes Boy

    Hard to tell from those photos. It certainly looks legit, but counterfeiters are very clever these days.

    Have you opened it? Because the matrix information from the discs will be the best way to tell if it’s authentic.

    My 100% legit copy was bought at the time, from Amazon U.K. It is an EU pressing. The discs were made in Germany, but the shrink wrap had an Italian SIAE sticker.

    You are right that the rear of the set features a track listing sheet, attached with a couple of blobs of silicone glue:


    These are the stickers that were attached to the shrink on my EU copy:


    And here is a photo of the matrix of my disc two. Difficult to photograph, and even more difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce accurately:


    Hope this helps.
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  19. dlemaudit

    dlemaudit Forum Resident

    France, Paris area
    such a great set , a treasure
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  20. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Yeah this is a major find.
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  21. DTK

    DTK Forum Resident

    Indeed where's Moe? It's a decent recording so the drums should be audible if she was playing.
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  22. Rob Byrne

    Rob Byrne British, music lover

    Shropshire, UK
    Thank you so much for sharing that. It’s incredible!
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  23. mr.datsun

    mr.datsun Incompletist

    Someone on velvets forum claims there's a spot where you can hear them. I can't. It is possible they played without her that time.
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  24. rnranimal

    rnranimal Senior Member

    I definitely hear drums and possibly two guitars during the guitar solo section. Otherwise I am hearing just Lou and a guitar. The solo section also has pretty severe damage while the rest of the song seems fine. Though I'm not detecting any kind of edit or change in sound that indicates this section was edited in from another version. Everything about this track, including how it appeared, is very strange. I am split pretty much 50/50 as to whether I think it's studio or live. I'm not convinced the applause is real and nothing else really indicates one way or the other. It certainly could be live on Upbeat but then they were having some serious technical difficulties which only allowed Lou's vocal and guitar through for most of the song. But being that the band only played during the solo section, it makes it seem to purposeful.
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  25. shades

    shades Well-Known Member


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