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Venus And Mars Deserves A More Appropriate Cover

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Harry Hotspur, Aug 12, 2020.

  1. tootull

    tootull talisman

    Cool cover.

    I am not stoned, I am not stoned. I am not in the Stones.
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  2. Cookie!

    Cookie! Forum Resident

    FL, USA
    I think it works just fine. Are there any outtakes available of this cover shoot, perhaps revealing what was around the yellow and red balls? In a similar situation, I loved seeing an alternate from the McCartney cover, which gave the perspective to realize that those were cherries scattered on top of a wall on that cover.
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  3. Let me roll it... ;)
  4. grorr76

    grorr76 Forum Resident

    I totally disagree on this , unto when Linda died I think his album covers were amazing. Linda had a lot to do with the art direction in consultation with other photographers. Think band on the run, even press to play. Flowers in the dirt. ram and wings over America , all very striking imagery . In my opinion his cover art work went down a lot after her death. Im talking driving rain, which was a shocker. Chaos whilst a nice cover just wasn't as creative . I have always been struck by the creativity of his covers and admired them. In the last few years as I got back into vinyl, I have grown to enjoy them further . Even the concept of pipes of peace continuing the picture from front to back is fantastic and very striking.
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  5. Cookie!

    Cookie! Forum Resident

    FL, USA
    I know the cover shot is Linda’s work, and I’m assuming that they are probably the same snooker balls as the ones that Paul is holding in the picture posted above. However, where did they place them exactly for Linda to take the artistic cover image? I know, odd question probably...
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  6. " ' Balls !' cried the Queen and the King laughed because he had to. "
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  7. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    A stunning and complete package that stood out as something special in that early summer of '75 when it arrived.

    Now the recording and mix job leaves a lot to be desired. But the album songs and b-side material is pretty wonderful.
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  8. Bought ' Venus and Mars ' on release ( was it really 45 years ago ? God. ) and had it with me when I ran into a friend of mine who was on his way to some guy's place to imbibe some herb.
    This guy had a new stereo set-up . I think he said it cost him $ 809 - a fair bit of coin then.
    Anyway...we had a few beers , smoked some doobies and played ' Venus and Mars ' about half a dozen times.
    It sounded good , real good.
    It dudn't sound as good in the clear light of the next day on my pitiful portable picnic player but ' Venus and Mars ' was alright ( tonight ).
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  9. Archtop

    Archtop Soft Dead Crimson Cow

    I can't think of anything more troubling to be concerned about these days. Certainly not the dated sax work. That said, I like the record. I don't need to look at the cover to hear the music.
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  10. Somerset Scholar

    Somerset Scholar Ace of Spades

    The album cover was inspired by the iconic Dark Side of the Moon.

    I like its simplicity. One of the better ones.
  11. maccafan

    maccafan Forum Resident

    Totally agree, this album needs to be remixed immediately, where's Giles Martin?
  12. Lasting Spaces

    Lasting Spaces Forum Resident

    North Carolina
    I always thought it was distinctive too
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  13. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    There are so many obviously stoned Macca pics further seventies, lol, but I never thought of this as one but was from his great daze decade...I thought this pic along with the similar shots of all of them on the poster were extremely good pics of them.
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  14. I don’t know, I love Plastic Ono Band, Band on the Run and Ringo.
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  15. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    IMO back to the egg had a classic cover.
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  16. NaturalD

    NaturalD Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass., USA
    It's the best Wings (or 70s McCartney) LP cover IMO, by far (though I do tend to like album covers that are "art" on the front, with the band pics on the back or inside). And "mostly a funky LP"? I do love the early disco-rock of Listen What the Man Said (up with his best post-Beatles tracks), but that's a big stretch otherwise.
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  17. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    I never thought about what you said...that listen to what the man said has a disco rock feel but it’s very true.
  18. NaturalD

    NaturalD Forum Resident

    Boston, Mass., USA
    Jump to the sax solo and it's basically Saturday Night Fever time :)
  19. joy stinson

    joy stinson Secret friend

    Dickson. Tn
    I remembered the sax solo...just never made the disco connection as sax was so popular in the seventies but this song was during the beginning of disco emergence. Kudos for an incredible musical connection.
  20. ConnieGuitar

    ConnieGuitar Here in my balloon...

    Great design all around for that album and all its related promotion - minimalistic and striking.

    You can always stick photos of the band inside (and they did) but a cover is about making the thing stand out on the rack/display, which it absolutely did vs yet another photo of a bunch of ragamuffin/stoned-looking musicians.

    While not as out-of-the-box as some of the Hipgnosis-designed covers of the time were, it's just as iconic in my book. One of the best ever and perfect for the concept of the album.
    Last edited: May 3, 2021
  21. Beatleboy1968

    Beatleboy1968 Forum Resident

    I think the cover stands out from other album covers from the same period. Because I have grown up with it, I associate it with the album.
    One killer track production and sound wise that I only learnt to appreciate in the last couple of years is Magneto and Titanium Man. Wow !! What a fest for the ears.
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  22. Well it would have been more conventional. That’s not what they were going for. Love it or hate it, it IS unconventional.
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  23. Peter_R

    Peter_R Maple Syrup Gort Staff

    Montreal, Canada

    That might be the most perfect description right there.

    Agree on this point, too. It's of the era, but it isn't dated. Stylistically, it's a perfect example of 1970s cover art.

    Definitely an under-appreciated album cover from that era.
    Even though I was four when the album came out, and only listened to it for the first time in the 1980s, I can't imagine any other album cover. I like how simple it is, yet still very effective.

    Now I need to go listen to the album again.
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  24. AppleCorp3

    AppleCorp3 Forum Resident

    I actually prefer the cover on the Deluxe Edition - the image without any titles or words.
  25. Chris C

    Chris C Music was my first love and it will be my last!

    1975 TV Ad ...


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