Verve Label Group/UMe Announces Chad Kassem-Supervised All-Analog Classic Jazz Reissue Series

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Marko K, Jun 11, 2020.

  1. Marko K

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    EU, Estonia
    June 11, 2020Verve Label Group and UMe announced today the July 31st launch of a new “audiophile grade”, all-analog reissue series supervised by Acoustic Sounds CEO Chad Kassem, featuring iconic titles from the Verve, Impulse!, Philips, EmArcy and Decca catalogs.

    Two titles will be released towards the end of each month between July and November, 2020 beginning on July 31st with two legendary collaborations: the Phil Ramone-engineered Getz/Gilberto (1964) and Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson (1959), recorded in stereo at Capitol Studios in 1957 and issued first in mono that year and in 1959 in stereo.

    “Top mastering engineers” (probably chosen in “Kassem style” depending upon who’s in closest proximity to the master tape location), will cut lacquers directly from the original analog tapes, with Quality Record Pressing doing the plating and 180g vinyl pressing, packaged in Stoughton Printing Co. high quality tip-on gatefold jackets.

    The Acoustic Sounds Vinyl Reissue Series:

    July 31/Verve Records
    • Stan Getz/João Gilberto—Getz/Gilberto (1964)
    • Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson—Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson (1958)

    August 28th/Impulse! Records
    • John Coltrane—Ballads (1963)
    • John Coltrane—A Love Supreme (1964)

    September 25th/Philips Records
    • Nina Simone—I Put A Spell On You (1965)
    • Nina Simone—Pastel Blues (1965)

    October 30th/EmArcy Records
    • Sarah Vaughan—Sarah Vaughan (with Clifford Brown) (1954)
    • Clifford Brown and Max Roach—A Study in Brown (1959)

    November 27/Decca Records
    • Peggy Lee—Black Coffee (1956)
    • George Russell—New York, N.Y. (1959)

    Verve Label Group/UMe Announces Chad Kassem-Supervised All-Analog Classic Jazz Reissue Series
  2. Marko K

    Marko K Forum Resident Thread Starter

    EU, Estonia
    Those Coltrane titles are a must have for me since I dont have them in any analog form. Any idea what tapes they might use for these two?
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  3. Greenmonster2420

    Greenmonster2420 Forum Resident

    Central Ohio
    Awesome. I am in for pretty much every single title, as I don't have "audiophile" pressings of any of them. I hope this signals the future of jazz reissues.
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  4. scotti

    scotti Forum Resident

    Atlanta GA
    Right there with you! I kept putting off getting A Love Supreme on vinyl because I had heard it so many times and then the AP 45 was no longer. No more I say, and "Ballads" at the same time, thank you!!!
  5. Levi's Tubs

    Levi's Tubs Less cool than West Coast

    In my surface area snooping earlier this week about the dreaded fire, the amount of Impulse remasters lost was unclear. The article had mentioned that several were checked out at the time and thus saved. However, it indicated that ALL Decca masters were gone. Anybody know any more?
  6. Dreaddazzman

    Dreaddazzman Forum Resident

    I thought the Coltrane tapes were missing?
  7. Levi's Tubs

    Levi's Tubs Less cool than West Coast

    If done well, I'm more excited about this series than Blue Notes. Good quality Blue Notes are more readily available- earlier pressings, reissues, etc.- than Impulse records. This is great news!
  8. dastinger

    dastinger Forum Resident

    I have awesome pressings of Getz/Gilberto, Ballads and Sarah Vaughan, but I'm a sucker for modern audiophile AAA so I'll probably double dip.

    I wish someone would know if these will be widely available with Universal distribution (European market for example) or if it will be an Acoustic Sounds exclusive.
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  9. mpayan

    mpayan Forum Resident

    Almost all the same titles that have been done before. Boring.
  10. robertawillisjr

    robertawillisjr Music Lover

    Hampton, VA
    I guess it will depend upon how well they do the titles. If they are better than the earlier ones... I just may be a "A Love Supreme" buyer. :cool: Otherwise, no.
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  11. Maggie

    Maggie funky but chic

    Toronto, Canada
    Both Ballads and A Love Supreme exist in early generation tapes that were not affected by the Universal vault fire. ALS has the UK copy tape and for Ballads, the actual session reels survive from the Naima collection.
  12. Ron Jones

    Ron Jones Happiness is a Warm Gun

    AR, U.S.A.
    I’ll be pumped for the Coltrane titles and also a good copy of study in brown
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  13. timzigs

    timzigs Forum Resident

    South Central PA
    This is certainly great news but PLEASE consider Rollins’, Freedom Suite!
  14. Kimiimacman

    Kimiimacman Forum Resident

    Damn, another expensive thread to follow:goodie::goodie::goodie:
  15. Subagent

    Subagent All I know is What I Read in the Liner Notes

    Arlington, VA
    That's Riverside, correct? Is that among the labels in this project?
  16. beyondmiles

    beyondmiles Forum Resident

    Seattle, WA
    Wow - aside from Getz/Gilberto, probably going to try and grab all of these. I’ve already got the AP 45RPM - but doesn’t AP have a 33RPM version too? Is it weird they’d do another reissue?

    EDIT - My mistake. Only an AP45 of Getz/Gilberto.
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  17. Gabe Walters

    Gabe Walters Forum Resident

    Well this is fantastic news. I've got several of these already, some as 2x45, but I'm definitely in for most, if not all.
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  18. nosliw

    nosliw It's a hairstyle, not real cat ears :P

    Ottawa, ON, Canada
    All-analogue Verve reissues? Count me in!

    Considering the UMe massive fire that destroyed the original master tapes, does this mean that they found safety copies or even found the original surviving tapes? As far as we know, the original tapes for Coltrane's A Love Supreme was already gone/unusable and the UK master tape was found. Any chance they'd use it?
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  19. Espen R

    Espen R Forum Resident

    What is your sources for those master tapes went up in fire?
  20. Levi's Tubs

    Levi's Tubs Less cool than West Coast

    That AP Getz/Gilberto is one of the best sounding reissues I have. Incredible.
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  21. guidedbyvoices

    guidedbyvoices Del Rio Dan

    Alpine, TX
    So these will be 33s? That’s great news for A Love Supreme. Any idea on prices?

    I guess Universal is taking a similar tack to Blue Note with the BN80 and tone poet by bringing it in house but in tandem with an existing audiophile vinyl process (MM for blue note, AP for Universal)

    anyway this is great news. Depending on price I may grab all or if $50ish just cherry pick. Glad to see that Brown/Roach
  22. Jellis77

    Jellis77 Forum Resident

    Brighton, UK
    I don't think anyone who picks up any of these titles will be disappointed.

    I do hope that this series continues as there are so many other worthy reissues on these labels that I would love to see. Only one way for that to happen and that is to vote with your wallet.
  23. Greenmonster2420

    Greenmonster2420 Forum Resident

    Central Ohio
    Preorders indicate same MSRP as the Tone Poets. $35. Looks like a nice gatefold cover as well.
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  24. AmiV

    AmiV Forum Resident

    Here's hoping for future issues delving deeper into the catalogue. That said, I will probably order most even though it would involve substantial double-dipping.
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  25. musictoad

    musictoad Forum Resident

    Salt Lake City, UT
    Looks like they'll be $35 based on a couple of premature pre-order links on Elusive Disc. I think the Tone Poet model has set the standard.

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