“Vinyl is dead” - the state of manufacturing

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by james, Jun 4, 2021.

  1. james

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    From one of my favorite record labels.


    “Vinyl is dead. Unless you're trying to press records right now you might not fully comprehend how completely sunk the manufacturing world is. It'll be a year before we see jobs submitted 4 months ago and now we're being told we'll have to pay more to get what we ordered.”
  2. zphage

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    Vinyl isn't dead it just got more expensive, and there seems to be a glut/bottleneck of jobs to do and not enough capacity to do those jobs. So, opportunity for expansion...not dead.
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  3. dmcnelly

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    I believe they're making new presses now, so it's just a matter of more pressing plants opening up really. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if some labels opened their own plants again.
  4. EdogawaRampo

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  5. 4-2-7

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  6. EdogawaRampo

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  7. EdogawaRampo

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  8. EdogawaRampo

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    The links I just posted seem to suggest you're right. Not dead -- stopped up due to limited production capacity.
  9. BackScratcher

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    If vinyl manufacturing dies, it will increase the value of existing used vinyl.
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  10. intv7

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    So...too much demand, not enough supply.

    Doesn't this kind of...no, wait...completely contradict the "Vinyl is dead" statement?
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  11. Tom Wabe

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    As someone with several projects I have a hand in waiting in the queues I can tell you that for the health of a functioning, rolling, all year round industry - Record Store Day(s) are a complete nightmare. The majors crash/jump the queues, always leaving things late and interesting new projects / bands with contemporary careers are being gazumped by the glut of colour vinyl re-reissues.
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  12. John D.

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    Fake News
  13. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    I'm looking to get a job at this plant. I've spoken to the guy running it. Seems a good guy. This should be a success.
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  14. jboersma

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    "gazumped" is really strong language. there's kids here, man. take it easy.

    All jokes aside, the fact demand is outstripping supply (by a lot!) means there's opportunity for new business/jobs to come online. All good news. Just sucks a little while we wait for the capitalist markets to do their thing.
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  15. EdogawaRampo

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    Best of luck!
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  16. Simoon

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    Seems more like real news, fake and misleading headline.
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  17. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Cheers, we got along well and he asked me to send my CV, but I did and I haven't heard anything since. They haven't officially started recruiting outside the people who are starting up the plant yet though.

    It'll be great, I can press records, then read people complaining about them here!
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  18. nicotinecaffeine

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    Agreed. This low-on-supplies PR extravaganza over the past week is a big scam to raise prices and artificially control markets.
  19. Bloom

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    "vinyl is dead"

    lol ok. Having a demand so high that production can't keep up is the opposite of being dead. Preorders for new albums and reissues for artists like MF DOOM are selling out as fast as they can print them. Hyperbole headline
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  20. Duncan Day

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    Friends and family discount??? :D
    Good luck !!!
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  21. james

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    I’m not aware of anything outside of this tweet this week, but it’s also not something I pay attention to.

    Important Records is a great, honest and very small record label. They’re certainly not pulling any market strings. It’s one guys thoughts on the status for small labels…

    …and his tweet is probably more aimed at like-minded small labels, not the big labels printing 50 dollar re-issues of Steely Dan.
  22. Seabass

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    It will rise again

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  23. Tom Wabe

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    Maybe things are easier in the States? I don't know - but a combination of - as I've said - Record Store day blocking, Covid meaning that the plants in the Czech Repuplic (where virtually all Europe's pressing is sent whoever is your broker) are having to re-jig workstations and lines... and probably - for us in the UK - another knock -on of the appallingly stupid Brexit.

    Planning for bands and labels around delivery dates has become almost impossible right now. It doesn't mean that 'Vinyl is dead' - but I could see certain labels / acts killing a vinyl version of an upcoming release and building their planning and promo schedule around digital / maybe CD.
  24. james

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    If a mod wanted to add “(for small labels)” to the title, that would be great. I wasn’t trying to post anything click-baity
  25. drbryant

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    Yeah, whatever happened to the “physical media is dead” crowd on this Forum. They’ve gotten awfully quiet.
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