Vinyl Me Please Referral Code (10$ for any purchase on the VMP store)

Discussion in 'Coupons, Discounts & Sales' started by copter76, May 16, 2017.

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  2. RWH

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    I was thinking of joining - and buying some vinyl in the store. How does the referral work?
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    The person who posted that link above gets money if you join.
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    One thing I would highly suggest that VMP also suggests is to give your email to the referral person in a pm or something and they can use a widget on the site to actually have VMP send you an email with a referral link in it which is much more reliable as the random links like OP are a mess and half the time dont work so you have to message support and all that.
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    Thanks hype - I found the 'rules & regulations' on the vinyl me website that mentions that using the widget is a requirement. Email seems like the best route versus using Facebook or Twitter. copter76 hasn't responded but it looks like we both get 10 bucks credit, once I join. Thanks again for responding!

    "Give your friends $10 and you get $10 after they join the club."

    Rules & Regulations
    • “The Crate” subscription is excluded from referral rewards
    • 1 new friend signed up = $10 VMP account credit to go towards your membership, or to use in the store
    • You MUST use the widget to share VMP with your friends. If you do not use the widget we CANNOT validate the referral & you WILL NOT receive your store credit.

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