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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Jellis77, Sep 6, 2017.

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  1. Jellis77

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    Brighton, UK
    Based on my experience I would rate the top current pressing plants as follows:

    1) Pallas - Germany (99% pristine, always has static issues, but I have found them to be the best in terms of quiet surfaces and pristine, flat, unmarked vinyl - based on a sample size of 300+ titles)

    2) QRP - USA (around 95% pristine, no static issues, some marks on the vinyl but generally not affecting play, some problems with non flat vinyl - based on a sample size of 200+ titles)

    3) Optimal - Germany (around 95% pristine, again some static issues and some marks on the vinyl, always flat, based on a sample size of 50+ titles)

    4) RTI - USA (around 90% pristine, not sure what happened at RTI - for years they would have been number 1, but in the past few years, I have had more problems. Especially with noisy, marked vinyl, admittedly this doesn't always affect play. They do seem to do a good job in most cases with MFSL and Music Matters though, based on a sample size of 500+ titles)

    5) Record Industry - Netherlands (again around 90% pristine, but slightly more warps and noisy vinyl than either RTI or Optimal, based on a sample size of 50+ titles)

    Of course there are other pressing plants around, Rainbo, GZ etc. and sometimes they do good work but more often they don't.

    A couple of disclaimers, I have been a vinyl buyer and lover for over 30 years and never fully went away from buying them. I say this because my tolerance for slight ticks and pops is maybe much higher than some of my friends who have come from digital to vinyl - no prejudice just a comment.

    I also note that in this forum we seem to get a lot of comments about returning unplayable vinyl and whilst I think a lot of this is down to those that are happy with their titles not commenting, which is why it seems high, I have been very lucky with quality and have had to return very few, certainly less than 1%. I will say that a well maintained and set up system often means less issues with the software. Again no criticism intended, just my thoughts on the matter.

    What does anyone else think?
  2. Leonthepro

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    My ranking is currently like this but its a little unrepresentative as I narurally have more records from some plants than others.

    1. 70s Japanese JVC plant / some Mofi
    2. QRP a.k.a Analog Productions
    3. Pallas

    Above Average:
    1. Optimal (Almost at Top for me)
    2. RTI

    1. MPO
    2. GZ
    3. Memphis Record Pressings ( Only have 1 record )

    Below Average / Bad:
    1. Rainbo (although getting better I hear)
    2. United

    Not sure where Third Man Records would fit in as I dont have any and havnt heard much about them yet.
    I actually dont have any records from United either, but I have seen and heard plenty to never want to try my luck with them.
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