SH Spotlight VINYL record collecting: Question to Steve: sound quality, original pressing vs. reissue pressing?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Christer, Feb 1, 2019.

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  1. ShockControl

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    This is precisely why I can't worry about this kind of stuff.
  2. DK Pete

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    Okay...I just looked at the states that it's the large Capitol logo (so I knew it was from the late 70's even though it states that as well). Thanks; I was just curious because I have both that one *and* the late 80's issue with the small logo. There's debate as to whether the 80's one is digitally sourced or analog because all the other small logo re-issues are, indeed, digital. Sound wise, I do find that the late 80's copy is brighter than the 7o's copy. Just sayin'..
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  3. davers

    davers Forum Resident

    So true! When I see the phrase "smokes all other versions" I usually take it with a grain of (hyperbole) salt.
  4. patient_ot

    patient_ot Senior Member

    I think it's very much a case by case thing. You can't generalize too much. A lot of the old cuts were quite good, stellar even. The trouble is finding the right one in the right condition. If the choice is between a mediocre/poor reissue on vinyl and a pretty good CD version (whether new or old) I'll take the CD.

    Right now I'm listening to an early UK pressing of The Cure's Pornography LP. It sounds incredible, but the 80s Elektra CD is not bad either. There is a recent LP reissue that some people like but I will personally not be bothering with it because I know there were certain shortcuts taken during that reissue campaign. If MOFI, Intervention, or Analogue Productions did a reissue that would be an entirely different story. I would expect it to equal or better the old cut, assuming the tapes were in good shape.
  5. ChipV

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    San Francisco
    Very true. Assuming a group of us were to compare a few different, but at least "good", versions of an album - the individual opinions would be greatly affected by our individual hearing curves, system attributes - especially cartridge and speakers, and room colorations. And as many have said above - different stampings can differ significantly. I have had a number of lps that I kept two copies of, because side A of one is the "best" A, but side B of the other is the best B.
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  6. patient_ot

    patient_ot Senior Member

    That jazz LP looks great. Discogs prices are through the roof - let's hope for a high quality reissue!
  7. Bill Hart

    Bill Hart Forum Resident

    The studio where it was recorded went bankrupt as far as know. I have no idea what happened to the tapes, but I am not optimistic. I'm doing a little digging on the subject and hope to write about it.
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  8. marcb

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    This...but that pesky time zone difference also made it a different time of day :rolleyes:
  9. mpayan

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    Pizza collecting is complicated doncha know?
  10. ibekeen

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    It's not what it's sliced up to be.
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  11. Christer

    Christer Can You Hear The Music? Thread Starter

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    Sorry, my questions were not about pizza.

    Please, look at the start of this thread!
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