Vinyl records now in crisis: Apollo Transco Mastering lacquer plant is a total loss*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by SoCalWJS, Feb 6, 2020.

  1. hammr7

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    There probably were sprinklers. But if this was a nitrocellulose fire then water doesn't help. Nitrocellulose will continue to burn under water. The chemical structure of nitrocellulose is such that it will continue to burn without the need for oxygen, since it's decomposition generates all the additional oxygen necessary. This is why raw nitrocellulose was/is such a good explosive.
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  2. Nielsoe

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    Aalborg, Denmark
    It seems almost unimaginable. Perhaps he gets the aluminum discs from a sub supplier.
  3. MrRom92

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    Long Island, NY

    With this much nitrocellulose on the premises, not to mention all the solvents and vapors in the air, something as little as a static shock off of someone’s fingertip could have ignited the place. Nitrocellulose will burn furiously without much provocation.

    Everyone here has seen the end of Inglourious Basterds, right?
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  4. uzn007

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    Raleigh, N.C.
    13 years? Seinfeld did a joke about the vinyl revival in 1993.
  5. Kevin j

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    Seattle Area
    Maybe we can open up a new place with gambling included. Lacquer in the front, poker in the rear.
  6. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    I suspect it's completely inaccurate.
  7. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    It'll never happen. It'll always be called a fad and it'll always be said to be two years away from total extinction. And the next event after that will always be said to be a "CD revival."
  8. rischa

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    Madison, WI
    Dad joke.
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  9. Kevin j

    Kevin j The 5th 99

    Seattle Area
    I missed my calling (childless).
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  10. dkmonroe

    dkmonroe A completely self-taught idiot

    Dad joke from later in the evening, when Dad's a little sauced and starts to say inappropriate things. :laugh:
  11. wgb113

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    I'd be willing to temporarily sacrifice in order to conserve lacquers until the situation is rectified:

    • 7" singles
    • 12" singles
    • 45rpm audiophile cuts
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  12. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    Billboard recently released their annual survey of sales, and were predicting vinyl was going to overtake CD’s this year and cross 1 billion $$ in revenue. It has increased significantly every year for the past few years. Based on those numbers, it hasn’t come close to peaking. But it has now!
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  13. Jrr

    Jrr Forum Resident

    And to expand your point, haven’t some people always listened to vinyl on crap equipment? I did as a kid! I don’t think that’s any indication of anything having to do with the topic at hand. Except those people could care less how their records are pressed.
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  14. Jrr

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    That 45rpm thing is really wasteful. I can’t tell any difference between the same mastered/plated vinyl album on 45 or 33, and our host is on record as saying there is no technical reason why I should. Let’s use those lacquers for a different title and stick to 33rpm, imo.
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  15. thrivingonariff

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    Is he? Link?
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  16. Cat People

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    West Midlands
    I too have been harbouring many thoughts about the little Japanese fella in the garage. How is he?
    How has he responded to this news? Is his workload like mine (a teacher) inappropriate?
    Does he fear for how he will manage his workload? Does have any assistants?
    I have so many other questions...please someone post a name and a picture, for vinyls's sake! ;)
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  17. weavzy

    weavzy Needle Dropper

    Im 41 with a decent system and although i appreciate AAA, Im not obsessed with it. As long as it sounds good Im happy.
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  18. crp207

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    United States
    In a few months I suspect we’ll be looking back at $25 lps as a bargain..
  19. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    I think you speak for many.
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  20. 360-12

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  21. DRM

    DRM Forum Resident

    In related news, via Amazon, I’ve bought dozens of new Maxell cassettes in the last 5 years, the last time being a 7 pack in 2017 for 8.58. The price now for the same 7 pack of Type I cassettes is 28.15.
  22. Gaslight

    Gaslight ⎧⚍⎫⚑

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    I just want it to sound good.
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  23. Leviethan

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    Big takeaway from that article: "most major players seem to rely on MDC." If that's true, then it's not the end of the world. This is also a huge business opportunity for someone with deep pockets (Jack White).
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  24. DRM

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    The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls
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  25. Ray Blend

    Ray Blend perfectly calm

    The Midwest
    This 60 year old cares less and less as time goes on. Too many excellent sounding titles cut from PCM to DMM under the bridge for me to cling to old myths.
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