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    Recommendations would be greatly appreciated (main areas of interest: '60s, soul, jazz, indie)

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    I'll need something to do while dodging all the pro-independence demonstrations...
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    I did some buying there in 1991-1992, most of the stores had gone all-CD, the vinyl dealers were mostly small shop owners with a garage door and no heat, but winters there are pretty mild. The swap meet was pretty frenzied, more than a few dealers will be more flexible on price if you can negotiate/argue in Catalan.
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    The only place I can think of is Casa Beethoven at the beginning of La Rambla. It has a fair amount of vinyls, mainly Classical Music ones, but if I remember correctly it sells jazz ones also.
    I liked the shop a lot and paid a visit almost every day during my 5-days stay 2 years ago. Definitely worth a visit in my opinion.
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    The Barcelona vinyl is the best guys. But there are also some places where the vinyl is more good.
  6. I was just in Barcelona and a little disappointed in my findings. Madrid was much better. Avoid Edison at all costs—it’s a hoarder’s nightmare.
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    Not much in Barcelona. Too many dealers there now. Cool city though. Go there under a full moon.
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  8. Agreed. The beach area is beautiful.
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    I found a few interesting things at the flea market, and there was at least one pretty good store in the Gothic District. Probably the coolest record I found was a 7" EP of Sandie Shaw singing her hits in Spanish.

    But I will agree that Barcelona is not one of Europe's best locations for vinyl fiends, and Spanish pressings are not known for being especially good.

    It's still an amazing city with terrific energy and some outstanding architecture. I especially loved all of the outdoor restaurants that come alive late at night.
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