Vinyl Shops in Tokyo, Japan and Japan in General

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  1. steelydanguy

    steelydanguy Forum Resident

    Thanks for your response. I am both a CD and vinyl collector.

    I have heard good things about the record stores in Tokyo. I'd love to visit sometime.

    Is there anyone else who's visited stores in Tokyo in recent years who can share their experiences and how the shops compare to those in the U.S.?

  2. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    disk union ochanomizu jazz branch is good for your category.
  3. wumpah

    wumpah Member

    Planet M78
    Two years ago, prices at ochanomizhu DU also shoot up to horrible high due to the weak yen for metal and rock side. A jap copy of ozzy Lp with the obi intact title The Ultimate Sin which i got it at 300 yen and later i saw it again but selling at 800 yen at the same place which i bought it. As for the jazz side, i do not know whether prices differ any much since i dun listen to jazz at all but i doubt the prices remain the same there too. I mean if you are visiting japan and intend to buy record vinyl obviously you will go for the japan pressing instead of those US/UK press since you are in japan unless you are looking for some other alternatives and ultimately you do not mind paying for the high premium price there. But nobody can guarantee what the grooves will be like when there are hidden gems like popping sound or egg frying sound or best deep cut grooves with repeated sound effect which keeps repeating the same song sentence for half an hour.
  4. Johnny Ryall

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  5. Gavinyl

    Gavinyl Remembering Member

    I believe we will be visiting Osaka in May as part of our trip mate !
  6. rcdupre

    rcdupre Flying is Trying is Dying

    went to this Record Fair in Ikebukoro last weekend...HUGE! It happens about every 2 or 3 months.
    Kind of a little pricey, but a huge selection from many sellers. The next one is the weekend of 3/20-21
    and then the first weekend in's a few blocks Northwest of the Disk Union / Sunshine Street area....Darumaya is the company.
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  7. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    for member of disk union.

    i guess you can get something.

  8. Potential Energy

    Potential Energy Forum Resident

    I'm headed to Tokyo & Osaka in a few weeks. Do most of the shops accept credit cards? Or will I need to pay in cash at many places?
  9. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    yes, most of them accept credit cards but it's not a good rate.

    happy hunting.
  10. Potential Energy

    Potential Energy Forum Resident

    Do you mean the exchange rate used by the credit card companies, or do the shops charge something additional for using a credit card. Thank you!
  11. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    exchange rate by credit card.
  12. rcdupre

    rcdupre Flying is Trying is Dying

  13. rcdupre

    rcdupre Flying is Trying is Dying

    My amex charges a foreign transaction fee, unfortunately for you the dollar is in the toilet right now, about was at 123 in January
  14. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    japanese yen is very strong right now.

    if you plan to buy a lot.
    you 'd better exchange money with better rate from your place.
  15. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    where is the best place to find second hand stylus in tokyo?
  16. hockman

    hockman Forum Resident

    Am not sure if it's the best place but Audio Union has 2nd hand cartridges for sale. The Ochanomizu and Shinjuku ones are quite big. For new cartridges, the big camera stores like BIC and Yodobashi have quite good prices (without tax and with additional discount using coupons).

    As a general rule, though, I don't like to buy 2nd hand cartridges because it is impossible to judge their condition and usage except for obvious problems (e.g. bent cantilever).
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  17. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    ochanomizu will be the target.
    i hope japanese yen will weak in the next month.
  18. hockman

    hockman Forum Resident

    Before you go, try Google Translating the Audio Union website. I think they list the used stuff that they have and at which location.
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  19. rcdupre

    rcdupre Flying is Trying is Dying

    Was just at the Shinjuku one yesterday, the one on the 8th floor...another good one is at the DU Kichijoji Jazz shop
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  20. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    hi, anyone knows how to sell record to disk union in shinjuku or shibuya?

  21. hockman

    hockman Forum Resident

    I remember somewhere in this thread somebody said you just go to the counter and they give you a price and cash...very easy?

    Do a search.
  22. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    i contact DU and HMV.

    Hmv gives me a better price. , still waiting on recofan.
  23. rcdupre

    rcdupre Flying is Trying is Dying

    You don't get much at DU, that's why their stuff is so much cheaper than Recofan....HMV sells used records???? Where???? どこ????
  24. yookmook

    yookmook Forum Resident

    hmv record shop shibuya
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  25. Rahul

    Rahul Well-Known Member

    For Jazz, please visit Hals's Records at Shinjuku who has an awesome collection and much cheaper than Disc Union. The owner is an old gentleman who knows his music and will be more than helpful to find what you want. Here is their website:

    Hal's JAZZ

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