Vinyl Shops in Tokyo, Japan and Japan in General

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    Are you referring to taking the vinyl out of the sleeve to check the condition??
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    Thanks for the info :wave: ....... I'll be based at Akasaka.
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    There's a Disk Union in Akasaka that's pretty good. Time will be a factor too. Recofan will take half a day factoring in travel, eating etc and the Disk Unions in Shinjuku another half day.

    There are several Disk Unions in Shinjuku, but they are all pretty much on the same, shirt narrow street. Most have multiple floors (although the buildings are generally very narrow). Each floor is basically a genre - Japanese indie here, classic rock there etc.

    I used to travel to Tokyo 3 times a year for work so spent many an evening in those places. Thank god for airline status increased luggage allowances... I could take 60kg and only needed to pack for a 4 day trip.
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    Ok great thanks ! ...... I guess I'll just have to see how things pan out time-wise once I get over there, but it's good to know one isn't far too from me. :thumbsup:
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    There is no Disc Union in Akasaka - it must have closed a while ago. The closest to Akasaka is going to be Shibuya. Make sure you don't miss the Shinjuku Used Store which is not on the same street as the individual genre stores. It is #4 on the attached map.
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    Totally agree, this was the best place on my last visit. Very easy to miss too as for some reason there are now no DU signs outside indicating there is a store in the building.

    For cd's you might want to pop into the Book Off branch very near the DU used store. Handy too as it opens at 10am instead of DU's 11am
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    They had a big sign on the side when they were in the building next door. Audio Union was also there.
    That building was under renovation last time I went. I think this new location might be temporary.
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