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Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Andy B UK, Jan 26, 2024.

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    Are there any CD buyers that have been to any VIP record fairs in the UK and can give some idea of how well represented the CD format is? I am thinking of attending the Leicester fair this weekend, but with an hour's drive each way, I would hate to find very little in the way of CDs there, and am really not into vinyl.


  2. stillrockin

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    It might well vary from city to city to be honest. I know that dealers do move around the country but they have to be pretty sure of decent sales to justify the petrol cost plus a nights b&b if it is a Sat/Sun fair. The last couple I have visited I didn’t pick up anything off my wanted list.
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    I have been to the Leicester one a few times, it is great for vinyl and I’d say it was 95% vinyl. I does change a bit each time. There was a stall of CDs last time I went, and a few of the vinyl stalls had some CDs. But there may be more/less this time

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