Waiting for the Sun & The Soft Parade

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Captain Leo, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. If I Can Dream_23

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    Waiting For The Sun has been my favorite Doors album since day one. When I think of the Doors at their most "definitive", I think of Waiting For The Sun. It's the best Doors cover as well! In my humble opinion...

    I really like The Soft Parade too. I'd say both these albums are probably the two I listen to the most.

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  2. qm1ceveb

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    The Doors discography with JM is superb and my favorite is Strange days. Waiting for the sun is close, a magnificent album.
    The soft parade is not as good as the rest and IMO seems to suffer from a temporary loss of direction and/or top-notch material. The long title track is a prime example. Certainly not bad but a far cry from The End...
  3. docwebb

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    I always hated "Hello I Love You". Seemed very pedestrian. Apparently the song was written 3 years earlier and they had to pull it out of the vault as Jim's creative juices were drying up (or maybe too wet from alcohol). The problem continued through their next album. "Touch Me" was even worse.
  4. milankey

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    Soft Parade was the only Doors album I had as a teenager, not sure why....
  5. jdorsey

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    Spanish caravan was my gateway drug to classic rock in the late 80s early 90s. As a 10 year old i pulled it from my mom's shelf. Put it on my cheap Sound Design all in one. I was blown away that something that old could sound so good. Then I tried her Santana self titled album. The rest is history.
  6. Musicman1963

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    I think Jims voice peaked on WFTS and as much as I love TSP why oh why did they leave off who scared you? It's one of my top five doors songs and would've made the album so much better.
  7. Captain Leo

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    The Soft Parade had to be very different for 1969. I can't imagine too many rock groups were doing stuff with orchestral arrangements in a jazz and big band way. The Soft Parade in places sounds like it could've come out in '49 rather than '69.
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  8. mikaal

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    Ignore that. Too late for me to be typing last night, sorry.
  9. Thievius

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    Honestly, I love 'em both and on any given day could be considered my favorite Doors album. I never got the hate for Soft Parade. As much of a departure it was for the band, I love every song on that record.
  10. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    Agree 100%.

    I place "Waiting for the Sun" just slightly behind "Strange Days" (my fave), "The Doors" and "L.A. Woman."

    And though a notch down, "The Soft Parade" has some great songs (the title track and especially "Wishful Sinful").

    "Morrison Hotel" is another full notch down for me.

    I also vehemently dispute the notion that "The Soft Parade" was a "radical departure in sound" or some attempt "to go commercial" for the Doors.

    They merely added horns and strings.

    When the Beatles added horns and strings, it was "genius."

    When the Stones added horns and strings, it was "genius."

    When the Doors added horns and strings, it was some kind of sell out.

    :wtf: :crazy:

    Magic risin'
    Sun is shinin' deep beneath the sea ...

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  11. DrZhivago

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    Adelaide Australia
    The one of the best album covers in general.

  12. john lennonist

    john lennonist There ONCE was a NOTE, PURE and EASY...

    I'm curious if your German-pressed "Soft Parade" has the same/similar stampers to mine.

    The label on mine is:

    White with a red “e” and black “E”.


    A: (machine stamped) R/S Alsdorf 52356 A2XX (handwritten) WEA
    (on lower level, handwritten) 42079 A2 XX PF

    B: (machine stamped) R/S Alsdorf 755 960674-1-B4WEA

  13. Electric

    Electric The Medium is the Massage

    Vancouver, CANADA
    The song Touch Me has always kept me away from The Soft Parade album.
  14. Analogmoon

    Analogmoon All the Way Back in the Seventies

    John's drumming is so great on The Soft Parade.
  15. Yardbird

    Yardbird Forum Resident

    I am surprised by some of the responses in this thread. IMO, these are the weakest Doors' albums by far. I recall being very disappointed with WFTS when it was released and then thought they completely lost their mojo when TSP was released. Sure both have some good songs, but neither come remotely close to the first two and are inferior to their last two. Perhaps, if The Doors took the best from WFTS and TSP, they could have released a solid album.
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  16. andrewskyDE

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    Over the years I realized there are several printing versions of the Waiting For The Sun album cover. Mostly very bright colours and stuff.
    I prefer the 'darker' printed one where you can see the Doors' logo in best shape.

  17. Analogmoon

    Analogmoon All the Way Back in the Seventies

    The only original pressing of a Doors album that I have is Waiting For The Sun. Someone gave it to me when I a teenager in the early 1980s.
  18. The Quiet One

    The Quiet One Well-Known Member

    Brasília, Brazil
    I love both. When I bought TSP, I had never read any reviews, so I listened without prejudice. Maybe that's the reason. Wishful Sinful is among my favorite songs of all time.
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  19. Six Bachelors

    Six Bachelors Troublemaking enthusiast

    If you added COTL (and took off NTTTE as it is part of COTL) where would COTL go? The album would be too long to fit an LP and sound good. You'd have to remove some tracks.

    I agree with the common sentiment that WSY is a terrific track and deserved to have been on the album because of its quality but it may be that, from the group's and/or Rothchild's perspective(s), it was a b-side to a single that was released months earlier and which didn't do very well. Maybe they didn't have any fondness for the track.

    It's the album being short and physically having room for WSY that make the choice to leave it off so disappointing.
  20. California Couple

    California Couple dislike us on facebook

    Newport Beach
    Not to Touch the Earth
    Summers Almost Gone
    Wintertime Love
    The Unknown Soldier
    Spanish Caravan
    We Could Be So Good Together
    Yes, the River Knows
    Five To One
    Do It
    Easy Ride
    Runnin' Blue

    I only like the first song in that list.
    So I have now come to think that WFTS is their worst Jim album.
    If only they had replaced those songs with Celebration of the Lizard.
  21. Boswell

    Boswell Forum Resident

    "Do It" is the weakest song from both albums but I like it. I'd say "Easy Ride" is next.
    "We Could BE SGT" sounds kinda trite but it has great lyrics.
    "MY Wild Love" isn't quite there but I love it too.
    Yeah, all the DOORS albums are so good!

    I've heard several fans say they don't like "Runnin' Blue" in the last while . . . what?!

    That "Who Scared You" wasn't added to TSP is just crazy, would absolutely have made that album even better.

    "Shaman's Blues" is just sooooooooo good
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  22. mark renard

    mark renard Forum Resident

    I always like the image for WFTS from the cassette I had. I think this was the back cover on the album.
  23. Mike Reynolds

    Mike Reynolds Forum Resident

    Granted I was only nine years old in 1969, but "Touch Me" is the song that got me interested in them. Pretty good, pretty good. Pretty neat, pretty neat.
  24. mrbobdobalina

    mrbobdobalina Forum Resident

    Fort Myers FL
    Any album with "Wintertime Love", "Love Street", and "Not to Touch The Earth" would be excellent even if the rest of the record was filled with belching and flatulence!
  25. Carlox

    Carlox Forum Resident

    Porto, Portugal
    "Waiting For The Sun" is a great album.

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