SH Spotlight Wanna check how your CD player is doing? "Tigerlily" CD Natalie Merchant, how I compared CD players

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 15, 2022.

  1. JeffMo

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    I suspect all of these extras are on the DE that came out later - but I doubt the remastering tops the originals for SQ!
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  2. driverdrummer

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    This brings me back to waiting in line at Camelot Music to buy the Carnival cassette on release date in 1995. What a special album.
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  3. Urban Spaceman

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    I just picked this disc up yesterday for $1. I can hear all the differences between tracks, etc. I never owned the album before and really enjoying the music. Hard to think it's been almost 30 years since it came out. Certainly evokes the time. It sure sounds like stuff recorded at Bearsville to me. I had the good fortune to do some recording on spec there about a year before this album was recorded. Back when studio 2 had the Ramport studio console from The Who! My one brush with the Big Time right there. Ahhh...memories.

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