WARNING - Amazon's "Frustration-Free" Packaging

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Phil Tate, Oct 9, 2021.

  1. Phil Tate

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    Amazon.co.uk Help: Amazon Certified Frustration-Free Packaging

    If you see this on an Amazon listing, be aware that their "Frustration-Free Packaging" basically means NO packaging. I ordered the deluxe box set of Mansun's Six, and it arrived today with the shipping label just stuck on the actual shrink wrap, and the set itself unsurprisingly damaged in transit. Can't return it for replacement, only a refund, as it's no longer in stock.

    Posted on twitter about it, and they replied that I should have selected "use amazon packaging" at checkout. How stupid of me not to realise I had to specify "please put my item in some packaging".

    Staggering that they can think this is remotely acceptable.
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  2. E_Braunn_Fan

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    That happened with Bobby Gentry box set I bought about 5 months ago too.

    I didn’t realize there was a reason for it though. I was also shocked that my box set wasn’t damaged at all, but that was just lucky.
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  3. MLutthans

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    Ironic that customers should find this to be frustrating.
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  4. BackScratcher

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    I once bought an expensive set of headphones from them, and they just slapped a shipping label on the retail box. I was surprised that the box didn't get stolen in transit.
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  5. Haecate

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    Years ago Amazon's packaging went to hell, and never came back. I used to order books from them - really nice art books - and previously they'd put them on a piece of cardboard, wrap that with plastic = no damage. Now they toss them in a box, a few big bags = always damage. I called them about it years ago, they said it was saving the environment to use less paper/plastic. Right. It's really all about saving Amazon millions on paper/plastic costs.
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  6. Phil Tate

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    Ah, I see there are other threads about this, and it's been happening for a few years now. I did a search, but didn't think to search in the Marketplace forum - obvious really!

    And I agree this is about nothing but Amazon making (even) more money. They'll have worked out that the savings from using no packaging outweighs the cost of replacing the odd damaged item. They really are the worst.
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  7. E_Braunn_Fan

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    That is the easiest, but most incorrect reasoning ever. Saving on packaging supplies, but receiving so many more items that are returned because of damage from bad packaging.

    I have returned so many cd’s over the years since they moved away from actual cases to digipaks and sleeves because of the same excuse that they are more environmentally friendly.
  8. dkmonroe

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    I've received many LPs that were packed in boxes marked "Frustration Free Packaging" and none of them were just LPs with a label stuck on them. All well-packed and arrived safely and intact.
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  9. Humbuster

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    EVERY box set I have purchased from AmazonUS within the last year has arrived with “scrunched corners”.

    Yet, box sets from DeepDiscount and PopMarket arrived unscathed.

    While I appreciate the quick shipping fromAmazon, in the long term I want a prefect product for the $$$ I am spending.
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