Warning If Ordering From Target.com!

Discussion in 'Marketplace Discussions' started by Recordfan, Nov 7, 2022.

  1. Recordfan

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    My copy of the Bee Gees "Timeless" album arrived with a severely bent corner-rendering it worthless in terms of collectibility. It was shipped in one of those white plasticky envelopes-no cardboard-no bubble wrap-nothing!..At least the records weren't broken. I filled out a satisfaction survey that was automatically sent-no apologies-no response-nothing!...Anyone else experience this?..I won't be ordering from Target in the future!
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    Wrong forum.
  3. forthlin

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    I got one of the All Things Must Pass cd boxes with the stickers missing. I think I filed for a return and they just sent me another copy(didn't even have to return the other copy.) I'd suggest trying to return it and see what happens.
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    If you are near any Target store you can just take it back with your receipt for a full refund. And then you could consider ordering it once again, but odds are it will come from the same warehouse and you could end up with the exact same packaging.
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    When they had their sale earlier this year, I bought up a bunch of titles. Every day a new giant box would show up with one (maybe two) records in it. No padding. Just a huge box with a record floating around in it. It went on for a week. Obviously they have different locations of items going out but it was ridiculous to the point of being humorous. Pretty much everything had bent corners.
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  6. Recordfan

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    It's hard to believe until you see it for yourself!..They must think that the album's cardboard sleeve is for the protection of the record!
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  7. cwitt1980

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    I have a feeling they're not thinking much at all. Somewhere there's a lumberjack with a tear in his eye though.
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    Had no problems using Target, and they are pretty easy to deal with with online refunds

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