Warning to all record collectors!!! (outer bag/inner sleeve concerns)*

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by rockadelic, Oct 17, 2014.

  1. Marko K

    Marko K Forum Resident

    EU, Estonia
    I think I have encountered the bad sleeves 3 times:
    1) David Bowie - Blackstar (first and second press, dont know about others)
    2) Mastodon / Flaming Lips RSD inch - destroyed that record, I was too late
    3) Hypocrisy - Catch 22 (vs 2). I think Nuclear Blast used those sleeves on many records around 2008. I discovered clouding around 2015.
  2. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    I'm sure it can happen anywhere. But there is a well-known era of Dutch LP covers that have a symptom where they become sticky as the years go by. It's like the print ink did not fully dry, and they become very sticky. I can imagine them sticking to those PVC sleeves like they are glued into them.

    So good idea to dump those sleeves as soon as possible. But be aware of those Dutch printed covers. I am a big fan of Holland pressing BTW. Just love 70s and early 80s LPs like CBS and Decca from there. And it is not all the covers are at high risk. Just certain batches. These were not laminated, but semi-gloss.
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  3. Phil D

    Phil D Forum Resident

    With British 45s, I noticed none of my Decca label/ pressings were affected so it does appear some types of vinyl are less susceptible to this phenomenon.
  4. quicksrt

    quicksrt Senior Member

    City of Angels
    60s and early 70s Decca are for sure the vinyl type that can have reactions. Look at the US London FFRR classical pressings (pressed in the (UK) with their poly lined inners. The 45s might simply be able air themselves out easier.

    Did you buy a bunch of thick PVC sleeves for your 45s? Not many people have those to worry about.
  5. FrixFrixFrix

    FrixFrixFrix Forum Resident

    Parts Unknown
    Same. I'd be surprised if there are any surviving copies that haven't been ruined.
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  6. Pimjazz0

    Pimjazz0 Forum Resident

    no it were no Dutch pressings. A 1975 Japanese release on Contemporary records and a 1978 German release on ECM.
  7. Phil D

    Phil D Forum Resident

    Thick PVC and non of my Decca singles were affected unlike EMI and particularly PYE pressings which were.
  8. JSUB

    JSUB Forum Resident

    Louisville, KY
    Anyone here have the new Metallica Black Album box set? If so, is the sleeve for the Sad But True picture disc one I should be worried about?
  9. Phil D

    Phil D Forum Resident

    I think the issue with Decca albums, which I have seen, is called "bag rash" and doesn't appear to affect play, unlike the damage caused by thick PVC which gives off a gas and scorches the vinyl.

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