Watch Jackie Gleason’s first ASM on YouTube

Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Frank Gannucci, Sep 20, 2021.

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    Unfortunately it’s just the PD episode and not the ones that are or were shown on WBXZ in Buffalo, NY.
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    Interesting view,especailly the commercials. No doubt headline for thread as ASM instead of American Scene Magazine hurt views and potential comments. I remember the series as there wasn't any kid show at that time slot. Gleason's Honeymooners classic 39 episodes were around but Gleason used other characters in skits and Frank Fontaine letting Gleason spend of few moments as straightman and then Fontaine's singing. Gleason as Reginald Van Gleason III(Wiki says this was Gleason's favorite character),meant little in my kid years. An unfunny blowhard. At least during the era the animated Beany & Cecil was on earlier in the evening.
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    One of my earliest TV memories is watching Jackie's scenes with Frank Fontaine. The bit in this one where they talk about the film "The Hustler" is pretty funny. Gleason was riding high at the time.
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    thanks! loved it!

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