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    So a bit more from Michael...on the Crew sessions:

    A couple of other things about that subject...if you read Internet info about Hal and Jim, you'll see that they often worked on the same projects, and that Jim often filled in for Hal when Hal was double-booked or otherwise busy. Therefore, it's reasonable to conclude that the pay schedule for the Forever Changes session might very well have read that Hal was scheduled to play the session, but got busy at the last minute, called Jim (as he often did) and Jim showed up and played,...something the paper trail might not reflect. So, it's possible Bruce and others are basing their conclusions on who played on what according to bogus paper work, I guess. Hard to know really.

    Otherwise, barring that (or similar) scenario, it's hard to figure how Bruce and others could make such a glaring mistake.
    Anybody with any knowledge of drumming at all (or even a basic knowledge of music in general) couldn't listen to the drumming on "Ricki Don't Lose That Number," and the drumming on "Daily Planet," and NOT conclude it's the same guy. Jim plays so many of the exact same licks, and with the same emphasis... you can't copy that kind of thing.

    As far as me playing on "Andmoreagain," I remember vividly deciding what to play, how to play it, and then playing it on the cut...the mixed floor and mounted tom softly stroked on .."and you feel your heart beating, rum pum, pum, pum," you a heart beat. I wrote it and I played it.
    Like I said about the night at Spaceland, when the guy who worked with Jim Gordon at May Company hit me up with the question about the drumming on "Daily Planet,"... you have to make certain to give credit where credit is due. Robbing somebody of their legacy (even if it's a careless mistake) is unconscionable.

    Same with Carol Kaye taking the credit for playing bass on "Andmoreagain." What a ridiculous claim. You can hear it's Kenny. Same style. Same sound (obviously NOT the Fender Precision bass Carol always played). Same everything.

    End of rant.
    Take care buddy, Michael
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    It's obviously Michael playing on every song 'cept that one. Besides his style, the way the drums are miked on his kit makes it obvious.
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    lemonade kid Forever Changing

    Thanks, Steve. It is good to have someone with such a good ear for details like how the drums were miked!
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    Just a note here, the reason I thought it was Hal Blaine on drums on "Planet" is that I was told it was and, the countoff sounds like Hal to me. Same voice as his little vocal solo on the Beach Boys Amusement Parks USA record.
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