SH Spotlight We love LOVE! "Forever Changes" Elektra 1967 recording sessions and dates, studios, stories, etc.

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Jun 19, 2013.

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    I would recommend emailing John Einarson though Facebook. He took Arthur’s pieces he’d written for a proposed book and finished it. He knows lots of details and has a very good memory.
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    It's so sad that this great band virtually disbanded after this album. Four Sail is a fun album, but it is a shame that Forever Changes line up disbanded so early.
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    “Nothing lasts forever. And my group is a part of nothing, I guess, ’cause it didn’t last!” - Arthur
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    Off topic but Moby Grape are so damn great!

    Live 1967!

    Skippy looks healthy! "Hey Grandma! Sure lookin' good!"
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    Yes...truly a shame...when they got together after Forever Changes to record "Laughing Stock" and "Your Mind And We belong Together"
    it seemed like they would be doing something really special once again! Michael said (in his bio) that he was really pumped and thought wow, this is more like it. He felt really hopeful for the band , but sadly it was not to be...two tracks that could have easily fit on Forever Changes.

    Your Mind And We Belong Together...maybe the best killer guitar solo by Johnny yet!!!

    And the trippy Laughing Stock!
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    We love you Arthur!
    Live 2002! With Baby Lemonade so damn great backing Arthur!

    Maybe The People Would Be The Times Or Between Clark and Hilldale

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    Was lucky enough to have been there that night. But haven't watched the DVD as I don't want to 'overwrite' my own memory of things, if that makes any sense...
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    Lucky you! I get it! But wow...what a night...wish I could have been there!

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    I did for you...and here is Michael's response, @Steve Hoffman :cheers:

    "Please pass along my thanks to Steve Hoffman for his interest in the band
    and our history. It's an honor indeed to have musically literate fans,
    like you and Steve and all the members of the forum, still interested in
    Love after so many years have gone by."

    Take care, Michael

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    Great, thanks. Much appreciated!
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    Classic. One thing that always struck me about Forever Changes is that several of the songs sound improvised, but the band is playing along - and even orchestrated. Quite unique.
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