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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Steve Hoffman, Aug 29, 2017.

  1. Alderon Frederic

    Alderon Frederic Member

    Hello everybody!
    That's a bit massive forum so I will search for something suitable to read
    If you have any suggestions more than welcome to hear those
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  2. Forbin

    Forbin Active Member

    Hello! I am new to this board, and within the last few months setup my first decent system. I have a lot of questions in general about audio and look forward to using this board. The content on here seems great and I am glad to have found this board.
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  3. George P

    George P Smellin' Like A Rose

    Welcome! :wave:
  4. Scratcha

    Scratcha Member

    Greenacres, FL
    Hello everyone,
    I've been visiting these forums for quite some time; I thought I might as well sign-up.
    Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. HiResGeek

    HiResGeek Active Member

    Hi everybody,
    Like many others above I have lurked here for years, so I finally decided to sign up.

    Question for the moderating team: I noticed that my posts need to be approved before they go "live". How long will that be the case for me? Do I need to make a certain number of posts or be a member for a certain amount of time?
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  6. GodShifter

    GodShifter Negative Creep®

    Dallas, TX, USA
    Hey, if he saw your attempted selfie he’d change his mind.

    Or not, who cares.
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  7. Jocko

    Jocko Well-Known Member

    Will do, thanks
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  8. Matisse

    Matisse Active Member

    Hi everyone! So, here comes another music freak. I often find myself returning to this great forum looking for information on artists, records, releases, vinyl pressings etc, and of course always end up reading entire discussions, enjoying all the music talk. Finally taking the time to sign up, and looking forward to participate. See you around!
  9. leegee72

    leegee72 Member

    I'm new here. I created a post like 30 minutes ago and it still says it's like pending approval before its published. Just wondering how long that usually takes or if I did it wrong?
  10. George P

    George P Smellin' Like A Rose


    I can see both of your posts, so you didnt do it wrong.

  11. BoyGenius

    BoyGenius Member

    Greeting everyone, a new member here from the UK. I also made a first post which is currently awaiting approval. Will possibly not be posting very often, but always keen to find info on new releases.
  12. Knocks

    Knocks Member

    How do I change the avatar? Thank you.
  13. cspirou

    cspirou New Member

    Irvine, CA
    Hi! New member here, but I have a presence on other forums(same username) related to headphone audio and DIY. I didn't see an introduction thread so I guess that this is as good a place as any. I like to tinker a lot so my primary motivation is to build stuff as opposed to being captain audiophile, but good sound is definitely appreciated. My day job is a nanopore researcher and my night job is playing Stardew Valley to entertain my son. In between I squeeze in this unreasonable hobby.

    I was wondering why I can't look at profiles yet? Is there an embargo on new members until a certain amount of time has passed.

    Anyway, the real reason I joined is because on the other forum I frequent has a member named @Dino that we just discovered passed away. I saw that he has 1700 messages here so I was wondering if he was a prominent member here and if people were curious about his absence. I didn't want to start a thread here as a totally unknown member, but I still felt it was important to let people know.
  14. tmsorosk

    tmsorosk MORE MUSIC PLEASE

    Sprucegrove Canada
    Brits are welcome too.

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