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Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Holy Zoo, Jan 12, 2002.

  1. Sgt. Abbey Road

    Sgt. Abbey Road Forum Resident

    Graz, Austria
    This day also makes me think about the forum member who aren’t longer with us:cry:
  2. Seabass

    Seabass Old Git

    Devon, England
    My only regret is not finding it sooner
  3. Glfrancis2

    Glfrancis2 Overworked and underpaid state employee

    Birmingham al
    Thank you! Fantastic forum!
  4. J.A.W.

    J.A.W. Music Addict

    Didn't join until December that year. Makes me wonder which original mods and members are still around...
  5. Om

    Om You can call me Benny!

    Boston, USA
    Only been here for a short while in comparison, but have made many great friends on here.

    Where does the time go??

    A good chunk of my music collection is from recommendations given on SHF. Here is to the best music community on the interwebs! :tiphat:
  6. Glfrancis2

    Glfrancis2 Overworked and underpaid state employee

    Birmingham al
    I have (and will) spend a lot of money because of this forum :o :D
  7. Grant

    Grant Life is a rock, but the radio rolled meeeeee!

    United States
    Unlucky for all of you, I joined two days later when Luke tipped me off.
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  8. danielbravo

    danielbravo Senior Member

    Caracas. DC
    It happens to some here, it really saved me a lot of money. In both cases it can be good as seen :righton:
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  9. HotelYorba101

    HotelYorba101 Forum Resident

    One of the few places left, 20 years on, where you can discuss bands, masterings, pressings, and gear all in one place and with such a large userbase. Where would I be without all the fun discussions, little bickerings, and useful threads on here lol
  10. W.B.

    W.B. The Collector's Collector

    New York, NY, USA
    I stumbled on this a little over two years after it started, no doubt due to my long interest in record pressings, lacquer masterings and so on. Must've found it on a now-defunct search engine or something because of my typing in some keywords. And as they say, it went from there . . .
  11. mBen989

    mBen989 Forum Resident

    Scranton, PA
  12. ShallowMemory

    ShallowMemory Classical Princess

    This place empties my purse most months with reviews and recommendations but hey at least I'm buying better discs and equipment having taken the shared first hand advice here.

    Happy 20th anniversary SH.tv
  13. Bingo Gazingo

    Bingo Gazingo Well-Known Member

    Israel Tel-Aviv
    Happy Birthday! Thanks for making us poor and happy
  14. DK Pete

    DK Pete Forum Resident

    Levittown. NY
    I actually found this great place by default; I'd been posting on the Amazon threads for about five or six years till they finally gurgled down the drain; truth is, prior to discovering *them*, I wasnt ecevn aware that such discussion "places' on the computer existed. Luckily for me (and very thankfully), a fellow poster friend at the "A" place (Exile on My Street)who had already discovered SHF, told me that this was the place to be, Amazon or no Amazon. For whatever reason I procrastinated; maybe I'm just not one for change. Finally, I had no choice to which I now proclaim, thank goodness and all the powers up above for "having no choice"! SHFis not only one hell of a lot of fun on a daily basis, I never stop learning about one thing or another as it all relates to this thing we call "music". Thank you Steve, thank you "gorts" and thank you everyone on here with whom I've ever exchanged a word with (even the not so great ones...there's something to be learned from *everyone*). Not only do you all go a long way in making the daily grind bearable, my music listening and obsessions feel that much more substantiated and purposeful. Many thanks again and congratulations to one and all.
  15. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    The first page of the first thread. They HAD to be there! :uhhuh: Thank you.
  16. Hardiman

    Hardiman Forum Resident

    Thanks for this place of music and vinyl utopia. Here’s to 20 more! Hard to believe I was 9 when this topic was made!
  17. tug_of_war

    tug_of_war Sassafras & Moonshine

    Happy birthday everybody. I even feel like I'm 20 myself again.
  18. SixtiesGuy

    SixtiesGuy Ministry of Love

    You never forget your first thread...
  19. Dillydipper

    Dillydipper Sultan Of Snark

    Central PA
    In January 2002, I was spending copious parts of my afternoon looking up show prep and music information on-the-fly for my afternoon drive Oldies shift. We had two daily show-prep services and ABC-Network-fed audio clips, and I was armed with five or so Whitburn books, plus probably nine Beatles reference books (the Lewisohn volume being my main go-to). I did regular features, including your basic one-hit-wonder, forgotten oldie, "My Three Songs" (guess what they have in common), and, yes...a Beatles Break, then a highly-caffinated 5pm request show, crammed with phoners and daily giveaways. ANYthing to tweak the regurgitation of "same-songs/different-order". And I'd spend my off-air hours scheduling music logs.

    In addition, I was on a stealth crusade to upgrade the whole music library behind the Program Director's back: improved fidelity over the same sources we had used in the format for years, and stereo where it was accurate and sounded better than the market was used to (don't pull that "it should all be mono" crap on me, I knew what I was doing, and my target demo no longer drove around town in 1967 Buicks anymore). I used that mission to upgrade my whole personal arsenal of oldies and classic rock albums, sorting out the dollar-bin comps and replacing with Hoffman's masters, Dick Bartley rarities and remastered newer comps: DCC, Audio Fidelity, Mofi and Verese were just the tip of my spelunking. Piecing-together whole sets of Time-Life and Rhino libraries, comparing a Drake master with an Inglot master with others, before I put them into the station's hard drive, riding the gain on every track (not just wholesale ripping), sometimes lightly-collapsing wide stereo soundstages, and goosing EQ's. Every time I heard my work through the station processing on the road was an education in itself.

    And yes, a verifiable tax deduction! :D

    In studio, when not watching meter levels, I had Innernetz at my side for the first time, to help with research, and dull the pain of sitting through "Sugar Sugar" and "Brown-Eyed Girl" every 11 hours. I was taking notes off the Both Sides Now board, and the ICE Magazine forum (later known as IMWAN). And it was here that I became aware of the DCC forum, then the Steve Hoffman board (which, to my surprise, has little to actually do with TV, despite the domain name). The first things I read from outside the Hoffman bubble was, that these guys were obsessed, highly-opinionated, territorial with the their points of view, and argumentative. It was a regular Lord Of The Flies over there...

    Once I finally decided it was worth diving in, I read for weeks before becoming a member...and still several weeks after that just to catch up, before even posting anything. "Reading the room" is not just a science, but a courtesy. But sure enough, just like I was warned, a little attitude got my fingers bitten off. I persisted, because I had questions, and these guys clearly had some answers (even if several questions just brought up conflicting ones). Eight years online, and this was my first experience with moderators who could "have it in for you", and members who would fight tooth and nail to back up every little detail of their version of an unresolved historical mystery, dragging threads pages beyond the main topics with seemingly-endless trivialities at their disposal to quote. And, "search is your friend" actually proved to me way back in 2004...I was apparently not even the first one to suggest, we could all navigate easier if all the Beatles threads were given their own sub-category. :eek:

    I've come to love being addicted to this discussion tower-of-babble. I've frequently defended the virtues of tough forum topic restrictions, and empathy for those who didn't look out at the same landscape we do, be it location, or the POV on the other side of the cash register that made the albums come out. And, the need for civility not just for us, but to keep Steve's "day job" associates from resenting his over-opinionated fanboys, and keeping his rolodex full of names who took his call when he needed the right tapes pulled. I've tried to represent points of view that didn't always have a perspective on their side when the pile-ons happened. I've earned my share of "report button" rivalries, and suffered from others. I took my punishments and time-outs when my words rubbed others the wrong way, and offered apologies when earnest debates just didn't work. Just the other night I almost kicked the bear again, when I took abuse from somebody who really should have been above that sort of snippiness. And thought better of it, and moved on.

    Because the end result, is staying in the game: benefiting from real information and experience from other members, and offering my own trivia when useful. Again, the things we share here, are far more valuable than the things that separate us, and for some this is going to be the only place in their lives where they find such a unique skillset and knowledge base for obsessions that keep them/us up at night. I can come here with a story that will help another see why something is the way it is, and how my experience relates to his frustration. I can get details about a mix or a master or (god help me) a piccolo trumpet part I couldn't have known about if I weren't here. I've made friends, bought media and tech, and found beneficial answers, just for the price of having a place to ask the questions. I can toss in a little contribution now and then, and keep the ads from ruining our experience. Most gratifying, I've been able to share stuff I know, and contribute to something larger than my own music collection - no mean feat!

    It's not a democracy here...but there's just as much sausage-making here as a real democracy needs, if it's to get all crammed into a nice, clean-looking sausage casing. So, Happy 20th Anniversary to all of us who make this virtual place vital. And congratulations to Steve, whose sausage is still swingin'!
  20. Dart56

    Dart56 Forum Resident

    Oshawa, ON
    I've been here for 13 of the 20 years. Goes by fast!
  21. portlandjulian

    portlandjulian Forum Resident

    My favorite site on the internet ! :D
  22. bjlefebvre

    bjlefebvre Forum Resident

    Washington DC-ish
    Truly, the original fab four.
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  23. DrAftershave

    DrAftershave A Wizard, A True Star

    Los Angeles, CA
    20 years and STILL not enough Paul McCartney threads. :p
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  24. -Sphinx-

    -Sphinx- !!!AUDIO HERETIC!!!

    The Netherlands
    I think this is a good occasion to say thanks to the gorts for leaving 3 of my threads and a dozen of comments here, if it wasn't for them this forum would be bigger than the remaining part of internet..

  25. Good times, bad times. Oh, I'm not talking about Zep. Mostly good times here but the occasional bad time. Then that get's banished.
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