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What album did you play once and never listen to again?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Dylancat, Jan 13, 2022.

  1. Dylancat

    Dylancat Forum Resident Thread Starter

    Cincinnati, OH
    Any reason is acceptable.
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  2. Rocco Carbajal

    Rocco Carbajal Member

    Michael Jackson - invincible

    not a single moment I liked...
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  3. Rfreeman

    Rfreeman Senior Member

    Lawrenceville, NJ
    Harrison - Electronic Sound
    Harrison - Apple Jam
    Art Bears - Winter Songs
    Frank Zappa - Francesco Zappa
    Last Exit - S/T
    John Coltrane - Live In Seattle
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  4. breakingglass

    breakingglass Forum Resident


    then immediately to the For Sale pile
  5. Hamhead

    Hamhead The Bear From Delaware


    They lost their soul when Michie left.
  6. drds89

    drds89 indiepostrockprogmetalgaze-doomdrone

    Smithfield, VA
    I've only bought physical where I knew there was at least potential from a favorite band, or a single that was promising.
    I have so many 'growers' in my collection, started off not liking them so much but after 3, 4, 5 even 10 listens, they keep getting better.
    They tend to have staying power vs ones I immediately like and tend to overplay. So, I've learned to pace myself on those. One group I only listen to maybe twice a year, and their whole catalog (now 5 albums), headphones, bean bag chair, dark room, red wine.

    Now digital ... too numerous to count
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  7. mrjinks

    mrjinks Optimistically Challenged

    Boise, ID.
    I’ll play anything more than once. But “Psychoderelict” and “The Capeman” probably only got played about twice…
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  8. Daddy Dom

    Daddy Dom Lodger

    New Zealand
    Lucinda Williams - Lu's Jukebox, the Southern Soul and Country ones. Yechhhhh!!! Just awful.
  9. Ranzo

    Ranzo Well-Known Member

    Dylan - Shadows in the Night.
    Hated it.
    I wasn't going to bother with it, but it got such good reviews and I saw it cheap.
  10. razerx

    razerx Who me?

    SF Bay Area
    Sonic Youth - NYC Ghosts and Flowers
    Neil Young - Arc

    So many, can’t remember
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  11. threeheadedmonkey

    threeheadedmonkey Forum Resident

    The Netherlands
    I'd like to tell you, but I don't remember that one.
  12. John54

    John54 Senior Member

    Burlington, ON
    Most of them. In a few cases (step forward, Köhntarkösz by Magma! (*)), I played the first side once and never listened again. I probably should have done the same thing for the Laibach LP I bought, but I toughed it out, to my detriment. In numerous cases I listened only to the singles or other songs I liked afterward.

    (*) I'm not absolutely certain about the umlaut placement, but whatever
  13. Always a mistake to listen to an album once and dismiss it if it doesn't grab you immediately.
    Any number of things may be distracting you.
    There are exceptions to this though.
  14. Andersoncouncil

    Andersoncouncil Forum Resident

    upstate NY
    ELP "Love Beach", "Black Moon" and 'In the Hot Seat" However, I am currently listening to ELP's catalog chronologically and will revisit these in the coming days. Maybe they won't be as bad as I remember!
  15. Witchy Woman

    Witchy Woman Forum Resident

    Third Coast, USA
    I saw Ted Nugent perform at the Texxas Jam festival when I was in high school. I wasn’t familiar with his music other than “Cat Scratch Fever.” Everyone else seemed really into his performance and were singing along. So sometime later I bought Intensities in Ten Cities. I don’t think I finished listening to it even once, I just could not get into it. :shrug:
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  16. Daniel Plainview

    Daniel Plainview God's Lonely Man

    The Raconteurs - Broken Boy Soldiers

    I like The White Stripes and The Greenhornes but I thought this album sucked. Played the CD once.. Got rid of it.
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  17. egebamyasi

    egebamyasi Forum Resident

    Worcester, MA
    You didn't even like My Love Is Like A Tire Iron?
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  18. MilMascaras

    MilMascaras Musicologist

    Los Angeles, CA
    Lou Reed's "Metal Machine Music" (I still haven't recovered ...)

    ... and Captain Beefheart &*HMBs 'Trout Mask Replica"... (just never felt like playing it again, once was enuf ...)
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2022
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  19. dberthia

    dberthia Curmudgeon, Skeptic

    Cheap Trick - The Doctor
  20. RosesFromYesterday

    RosesFromYesterday Forum Resident

    North America
    Robin Thicke - Blurred Lines. The title track is the only good part of that album.
  21. James5001

    James5001 Forum Resident

    Tales from topographic oceans
  22. BourbonAndVinyl

    BourbonAndVinyl Forum Resident

    Kansas City, MO
    Prince, 'Around The World In A Day.' Huge letdown after '1999' and 'Purple Rain.' Couldn't connect with it at all. Streamed it a few months ago and it didn't change my mind.
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  23. The Hud

    The Hud Go Chiefs!

    Ozzy Osbourne "Under Cover"

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  24. Witchy Woman

    Witchy Woman Forum Resident

    Third Coast, USA
    Not sure if you’re being serious or not, but I don’t even remember that title!
  25. Fischman

    Fischman RockMonster, ClassicalMaster, and JazzMeister

    New Mexico
    Van Zant - Get Right With the Man

    Thought I was getting some solid Southern Rock, but it turned out to be generic modern country.
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