What are the best sounding Heart CDs?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by atoxique, Nov 27, 2018.

  1. atoxique

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    As the thread title says, what are the best sounding CDs of the band Heart’s albums?

    Edit: fixed title. I accidentally forgot to write the rest of it!!!! :eek:
  2. Crawlin From The Wreckage

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    Other than the DCC and the MFSL (definitive versions) they're all original 80s reissues and sound very good. Little Queen and Dog & Butterfly are Japan for Europe pressings. I don't know if there were different masterings for any of these titles. I got off the bus with Bad Animals.

    Dreamboat Annie - DCC GZS-1058
    Little Queen - CBS CDPRT 82075
    Dog & Butterfly - CBS CDPRT 83080
    Bebe Le Strange - Epic EK 36371
    Private Audition - Epic EK 38049
    Passionworks - Epic EK 38800
    Heart - MFSL UDCD 597
    Bad Animals - CAP CDP 7 46676 2
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  3. Hi Lizard

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    ^^^Sums it STRAIGHT UP right here^^^
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  4. George P

    George P Sing Your Life

    Dreamboat Annie - DCC
    Magazine - Audio Fidelity
    The rest (including S/T) - Original CDs
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  5. Dave

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    :D This just may be the most agreed upon thread in SH Forums history. I believe these Japan CD's carry the same mastering as the Japan for Europe CBS discs. For the S/T album both the Black Triangle and MFSL have very similar characteristics.

    Dreamboat Annie DCC GZS-1058
    Magazine SACD Audio Fidelity AFZ-171
    Little Queen Japan Epic/Sony 25·8P-5052
    Dog & Butterfly Japan Epic/Sony 25·8P-5051
    Bebe Le Strange Japan Epic/Sony 25·8P-5053
    Heart Black Triangle Japan Toshiba/EMI CP32-5078
    Heart MFSL UDCD 597
    Bad Animals Japan Toshiba/EMI CP32-5399
    Brigade Japan Special Edition Capitol/EMI TOCP-6130
  6. TNTguy

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    Interesting. I didn't know the Japan-for-Europe masterings were the same as Japan-for-Japan.

    I have really liked the Black Triangle pressing of the S/T album. Sounds less bright to me than the standard US release. However on the DR website a submitter said the Black Triangle clips. Is that correct? If true that's odd as I prefer the BT.

    Also I have listened to both the US and Japan Brigade and they both sound a tad bright to me. Is there only one mastering for Brigade?
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    Where the heck's Magazine??
  8. Crawlin From The Wreckage

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    Left it in the rack. :sigh:
  9. steelvelvet20

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    Greatest hits 1985-1995 remaster

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