What are the best sounding Jimi Hendrix CDs?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Harlanator, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. kaztor

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    I never had any problems with the Reprise RE-1's for A:BAL or EL and the WG Polydor for AYE sounds fine to me.
    A nice round-up compilation for the singles is the WG Polydor of The Singles Album.

    The late 90's EH-remasters of those mentioned sound horrible, like an attempt was made to make 'em compete with the latest loudness war-victims of the month...
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    What are the CD release dates (years)?
    [West] German:

    It's not as EZ as the lower the # the earlier the release is it?!?! :laugh:

    NoW Playing:

  3. Gordon Johnson

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    You are here
    I have seen it listed on Track but never seen an actual copy. Anyone here come across that version of BOG CD?
  4. Zafu

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  5. ricks

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    Hi. No Reprise issue of BOG. 1st US issue was from Capitol in the mid 90's.

    I prefer the 1st 1980's Polydor [6 tracks]. The 1991 Polydor RE1 [9 tracks] while no-noised was not totally heavy handed. I could see some liking even though I think a league or 2 below the original. Like most 90's EH Hendrix's go the tonality of their BOG is decent but I've no interest in listening to any heavily squashed Hendrix mastering that immediately make me lower the volume and not enjoy Jimi's far out sounds.
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    There is a tiny faction on this forum with $ based agenda's when it comes to anything 1st pressed Japan. Please do not fall into that rabbit hole as I did for a short time. Not every one crawls their way out as I did - even when they realize the identical discs sound exactly the same as what they already owned - as they have to then justify their high dollar purchases or admit they were CONNED. I am honest and altruistic enough to admit I was conned and beg of you do not allow it to happen to yourself.[/quote]

    Does this apply to the Led Zeppelin 38XDs/P20s etc?
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  7. John Buchanan

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    Does this apply to the Led Zeppelin 38XDs/P20s etc?[/quote]
    Barry Diament has stated that he could reliably pick a CD that returned from the USA WEA CD pressing plant as being closer to what he sent to the plant than any other plant that he heard. I believe him. However, I own up that I can't hear a difference between 2 identical CDs pressed at 2 different plants (and I've done enough ELP Victory (JVC) vs Rhino (WEA) to be pretty sure that I must be deaf LOL). The EAC levels give you a reasonably accurate clue as to whether you are listening to a data-identical CD pair. Try it for yourself - I suspect once will be enough for you to make up your mind one way or another.
    However, different masterings - another kettle of fish.
    For Jimi Hendrix, I would love to be able to hear the EH team remaster all the albums without compression. Then, and only then, would they be unbeatable, as the general tonal quality of the albums is great to my ears. It's the compression that makes louder parts of these albums less that perfect.
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  8. Jimi Bat

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    tx usa
    for anyone concerned about japan and w german cds of the first 3 albums see post 55 in the your go to Hendrix cds thread.it may be of some use to you.sorry not sure how to link to this.
  9. marcfeld69

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    Cheers, that DOES help.
  10. George P

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    Me too, John!
  11. marcfeld69

    marcfeld69 Forum Resident

    Any views on Stages?
  12. marcfeld69

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    Before I came onto here I loved it and I still do, as far as I know, but I haven't re-listened since I started on this board or listened with my new system. We'll see how it sounds after I have started acquiring some of the original non-no-Noised Reprises.:sigh:
  13. MusicalHeaven

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    Truer words have never been spoken. This post should be made into a thread and then stickied.

    That said, I am a bit torn on his releases as there is a content vs sound issue with them.
  14. fluffskul

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    albany, ny
  15. FYI: from Chris M:
    "This might help simplify the discussion.

    - there aren't any unique Japanese masterings for the JHE albums. Forget about the P33, P20, P90X, etc. The JPN Polydor discs have the same mastering as the German Polydor discs.

    - forget about the 1st issue Polydor AYE & Axis. AYE is from an exceptionally poor source tape, major speed issues (Foxy way too fast), unstable stereo image that tilts to one side, AM radio EQ. Axis sounds fine but it uses an alternate, inferior stereo mix for the entire LP. Electric Ladyland is the only 1st issue Polydor worth bothering with."

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  16. John Buchanan

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    Stages was released in 1991, a period of usage of NoNoise usage in the Hendrix catalogue. IMHO, the albums in that set sound rather nice, despite this. The San Diego 1969 concert has been remixed as well as NoNoised, and the mixing may not to be everybody's liking compared to the Eddie Kramer mixed tracks released on Hendrix In The West and the 4CD purple velvet box. On San Diego 1969, Mitch is placed left to centre, Jimi (guitar and vocals) is mono central and Noel is far right. On the afore mentioned releases, Mitch is in balanced stereo, Jimi's guitar is far left and his voice is mono, whereas Noel is again far right. There is another alteration to Red House, where the first band chord after Jimi's solo introduction sounds like it has been increased in volume to enhance the excitement of the track. Generally, I prefer the Stages mixes to the others, but in this case, I can understand why people wouldn't. At least the dynamic range isn't compromised. Trios are quite hard to balance in a mix and keep their voices and instruments in the same place in the sound stage. If Noel had sung as a duo with Jimi, it would have been far easier to mix. Cream faced similar mixing problems live. In the studio, overdubs can balance things nicely.
    Stages generally is an indispensable item, but may be eclipsed if the represented concerts are released on separate CDs with Eddie Kramer mixes and full dynamic range. "Hendrix In The West" was designated a Harry Pearson Super Disc for many years because of the sound of that EK Red House mix.
  17. Jimi Bat

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    tx usa
    for the 9/5/67 show some say the version on live in Scandinavia is better than the stages version.i've never compared them back to back so I don't know.
    the definitive version of the 1/29/68 show is the EH dagger release.

    the 5/24/69 show sounds very good but it's missing foxy lady.

    the songs selected for the 7/4/70 show don't really represent that show very well.pity as its such a good show.there is hope it will get an official release soon.if you cant wait for it seek out the top in pops 70 release or rattlesnakes high voltage at Atlanta pop.
  18. marcfeld69

    marcfeld69 Forum Resident

    Thanks. That's certainly a useful answer. :)
  19. marcfeld69

    marcfeld69 Forum Resident

    Thanks. Quite a bit of digging in store for me, then.
  20. Gordon Johnson

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    You are here
    or rather than pay for what really is / are inferior sounding bootlegs, check out what is available free in collectors land.
  21. marcfeld69

    marcfeld69 Forum Resident

    Do you mean as opposed to Stages itself?
  22. Gordon Johnson

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    You are here
    not really, as opposed to buying boots. i have stages (cd and cassette) and still pull the set for a play. i recommend the set and it can be picked up for a reasonable price. the collectors sets available are more complete and they too are recommended, highly recommended.
    I just fail to understand why anyone would want to buy something (as in a boot) when it's available FOR FREE.
  23. marcfeld69

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    I see, but can tell me what you mean by collector's sets? Commercially available stuff, or the sort of thing you see on the In From The Storm site?
  24. Zafu

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    No. If you are still listening on the system in our profile on book shelf speakers that may be the reason. Then again, different folks have different ears. To mine. those 2010 CD/DVD releases are stunning.

    Take care. -Zafu
  25. John Buchanan

    John Buchanan I'm just a headphone kind of fellow. Stax Sigma

    The bookshelf speakers will favour the EH releases, as they have greater extension at either end of the frequency spectrum (some might say they are boosted there), compensating for a natural roll off in smaller speakers. So, if fluffskul still prefers the originals........

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