What are the turntables you've owned?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Airbus, Nov 25, 2018.

  1. ellingtonic

    ellingtonic Forum Resident

    As an adult:

    Music Hall MMF-5
    VPI Scout
    VPI Aries 3
    VPI Scoutmaster
    Marantz TT-15
    VPI Scout
    VPI Classic
    VPI Classic 2
    VPI Classic 3 (current)
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  2. Jimi Floyd

    Jimi Floyd Forum Resident

    Pisa, Italy
    /end of the game
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  3. Coramdeo

    Coramdeo Active Member

    Nottingham Ace Space
    Kuzma Stabi S
    Nottingham Hyperspace
    Micro Seiki
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  4. Davey

    Davey I carry the moon inside a silver bag

    SF Bay Area, USA
    Which model do/did you have?
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  5. Archie11

    Archie11 Member

    Brooklyn, NY

    Hi Benzion! I see you own two turntables I'd like to get opinion on: Denon Dp-60L and Kenwood KD-500.
    I owned Kenwood(Black widow arm) for a year, but today just got Denon with stock straight arm.
    Which one is your favorite? Are both TT have the same Jelco arms?
    Thank you!
  6. Benzion

    Benzion "Cogito, ergo sum" Forum Resident

    Brooklyn, NY
    My Denon sports a 10 inch Jelco 750E and is my favorite. The stock arm on it was crap, in my opinion, at least I didn't like it.

    The Kenwood came with no arm, and I had a Jelco 370 put on it (what Sumiko MMT is based on). With a better arm and cart I think the Kenwood is capable of a lot, perhaps of being as good as the Denon. Or even better than a Denon with stock arm.
  7. redcars

    redcars New Member

    Minnesota, USA
    Hi Wayne, I'd like to contact you relative to your Avantgarde Trios, which I also have owned for about 20 years
    Is there a way to send a private message? Don
  8. WayneC

    WayneC Hopelessly addicted to vinyl

    Hi Don

    You should be able to message my by clicking on your own name on the top right of this page, then click Conversations / Start a new conversation. Thats private.


  9. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    Too many to recall but a few notable ones...
    Garrard 301
    Garrard 401
    a couple Linn LP12's
    VPI Scout
    Rega 2
    Yamaha, don't recall the model
    Thorens TD125
    SME 20/12
    SME 30/12
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  10. Markym

    Markym Forum Resident

    London, UK
    In order of ownership from aged 17 (end of 80s):

    - Dual CS505-3 (part of my first system and I enjoyed my time with it a lot) - up to early 90s
    - Pink Triangle Little Pink Thing (had 2 examples, both with QC issues around the main bearing - gave up on it quickly)
    - Systemdek IIX/900 - early 90s to mid 2000s
    - Roksan Radius 5 (wood)- circa 2007, had issues with QC (motor noise issues) so didn't last long
    - Funk Firm Vector V - from 2007 to present (Funk Firm are the remnants of Pink Triangle), looks nice but build quality is a bit Heath Robinson. I should have anticipated that from the Pink Triangle heritage.

    I don't listen to vinyl a great deal now (not least due to the kinds of QC issues I've experienced and the amount of dedication required), so won't be replacing/upgrading unless the Funk dies.
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  11. jacden

    jacden Forum Resident

    I've always been a one-record-player-at-a-time kind of person.

    Beogram RX2 (1987-1994)
    Rega Planar 3 (1994-2014)
    Argon Audio TT2 (2014-2015)
    Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit (2015-?)

    Was quite happy with the first two at the time I had them, but the last two have been mixed blessings. I'm currently considering an upgrade to something a bit fancier than the Pro-Ject Debut. It's an OK table, but a bit on the noisy side for me. Plus, having to remove the platter to change speeds has worn out its welcome.
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  12. The Curator

    The Curator Forum Resident

    In no particular order.

    Thorens TD104 MkII. Birthday present that I still have today.
    Garrard 401. Split tiered plinth. Bass as solid as granite. Top end a tad veiled. A keeper but needs a lot spending on ancillaries to bring out the best, so is currently on the substitutes' bench.
    Roksan Xerxes. Great all-rounder but a bit too clever for her own good so she had to go, maintaining the blobs and chassis involved more effort than the Linn Sondek.
    Pioneer PL-71. Delightfully over-engineered '70s Japanese Direct Drive. Plug 'n' play heaven, so unfortunately she couldn't satisfy the modder in me and I moved her on.
    Thorens TD150 MkI. I created this Frankendeck with parts from three donor decks and housed her in a chunky plinth. A fun project in which I learned a lot. Sold her to a good home.
    Linn LP12 1982 version. Now with Inspire maple plinth, Trampolin II base and current spec armboard. Not the best but very engaging nonetheless.
    Uber-modified Lenco L75. Stripped, resprayed, modified to take an Origin Live fixing and housed in a birch ply layered plinth that weighs a ton. Currently awaiting transplant to an even bigger plinth with a 12" arm option.
    Townshend Elite Rock II. Heed Orbit PSU. Bradstone concrete plinth. Best bass I've heard on a belt drive and a sweet top end. My go-to deck. Surprised not to see any mention here - a well kept secret methinks.
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  13. vinylshadow

    vinylshadow Forum Resident

    I finally found a poster who had a Basis Audio turntable besides me!

    My first t.t. was a Pioneer automatic t.t. all in one system that my parents bought for me for my 17th birthday from Gold Triangle dept store in S. Fl in 1977 that came with light wood box speakers that had the speaker wires connected behind the plywood panel.... I still have vivid memories of playing Physical Grafitti for the first time and when In My Time of Dying started playing with Jimmy bending the strings(I never heard it before) I ran into my room to check on the t.t. because I thought something was wrong with it.

    B&O Beogram 2404 ( I've kept it because it is so darn cool looking)
    Basis 2001 with suspension/modified Rega RB900/Benz Micro Wood M2
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  14. Litejazz53

    Litejazz53 Perfection Through "Crystal Clear" Digital

    Denon DP-1200
    Dual 1218
    Dual 1229
    Marantz TT-15S1
    Phillips 312
    Pioneer PL-30
    Studer ReVox B-791
    Thorens TD146
    VPI Modified Scout

    My present turntable is the first table I have ever owned with a Moving Coil Cartridge. Every other table has had a Moving Magnet Cartridge ( Rega Planar 8 with Apheta III MC Cartridge)

    VPI Prime Signature with Purple Heart Cartridge (Never Owned And On The Wish List)



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  15. enginedr

    enginedr Forum Resident

    New York
    Technics SP -10 MK2 in a Acustand plinth 2 arms a Sony PUA 1600 L & Audio Technica AT -1100 . Two phono stages a BMC MCCI & Valab LCR 1 . and a assortment of good MM & LOMC cartridges .I do not have room for more then one table in my room but have many flavors to sample . My other TT spins @ 7200 RPM and like the rest of us nuts i have a few more put away
  16. mackat

    mackat Forum Resident

    United States
    Way, way, way too many!

    Technics SL-10
    Technics SL-1300
    Technics SL-1301
    Technics SL-Q2
    Technics SL-1200MK2
    Technics SL-1600MK2
    Technics SL-1015 (SP-15 + base and arm)
    Sony 2251
    Sony PS-X600
    Sony PS-LX57
    Kenwood KD-750 and Trio KP-7700 (North American & Japanese model of the same turntable)
    AR XA
    Rek-O-Kut B12GH sans tonearm
    Dual 1219
    Gradiente RP-II
    Philips 212

    Many of these work fine, some have issues. I definitely need to thin the herd sooner than later as there’s no way I need this many turntables. Unfortunately I have a penchant for collecting things, which doesn’t work out so well when it comes to large items such as turntables. I certainly went a little (cough) overboard in quarantine this year.
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  17. Ken Clark

    Ken Clark Forum Resident

    Chicago Suburbs
    Technics SL-D2
    Bang & Olufsen Beogram
    Thorens TD-150 Super
    Thorens TD 126
    VPI HW-19 MK3
    VPI Scout
    Rega P1
    Rega P25
    Denon DP-59L
  18. bill b

    bill b Forum Resident

    Galveston, Texas
    Acoustic Research, Harmon Karden Rabco ST7, Thorens 126 Mkll, Linn LP12, VPI Scoutmaster, Vpi Classic lll, Michell Gyro SE
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  19. Mister Pig

    Mister Pig I didn't Choose Farm Life It Chose Me

    Olympia, WA
    When In My Early 20's

    Thorens TD 125 with SME 3009 arm
    Systemdeck IIXE
    Sonegraphe SG3 with Sumiko MMT arm

    Early 30s Stage 1

    Microseiki DDX 1000 with MA 505 arm
    Well Tempered Record Player
    Teres Audio 225 with Eminent Technology II arm

    Hiatus then Return

    Townshend Rock MK III with Rega RB 250 modified arm
    Galibier Audio Serac with Riggle Engineering 12" String Theory arm

    Idler Stage

    Thorens TD 124 with Eminent Technology II arm
    Garrard 401 with Project 12 CC Evolution arm

    Direct Drive Stage

    Technics SP 10 MK II with Riggle Engineering 12" String Theory arm
    Denon DP 75 in VPI plinth with Acos GST 801 arm


    AR XA modfied by Marc Morin
    SOTA Star Sapphire with SME V arm

    Current Tables

    SOTA Cosmos Eclipse with SME V
    Well Tempered Reference
    Brinkmann Bardo with Audiomods Series 6 arm
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  20. Stereo68

    Stereo68 Forum Resident

    Garrard SL72 (1969-73)
    Sony Direct Drive (can't recall model) (1973-74)
    Dual 1229Q (1975-76)
    Philips GA212 (1976-present)
  21. Robber Soul

    Robber Soul Forum Resident

    Back when I was really, really young...

    1) Not sure, but it was one that was integrated with a TV. Probably from the mid to late 60's
    2) Again, not sure but one that may have resembled a Pioneer PL-12D from the mid to late 70's

    When I got back into vinyl about 10 years ago...

    3) Audio Technica AT-LP1240 USB with an Ortofon 2M Bronze
    4) Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Esprit SB with an Ortofon 2M Bronze

    And my new one I just got last week...

    5) Pro-Ject 6 Perspex SB with an Ortofon Quintet Black
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  22. AKA-Chuck G

    AKA-Chuck G Forum Resident

    Washington NC
    It's interesting to see all of the Phillips GA212 TT's. That was my first TT in 1976. I used that table until the CD rage hit. Then in the 90's jumped back in to vinyl. Since then it's been....
    Rega P2
    Rega P3
    Rega P5 currently

    I'd love to see a newer version of those Phillips TT's.
  23. wwright

    wwright Forum Resident

    San Francisco, CA.
    How did you like the Micro Seiki compared to the others?
  24. Wayne Nielson

    Wayne Nielson Forum Resident

    My current tables are my original Empire 598II, Technics SL1210MK5, Technics SL1200mk2, Technics SL-Q2, VPI-HW19jr., Pioneer PL-514, Pioneer PL-71, AR-XA (heavily modified), ARcom (another AR home made table), ARmod (another home made table) and a Sony PS-X7. All are in optimum condition.
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  25. Coramdeo

    Coramdeo Active Member

    Nottingham Hyperspace was the best followed by Ace Space and the Kuzma Stabi S and Micro Seiki would be next.
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