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What are your go-to headphones?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Penny24, Jan 19, 2021.

  1. RobbieBear

    RobbieBear Well-Known Member

    Northants, UK
    AKG Q701 and, more recently, AKG 712PRO
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  2. Penny24

    Penny24 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, Ca
    How do they sound? I've heard that they have great bass, but I've also heard that it can be overwhelming for some.
  3. drobo

    drobo Forum Resident

    Denver, CO
    Beyerdynamics DT990 Pro
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  4. razerx

    razerx Who me?

    The East
    It was the Grado SR225 and now it’s the Airpod Pro Max.
  5. Migas

    Migas Well-Known Member

    They sound OK, balanced from low to high frequencies. I don’t find the bass to be overwhelming, but it’’s not shy either, at least comparing to my Campfire Polaris II. For the price, I find the Meze 99 Classics very good.
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  6. Penny24

    Penny24 Well-Known Member Thread Starter

    Los Angeles, Ca
    The Meze 99 Classics have powerful bass. However, it was nowhere near as overwhelming as some made it out to be. It was perfect IMO
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  7. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Way up in the middle of the air.

    Pacifica, CA
    I just got a pair, and I think the trick is that they seem to have a V-shaped frequency response, but, and this is a big but, without the usual midrange suck out. The midrange is right there. So to call it V-shaped is inaccurate. But the bass and treble response are as if they are coming from a V-shaped frequency response.

    I was looking for an album to showcase these, tried some Led Zepp, Dire Straits, a Phish instrumental (that I use for my "appropriate bass levels" test), and I think for me it's the Grateful Dead's In The Dark CD, expanded bonus tracks edition. Bass, midrange and treble all brilliantly accounted for.

    The Meze is very different from my Massdrop Senn. HD 6xx and Sennheiser HD 569 closed backs, which I may not need anymore, although they have better sound isolation than the Meze, which are closed but not even close to claustrophobic. I shouldn't even use that word. And it's possible the Senns both have a midrange edge. Well, actually it's likely. And that's not a knock on Meze, it's just the Senns seem to be super good at midrange. But the 569s don't have the best bass or treble known to ears. And as far as the open HD 6xx, bass in an open back is what it is. Admittedly I like bass tuned just a tad "up," and some folks do love neutrality.

    The Meze 99 Classics (the headband says "Classics," plural) is a great headphone, maybe even brilliant.
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  8. 16hz lover

    16hz lover Forum Resident

    Cornelius, NC
    +1 and mine are close to 30 years old
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  9. aunitedlemon

    aunitedlemon Music is medicine, dose often.

    Philips Fidelio X2HR. I'm not much of a headphone connoisseur but I appreciate these.
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  10. AndyCC72

    AndyCC72 Member

    Mezze 99 Classics for home use

    AKG N60 for commuting/work
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  11. Black Elk

    Black Elk Music Lover

    Bay Area, U.S.A.
    Those Meze headphones are way off neutral:

    Oratory Grapher

    An ideal compensated response would be a flat line at 30 dB!
  12. Neonknight1

    Neonknight1 Active Member

    I own two sets of headphones, one pair of open back electrostats and a pair of sealed. The reasoning is having a pair available when I cannot disturb anyone else in the room.

    So I have a pair of Focal Stellia and a pair of Stax Lambda Pro along with the SRM-1 MK 2 amplifier.

    I am not a huge headphone collector, and have found that these two pair meet my listening needs.
  13. wavethatflag

    wavethatflag Way up in the middle of the air.

    Pacifica, CA
    Yeah, they’re supposed to be a “fun” headphone, not a neutral one. Personally, I think it’s good to have a neutral or close to neutral pair and then a pair that takes chances. When I get tired of one, I can go to the other.
  14. AndyCC72

    AndyCC72 Member

    I like them. I had the AKG 712 Pro prior to the Mezze Classic’s and they very clinical, exchanged them for the Classics
  15. Mindhead1

    Mindhead1 Well-Known Member

    Very similar to my cans. My go to are the Sejm 6xx and Hifiman 4xx. I also really enjoy my Meze 99 Noir when traveling or for portable use.
  16. JumpingBean

    JumpingBean Forum Reedmaker

    Phoenix, AZ
    Focal Clear fed by an Icon Audio HP8. I am very, very impressed by this combo, and my main speaker rig seldom bests it.
  17. danieberg86

    danieberg86 Member

    If you're looking to get the most out of your music, you'll need headphones that not only sound great, but are also comfortable to wear and built to last.

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    Comfort: whether you intend to use headphones every day or just occasionally, comfort is paramount when choosing the best set. Some in-ear headphones are comfortable but, if you plan to use your headphones for long periods, on-ear and over-ear models are typically a better choice. Headset or microphone you want to use with your new hire laptops in melbourne. If all you need is audio output, you can plug the headphone connector on your headset into the audio port normally. Your mic won't function, but your headphones will work normally.
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