What artist do you have the most LP's of in your collection?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Chrome_Head, Oct 12, 2017.

  1. broshfab4

    broshfab4 Forum Resident

    Long Island, NY
    Fab Four! I lost cost after the first few dozen LOL
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  2. citizensmurf

    citizensmurf Forum Resident

    A ton. I think I have around 70 just on cd.
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  3. Fridgetoo

    Fridgetoo Senior Member

    I can assure you, Maui Jim, they are available. Just so bloody expensive.
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  4. goat65cars

    goat65cars Mustangsally

    The Beatles By Far
    40 UK+US LP'S
    Blue Box
    2014 Mono Box
    Then Beach Boys + Pink Floyd
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  5. CBS 65780

    CBS 65780 "Could I do one more immediately?"

    Dublin, Ireland
    This is LP records only;

    The Beatles 83
    Bob Dylan 82
    Neil Young 67*
    Elton John 54
    Barbra Streisand 45
    Queen 41
    Van Morrison 39
    Bruce Springsteen 38
    Pink Floyd 36
    Paul McCartney (& Wings) 35
    The Who 35
    Yes 35
    David Bowie 34
    Led Zeppelin 33
    Richard Thompson 30**
    Kate Bush 28
    Sparks 27
    Tom Waits 26
    Rush 26
    Genesis 26

    *that's solo albums, no CSNY albums, Buffalo Springfield, no Long May You Run album etc.
    **includes the albums with Linda but not Fairport Convention
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  6. oxenholme

    oxenholme High Quality Posts™ a speciality

    The Beatles
    The Shadows
    Cliff Richard
    Jean-Christian Michel Quatuor Avec Orgue
    The Beach Boys
    The Stranglers
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  7. GuildX700

    GuildX700 Forum Resident

    Django Reinhardt by a long shot, that I know for a fact..... followed distantly by Dylan, Rolling Stones, Santana, Hendrix, just from a quick glance, but probably accurate.
  8. BlueSpeedway

    BlueSpeedway overground | underground

    London, England
  9. Malinky

    Malinky Forum Resident

    Rod Stewart....I don`t particularly like Rod Stewart (apart from the early stuff), but you can pick them up for pennies at the local sale, and I`ll also go with Barbara Streisand for the same reason.
    Have so far managed to resist buying Cliff Richard,. even I would not sink that low.....and anyway I would have to bring them home in a plain brown wrapper.
  10. Former Scientist

    Former Scientist Now on wheels....

    Well, ahem, I do have all the Sex Pistols albums.

    Apart from soundtracks and compilations, of course.....
  11. Maranatha5585

    Maranatha5585 Forum Resident

    Down South
    Two way tie w/ a close third :

    The Beatles / Solo
    Bob Dylan

    King Crimson
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  12. MonkeysCantSwing

    MonkeysCantSwing Forum Resident

    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Different pressings. Six different of the great "Nobody's Fools" LP for example. Used to buy as many as I could as a teenager. But these days I mostly pick up 7" I don't have (got 300+) as I in my early 20's somehow realized that Slade wasn't the pinnacle of the musical evolution. Still love them to bits though. Not much I can do about that... I guess everyone can relate to this. :D
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  13. Terrapin Station

    Terrapin Station Forum Resident

    NYC Man
    If you include bootlegs, either Zappa or the Dead.

    It's still Zappa or the Dead if you only include official releases, but then Dylan, Miles, Mingus and some others would be in the running, too. I don't have an exact count for anyone. But I collect complete discographies of my favorite artists, and for Zappa and the Dead I also have hundreds of bootlegs.
  14. Frosst

    Frosst Vinyl-obsessive kiddo

    Pet Shop Boys
    Led Zeppelin
    Pink Floyd
    Deep Purple
    Peter Gabriel
  15. Man at C&A

    Man at C&A Forum Resident

    Nobody's Fools is the latest Slade LP I have. I have them all up to that and then they get very hard to find. Slade were great. Not all music has to be high art! Do you have the original Ambrose Slade album?
  16. enfield

    enfield Forum Resident

    Essex UK
    Neil young
    24 Albums (but all on CD)
  17. Olompali

    Olompali Forum Resident

    Since LP means "long player" it appears that most CDs are more LP than trad LPs.
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  18. MonkeysCantSwing

    MonkeysCantSwing Forum Resident

    Gothenburg, Sweden
    Yes, got a OK copy of the Fontana release and US Ballzy and a PROMO Ballzy and the withdrawn Contour 75 rerelease. And a 80's boot but not the recent Blue Morgan Town rerelease. Got to draw the line somewhere.

    Regarding their output after "Nobody's Fools", Scandinavian pressed LP:s of "Whatever Happened to Slade" are quite cheap over here. "Return to Base" are hard to find, either the UK or the Belgium pressings. "WHTS" are essential stuff though. Even if the production is a bit muddy. Keep On Rockin' mate!
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  19. lrpm

    lrpm Forum Resident

    Barcelona, Spain
    LP means Vinyl, doesn't It?
    For Vinyl it will be Lluís Llach (a catalán songwriter), around 25 LPs counting multiple editions of some albums.
    In CD I should have over 60 discs by Billie Holliday
  20. Lightworker

    Lightworker Forum Resident

    Baltimore, MD
    The Byrds
  21. theholygoof

    theholygoof Forum Resident

    Madison, WI
    Elvis Costello
    Nick Cave
  22. Tartifless

    Tartifless Forum Resident

    The Beatles by far
  23. cgw

    cgw Forum Resident

    Upstate NY
    Beatles which is not saying much. There are only a few artist for which I have all their releases.
    Beatles - more or less everything that was released in the US through the 70's and then in the 90's or so I picked up CDs of the albums UK versions). (even not counting those CDs it is still the Beatles)

    Even The Who, my fav, I only have maybe 12 LPs and Cds.
  24. Exit Flagger

    Exit Flagger Forum Resident

    New York
    1. Miles Davis
    2. The Fall
  25. quicksilverbudie

    quicksilverbudie quicksilverbudie

    Frank Sinatra all of Capitol and most Reprise> and lots of MONO/Stereo versions

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