What Concert Did You Attend That Was Eventually An Official Release

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by Freebird, Jan 9, 2020.

  1. utopiarun

    utopiarun "on the road to Utopia"

    Staten Island NY
    Dream Theater- "Score" (Radio City Music Hall April 1,2006)
    Marshall Crenshaw- "I've Suffered For My Art...Now It's Your Turn" (Stone Pony February 16, 2001)- I'm actually on the cover of that one! :D
    U2- song "Love Is Blindness" (Yankee Stadium August 30, 1992) - B side of "Stay (Faraway, So Close! CD single)
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  2. Stuggy

    Stuggy Forum Resident

    Playn Jayn Friday 13th I'm even in the corner of a photo on the back sleeve
    SWANS Public Castration Is A Good Idea
    Feel Good Now
    Heaven 1984 is now included in a version of the Filth lp
    Einsturzende Neubauten Temple Bar Music centre 2004 (one of several dates recorded then released the same date)
    Whipping Boy Pod 1994 became bsides for several Heartworm singles and may have been released more completely if i hadn't lost the source tape I caused to be recorded
  3. ARK

    ARK Forum Resident

    Charlton, MA, USA
    Many Instant Live/Munck/Live Downloads types of shows

    Grateful Dead - Saint of Circumstance - Giants Stadium, East Rutherford NJ, 6/17/91

    Phish - St. Michael’s College, Colchester, VT, 11/19/92 (released as an official download for Haiti earthquake relief 2010)
  4. adam_777

    adam_777 Forum Resident

    Duncan BC, Canada
    When I saw the album cover I was hoping you were going to say you were in Room 123 or 125 at the Holiday Inn in Edwardsville Illinois :D
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  5. kpever

    kpever Well-Known Member

    Jimmy Buffett Live from Fincinnati
  6. Stuggy

    Stuggy Forum Resident

    Big Black Pigpile
    Mark Eitzel Songs of Love

    is the Husker Du Camden palace set an official release at any point? Not sure how legit any of them have been.
  7. Shakin

    Shakin Forum Resident

    Charles Aznavour - Bon Anniversaire Charles (May 8th 2004)
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  8. Regandron

    Regandron Forum Resident

    Just realised one I missed off my reply earlier

    Knebworth Silver Clef Concert , 1989 - Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, Clapton, Collins, Elton John, Knopfler, Quo etc...
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  9. NunoBento

    NunoBento Rock 'n' Roll Star

    A few:

    David Gilmour - Live At Pompeii
    Nick Mason's Saucerful Of Secrets - Live at The Roundhouse
    Pet Shop Boys - Inner Sanctum
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  10. Another Steve

    Another Steve Forum Resident


    After Duane Allman had died, but before Berry Oakley died about nine months later. Back on their stomping grounds. I can still remember Berry growling through "Hoochie Coochie Man" and thinking Gregg should learn to delegate a little more often. Berry was a fine singer with the right song.
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  11. rlj1010

    rlj1010 Forum Resident

    Pink Floyd - March 30, 1994 - Miami, FL - "Astronomy Domine" from this show was released as a b-side to cd single, Take It Back, I think.

    Rolling Stones - Nov 24, 1994 - Miami, FL - full show was on PPV and then home video, and last year was re-released as Voodoo Lounge Uncut.

    Tori Amos - Sept 4, 2003 - West Palm Beach, FL - show was a home video release called Welcome To Sunny Florida.

    Probably others as well, but those are the ones off the top of my head.
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  12. Daryl M

    Daryl M Forum Resident

    London, Ontario
    So solve the enduring mystery - who is playing the second lead guitar at times?
  13. Another Steve

    Another Steve Forum Resident

    After Duane died, the decision to continue without him was made quickly, but the band did not consider replacing him. Since a hallmark of their sound had been the twin guitar parts of Allman and Betts, however, some rearrangement of the material was necessary. The two shows compressed into nearly 98 minutes on the two CDs here occurred less than four months after the accident, but according to annotator John Lynskey, the Allmans were making their 23rd appearance as a quintet. So, the performance finds them settled into the new approach. It is one in which Gregg Allman's organ playing is more prominent, and in which, as Lynskey notes, Oakley is adding what are essentially low-note guitar parts on his bass here and there. But the big change, of course, is in the guitar sound. Betts plays some of Duane's parts on the familiar numbers of the repertoire (the band was also introducing material from its about-to-be-released album Eat a Peach), but he is reinventing himself as well as evoking his late partner in many of his solos, notably during the 21-and-a-half-minute "You Don't Love Me," when he really solos in the absolute sense -- everyone else lays out and lets him play by himself. At the same time, of course, when Betts is playing like Allman, no one is playing like Betts, and that is noticeable, for example, in "One Way Out," which is simply lacking its rhythm guitar part because there's nobody to play it. By early November 1972 (just prior to Oakley's fatal motorcycle accident), nine months and another 70 shows later, the Allmans would return to being a sextet with the addition of pianist Chuck Leavell. So, the quintet period is a short one in the band's history. On the basis of this recording, it can be judged as more than just a case of musicians bravely soldiering on; without Duane, they all have to work a little harder, and even if they're not the same, they demonstrate their right to keep calling themselves the Allman Brothers Band.

    All Music Guide.
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  14. royzak2000

    royzak2000 Forum Resident

    Siouxie and the Banshees Nocturne gig at the Albert Hall.
  15. rlj1010

    rlj1010 Forum Resident

    Just remembered another.

    Paul McCartney - April 14, 1990 - Miami, FL - Let It Be from this show was released on Tripping The Live Fantastic.
  16. Omron

    Omron Forum Resident

    Just off my head.
    John Martyn.
    The Sensational Alex Harvey Band.
    Pink Floyd The Wall live and a load of others.
    Supertramp Crime of the century Crisis What Crisis.
    Led Zeppelin a few.
    Peter Gabriel
    Simple Minds.
    The Rolling Stones .
    Roger Waters.
    Miles Davis.
    Jethro Tull
    Eric Clapton.
    Blind Lemon Pie.
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  17. ODShowtime

    ODShowtime Swirl Life

    The show I caught from that tour in Hersey was one of the best concerts I've ever seen in my life but the setlist from the live album was disappointing to me. I feel like my show out in the cow pastures was better.
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  18. BDC

    BDC Forum Resident

    Soundgarden was spectacular when they came back.......I was very skeptical of it, but I went to a couple shows on a couple of different tours including the 1st one....IMO King Animal is underrated, and the live shows after the comeback were consistently strong...Even the newer DVD doesn't quite do it justice IMO, as good as it is.
  19. sharedon

    sharedon Forum Zonophone

    The Kinks, "One for the Road" - in Providence. I'm actually also briefly in an audience scan in the video version, too!
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  20. Harman

    Harman Well-Known Member

    3/15/90 Grateful Dead at The Cap Centre in Landover,MD
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  21. Baidur

    Baidur Forum Resident

    From the top of my head:
    Roger Waters - Wall in Berlin
    Pink Floyd - Pulse DVD (and soms tracks of CD/vinyl)
    A few tracks on the extra's of the David Gilmour in concert dvd.
    Heather Nova - Live from the Milky Way EP
    Marillion - Rotterdam concert on Afraid of Sunlight deluxe edition.
    and a official bootleg from the Back to Front Tour 2013 of Peter Gabriel in Amsterdam.
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  22. Bill Cormier

    Bill Cormier Forum Resident

    Malta, New York
    Cool! I was at the Syracuse show !
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  23. MarcS

    MarcS Forum Resident

    Oradell NJ
    I was at the NY Rock and Soul Review show at the Beacon Theater, Paul Simon in Central Park and one of the Al Kooper Soul of A Man shows from the Bottom Line plus a bunch of Dead and Phish shows that have been released over the years.
  24. Dartman

    Dartman Well-Known Member

    The Stooges Reunion - Live In Detroit 2003
  25. Oatsdad

    Oatsdad Oat, Biscuits and Abbie: Best Dogs Ever

    Alexandria VA
    The "Star Pavilion at Hersheypark Stadium" was a goofy setup. It was literally a stage and seats in a parking lot!

    I saw Bowie at the Hershey Stadium with NIN in 1995, and I've been to a handful of other shows at the Stadium, but that was my one and only show at the "Pavilion"!
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