What does Steve Hoffman think of the new Beatles Sgt. Pepper remix?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by NGeorge, May 31, 2017.

  1. NGeorge

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    New York City
    If he has already given his opinion - my apologies.

    But if he hasn't, I'd like to know (and many others here) what he thinks.

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  2. steveharris

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    I`ll begin the Vulcan Mind Meld with our host!:D
  3. supermd

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    Campbell, CA
    Steve retweeted this earlier:


    TIM's review of PEPPER remix on Twitter -

    My Sgt Pepper 50th review, harsh, loud, trebly, booming bass, more detail but hard to listen to #SgtPepper50

    I happen to agree.
  4. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

    Must have been the CD version.
  5. seed_drill

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    Glad to know, since I really have more pressing expenditures.
  6. lennonfan1

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    baltimore maryland
    I'd like to know what Steve thinks of the surround mix....
  7. Bemagnus

    Bemagnus Music is fun

    Well I am a big fan of the 87 version of Sergeant Pepper-sounds very much as I'd like to remember this great album from the beginning-the stereo version. Warm and spectacular in it s own way
    I really, really like the new remix stereo version. The sound is very much up in the face with the drums and bass very prominent. Still it has-imo -kept lot s of the details and the vocals sound fabulous. Don t find it hard to listen to at all rather the opposite. With the 87 version I guess it s a good thing to turn the volume up -with the new one keep the volume down a bit.
    Normally I really don t like tinkering with remixes of older stuff but in this case I can understand it-given that the original stereomix was more of an afterthought compared to the monomix-a version I never actually heard before 2009..
    I can undeestand professionals and audoophile being sensitive about some of the louder elements in the new mix but for me it sounds just great and an improvement. I will keep on trusting my own ears and decide what I enjoy or not. Im to old and life is to short to do otherwise.
    The good thing is that one can pick any version for the listening experience to ones enjoyment.
    I think I still will pick the 87 version if I want a more pastoral listening experience and pick the new mix if I feel like a more in the face rock n roll experience.
    But to each their own -whatever version one pick Sergeant Pepper belongs to the real wonders in the history of recorded pop-music. It s amazing the awe and sense of wonder I still sense listening to A day ib the life , Lucy or Lovely Rita -to pick a few. I mean ut s been 50 years and the album is still absolutely mezmerising.
  8. Jimmy B.

    Jimmy B. Forum Resident

    I disagree. It's fantastic!
  9. Johnny Rocker

    Johnny Rocker Well-Known Member

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  10. Bertly

    Bertly formerly known as "Berty"

    Pretty much a rhetorical question, in my opinion.
  11. lbgarcia

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    I, too, agree w/ Steve and supermd. Before initially listening to the new cd last evening, I had listened to several previous versions: original stereo lp, first cd, needle-drop of the mono lp, and both 2009 mono and stereo versions. I put on headphones for the new one. It did surprise me but not pleasantly. I think it is abrasive. Bass does jump out of the mix, very irritating. I think it sounds almost over-modulated and I quit on it halfway through. I much prefer it in mono. How does the new mono mix compare w/ 2009?
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  12. Eric Weinraub

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    I appreciate his restraint in not making any sort of public noise. In many respects, remixing / remastering something so publicly discussed/cherished/worshiped is a thankless job.
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  13. He tweeted a negative review of it though
  14. Eric Weinraub

    Eric Weinraub Forum Resident

    He retweeted.... that's NOT exactly the same.
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  15. Arnold Grove

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    I think that Steve's review of the remix said it sounded "coffee" ... ;)
  16. Stone Turntable

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    “Endorsements retweets are not.”

  17. eelkiller

    eelkiller Technically right but still wrong

    Of course because LP's always sound fantastic.
  18. supermd

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    I'm not sure about you, but I never retweet something I don't agree with. I'm sure most people on Twitter do the same.
  19. Stone Turntable

    Stone Turntable Dedicated Listener

    New Mexico USA
    In this case you may be right. From the replies below the retweeted tweet:

  20. Bingo Bongo

    Bingo Bongo Music gives me Eargasms

    I compared my ripped 2009 CD in iTunes to the iTunes Store preview, and cant say I was disappointed nor approve yet. More comparing is required..... :sweating:

    All good, as I heard from a little birdie, that I might be getting the 2CD set for Fathers Day. :angel:
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  21. Malina

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  22. Lance Hall

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    The HOFF speaks the truth.
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  23. Arnold Grove

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    She definitely does:


  24. Radio

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    I've got the '87 cd. Think I'll give it a spin tonight in honor of Global Pepper Day!
  25. g.z.

    g.z. Forum Resident

    I'm cool with my 1987 stereo CD and my 2009 mono CD.

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