What does Steve Hoffman think of the new Beatles Sgt. Pepper remix?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by NGeorge, May 31, 2017.

  1. alexpop

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    This thread should have been a poll.
    It's getting a tad confusing.
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  2. perplexed

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    Listening to the 2017 remix for the first time today, because I looked at this thread. LOL

    That was my initial assumption listening, that Giles mix is an attempt to merge some of the power of the mono mix in with a newer widened stereo field mix.

    Still listening as I type this. I like that Lucy retained the more phased vocals of the mono.

    Yes the drums are up in the mix, yes there is more bottom end. As Ringo said back in the day during mastering they would have cut out some low end so they didn't end up with the needle skipping like the RL hot cut of Zep II

    I don't see this becoming my go to version, but so far it is a fun ride to listen to.
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  3. That is how our society works. It's called the golden rule. Why would you want to be automatically disrespectful to someone because you don't like their work?
  4. Tristero

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    I wouldn't be disrespectful at all, and certainly not automatically. I would judge their work and their words by my own standards and tastes. If I find their work to be solid, they will have earned my respect. That's how society works. (As much as I might admire the golden rule as a creed, I wouldn't necessarily say that it's widely followed in the real world, but that's a whole different topic.)
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  5. Michael

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    are you serious??? this is quite funny...around here one is disrespected, chastised, insulted, flamed, mocked, cursed if they don't jump on the I love Giles train...I don't see ANY of the anti-Sgt. Pepper Giles remix bunch doing anything like that...
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  6. Lance Hall

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    If people don't like how it's mixed or mastered they should explain in detail. Then people should have a rational debate on those details.

    The complaint that it's too "compressed" or whatever I don't get. Some songs are very harsh but that's not compression.

    I explained my specific issues with the release and then got obtusely clobbered for it.

    I'd like to hear other people's opinions of the MIXES and what was done.

    Looking from above I can see how some people think it's awesome and revelatory.

    I like some parts of the new mix but overall I consider this the most misguided remix of a classic album ever. Too many liberties were taken and things HAVE been digitally manipulated and cheated with that did not require it. I got clobbered for pointing that out as well.

    It should have been a more vintage sounding remix. They did that just 8 years ago with the Rock Band DLC version. That version was the perfect bridge between the original 1967 mix and a modern mix. They could have just released that (sans the extra digital extraction work) and people would have loved it.
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  7. I'm not talking about pro or anti anything or anyone.
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  8. Michael

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    wasn't referring to you my friend...Happy New Year!
  9. ?
  10. Michael

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    I'm not confused...if you love the Giles remix everything is fine and peachy... if you don't you are crazy! HAHAHAHA!
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  11. Gill-man

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    :biglaugh:You’ve GOT to be kidding?! The only reason there is any issue in this thread is because of the anti-Sgt. Pepper Giles remix bunch being insulting, disrespectful, and elitist. Plenty of examples of that has already been pointed out. You can’t serious tell me you don’t see it.
  12. Michael

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    LOL...unsolicited example...
  13. Tommyboy

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    This thread has gone off the rails
  14. Ben Adams

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    Big time.
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  15. bobcat

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    What is all this "respect" nonsense?

    This isn't school or some kind of court.

    It's an internet forum where we exchange opinions.

    If I don't like someone's work and there's a debate about it I will express my view.

    What does "respect" have to do with it?
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  16. HotelYorba101

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    Thats not what is going on though man....
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  17. leeroy jenkins

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    I'm pretty sure there was a poll for the remix. Must have been deleted
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  18. HotelYorba101

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    I have seen both sides in this thread do it plenty of times. And both sides are crazy, and those who take it that seriously should smoke a blunt and jam out to whatever mix they enjoy lol
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  19. Michael

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    it's going on right now. : )
  20. Michael

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    I'd love a blunt...tobacco that is. : )
  21. Tristero

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    bherbert has done at least a half dozen different remixes versus vintage Beatles mixes polls. You can find them with the search function.
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  22. Michael

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    I do not know Giles personally so therefore I can't dislike/disrespect his person, but I sure can dislike his remix work on the Beatles...being the son of George doesn't make him any less susceptible to criticism of his poor quality misguided work...just the statement of making the stereo remix sound like the mono is utterly ridiculous...IMO.
    problem is ppl do and always will take it personally when one doesn't agree with their beliefs or opinions...I do not....I value opinions as there are times when I can learn from them...
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  23. Um, I think you're supposed to be respectful everywhere, not just school and court or when you might get in trouble.
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  24. angelo73

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    ....now I'm confused ! :sigh:
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