What does Steve Hoffman think of the new Beatles Sgt. Pepper remix?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by NGeorge, May 31, 2017.

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    Yeah, that’s a very good point. The real reason for the remix was probably just to give us something new and probably not to update it for the modern times. If that was the case Apple Corps would surely have remixed the entire catalogue.
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    For streaming yes that's most likely true. Just wish he didn't do the same for our beloved physical media of cds & vinyls.

    Still enjoy the new mix all the same.
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  3. bherbert

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    What about just getting the 2009 remastering team to remix the catalogue? It was a group effort. They checked each other’s work.
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    Has Steve Hoffman posted in this thread?
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    “When you made a record, you had to be conscious of the stylus jumping out of the groove if there was too much bass frequency,” Lewisohn said. “There’s no longer such restrictions, and so Giles has been able to go back to all the constituent parts and bring it to life.”

    The result?

    “It’s like lifting several layers of crud off something that one knows so well and loves so much,” Lewisohn said. “It always was magnificent, but now it’s magnificent with a clarity that’s going to blow people’s socks off.”

    Don’t count Emerick in that number. He calls the idea of a modern Pepper remix a “disgrace.”

    “Would you repaint the ‘Mona Lisa’?” he asked. “No. It’s exactly the same thing.”

    'Sgt. Pepper' remixed for today's ears
  6. The Elephant Man

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    Or you can paint a mustache on the Mona Lisa like Marcel Duchamp did and it outrages for a while and becomes art again.
    It's all relative when seen through the lens of time.
  7. Psychedelic Good Trip

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    A refurbished Pepper

    A refurbished Pepper what have you.
  8. But it's not. We've gone over this several times. There's one Mona Lisa. If you're not looking at the one in the Louvre, you're looking at a remastered copy. And, it has been restored. I really doubt Emerick laid his eyes on the actual Mona Lisa before it was ever restored and touched up.
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  9. Sgt.Pepper1975

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    No contradicting. The Beatles also sat in the mono mixing of A Day In The Life and helped create that. Giles put the best of each one together to make the greatest mix ever made using the mono and stereo mixes of that song as a template AND got Paul and Ringos input and approval.
  10. Adam9

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    Only 28x!
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    Read the thread or do a search?
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  12. thrivingonariff

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    Really? I'm intrigued. Tell us exactly what that was in terms of a mix and how you know it.
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  13. mindgames

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    I don't really have a dog in this race. I will never listen to the far inferior original mixes ever again, and many of these songs finally came to life for me with this remix, though it is riddled with technical and creative decisions I would've personally done differently.

    But I want to add one thing: everyone keeps talking about Giles Martin and about his potential agenda, but that's not representative. Giles Martin is the "face" of the project, while Sam Okell is the mastermind behind the desk. The tape transfers were done by Sam Okell and Matthew Cocker, with Sam Okell being the the main mix engineer. He did the first reference mixes, and it wasn't until then that Giles Martin came in with creative input.

    Sound On Sound, August 2017, Sam Okell: “Once I had gotten close to the mono and stereo mixes, Giles would come in, and we’d talk about what we were going to do next and how we could push things further. I’d have a go at the mix again, finding out which of our ideas worked and which didn’t. Then Giles would come in again and give comments and come up with fresh ideas. Although I did most of the mix engineering, Giles is pretty hands‐on as well. [..]”

    The whole article shows Sam Okell as the technical guy behind the project, calling more than a few creative shots, completely explaining the technical Pro Tools process and many effect choices in depth during the interview. While Giles Martin is being quoted in much more general terms, mainly talking about preserving the original feeling, doing the promo talk about using the mono mix as a template, talking about what's on the tapes, how the surviving members and families reacted to it all.
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  14. Contact Lost

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    I came to the conclusion that this would be the main point of criticism (or one of the main). Not the stereo panning itself, but rather mastering / compression decisions.

    When I look at the Doors' L.A. Woman 2007 Bruce Botnick mix I see Riders on the Storm has DR 13 (for what it's worth). Then I look at Pepper's 2017 Mr. Kite - DR is 6.

    I'm wondering was it a necessity? How Mr. Kite would sound having DR 13? Or do these DR values matter at all? :)
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  15. Michael

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    The Beatles don't need updating for modern times...they are doing fine on their own...it's all about money, yea money in modern times; lots of it...each remixed album will be an utter cash cow...Perhaps as the "new" Beatles fans buys the "modernized" Pepper most likely they will want to hear the original STEREO mix! LOL...now that's funny...
  16. marcb

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    It’s both the compression in the mix/mastering AND the artistic decisions for me.

    I listened to both back to back the other day. The original mix has a magical, musical quality that, while quirky, fits the quirky theme and music. The remix just sounds like an attempt to make an old recording sound more modern (which it only partly succeeds at) - with little connection to the actual music - and to impress people who start reviews with “there’s more bass and I hear details I’ve never heard before”.

    Listening to the original mix, I feel energized and intrigued. Listening to the new mix, I feel exhausted.

    The remix is not terrible, but it is pretty pointless IMO.
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  17. Keith V

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    Has anyone complied their Perfect Pepper utilizing all available mixes (including Songtrack etc.) ?
  18. alexpop

    alexpop Power pop + other bad habits....

    Sums it up.
  19. marcb

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    A little of both I suppose, but mostly the latter, IMO. The same as Let It Be Naked and 1+.

    I expect we’ll see more of it because there isn’t too much else left to milk on a large scale other than the Let It Be movie.
  20. telepicker97

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    Still interested?
    I'll supply my 24/96 vinyl rip, you supply the digital?
  21. aphexj

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    Yep, get in touch via PM and I'll set up a blind test
  22. bherbert

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    I can see why a one off remix of one studio album seems pointless. It makes more sense to remix the entire catalogue instead of this ‘bits and pieces’ approach. At the moment we have a random bunch of remixes. Love, Yellow Submarine Songtrack, 1, Let It Be Naked, Sgt Pepper. Apple then decides to skip the albums that are most in need of a remix IMO - Rubber Soul and Revolver. What a shambles! It would have been better to remix the stereo albums in 2009 IMO.
  23. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

    Love it - will hit you up via PM after work tonight.
  24. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

    So, somehow, there's symmetrical relevance to the entirety of the worldwide catalog...because Beatles.
  25. telepicker97

    telepicker97 Got Any Gum?

    Long day yesterday, exhausted, "end of day smoke" laying in bed with the vinyl rip on a CD-R via my RCA desktop CD/ipod dock and 2 things :

    The guitars sounded amazing on the title track - really ballsy and raw.

    And :

    The backing vocals in Lucy shimmered to perfection.

    Then I fell asleep.

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