What equipment might you buy or sell in 2023?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by Mike-48, Dec 13, 2022.

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  1. Classic Car Guy

    Classic Car Guy - Touch The Face Of God -

    Northwest, USA
    How solid is your home wiring? I mean not just the size and quality of the wire but the way how it was installed, the kind of outlet they use and its present condition. Standard home use standard receptables and most of them use the push button wire clips instead of the screws on the side. That's a big No-No especially if you want clean power. Those connections also causes heat on heavy loads. That's what I did first on all of my outlets. securing the anomalies, then I use a 20A rock solid receptacle outlet of the system. Then followed by the voltage regulator and all that the rest of the stuff I added afterwards.
    I don't hear any noise on my stereo even someone drilling or opening a garage door.
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  2. John3655

    John3655 Infinite input

    Hampshire UK.
    Audio sensibility, I really have a problem with that name it doesn't tell you anything about the sound just tries to tell you you're being sensible.
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  3. Oddiofyl

    Oddiofyl Forum Resident

    I was sensible while I was married and kids were little. I’m single, kids are adults and ask for nothing…. Nothing , I can’t believe it. College is paid off. Bills are low

    I went on a little overboard the last few years , but I’m reeling it in.

    I get a lot of enjoyment out of music, that hardware is no more than the cost of a few nice vacations. Don’t get me wrong, I like to travel , but I like tangible things that give years of enjoyment even more.

    I just set up a dedicated music / TV room , that room is done. I need music in my bedroom though. So the SAM aren’t completely outrageous. Much more expensive speakers than that to choose from.
  4. FuzzyNightmares

    FuzzyNightmares Forum Resident

    Standard 15 amp non-dedicated line, though I’m uncertain about the push button clips vs screws, haven’t checked to be honest. All of the light switches I’ve swapped out had screws on the side if that’s any indication?
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  5. Classic Car Guy

    Classic Car Guy - Touch The Face Of God -

    Northwest, USA
    If you use the screw on the side, that's the best connection.
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  6. mreeter

    mreeter Forum Resident

    Kansas City
    In the past six months the wife and I sold our previous home and most recently moved into our retirement home. I sold some speakers and purchased a pair of Revival Audio Atalante 5's to live in my new space.

    The Atalante's will be my 'big' purchase for this year, but I can see some tubes and maybe some cables in the future :agree:
  7. motorstereo

    motorstereo Forum Resident

    I listed a couple Mac pieces just yesterday and already I have a couple lowball offers lol. Later this week I plan to make the 4.5 hour journey to Audio Classics to drop off a couple more Mac pieces in need of service. Hopefully I come home empty handed from their audio candy store But it is soooo much fun to look, dream, and chat with Mike and Ryan.
  8. Bachtoven

    Bachtoven Forum Resident

    I recently bought a Mark Levinson No.5101 SACD/CD player and an iFi Pro DSD signature DAC, so I think I’m set for the rest of the year.
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  9. Warrel Dane

    Warrel Dane Forum Resident

    I need to get a new amp and preamp. i am a tubes guy currently and want to stick with tubes but am open to other classA stuff.

    I have my eyes on esoteric S1X. I cant afford the mono block version. I was gonna also get one of thier preamps if I went with that brand.
    Honestly it is a hard decision.

    I wanted Jadis tube monos and pre but I just dont see that happening.

    ive also been looking at para sound JC1+ monos BUT they are not gonna be as good as esoteric

    I just have a hard time going away from tubes

    also I don’t really want to spend 50k
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  10. Old Zorki II

    Old Zorki II Storm Watcher

    near Tampa, FL
    Probably will buy Gold Note PH-1000 Light or Violectric V-790. In case of Violectric will probably sell PH-10/PSU-10 and Pass Labs XP-15, as V-790 has 6(!) phono inputs with memory. Need to hear it somehow )).
    May be pair of Full range drivers (Voxativ AC-X or Cube Audio Neo10) for my PAP Q15, just to play with it )) two months horn, two months FR )).
    And may be yet another TT :hide:
    All depends on my $$ situation, which is for the luck of a better word, fluid.. May be I would not be able to afford anything :winkgrin:
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  11. jeffmackwood

    jeffmackwood Forum Resident

    One of the items in my Hifishark saved searches came up this morning: an Oppo DV-980H.

    I've been looking to add one to the gear in my relatively-recently-created workout room HT.

    I've got one in each of my other two HTs. I know the model well and use them mostly for playing discs (like DVD-A-R) that my Sony 800s won't touch.

    Used ones in good shape seem to start north of $100US - not including shipping. I've had offers for $150US turned down in the past.

    The notice this morning pointed me to one in my neighbourhood, for $20CDN "firm."

    I immediately sent an "I accept" message, and by 13:00 I was picking it up.

    It, and its remote, are in very good shape, and everything works as expected.

    Insofar as anything on one's Hifishark saved searches list can be a "planned purchase" I think this one counts towards this thread's title question.

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  12. Fletcher Munson

    Fletcher Munson Forum Resident

    Glendale, Ca.
    The damage is already done. I got a pair of Proac 1SC/fe speakers. Also an Auralic Ares G 1.1 stream. Very pleased with both I just ordered a pair of Zu DWX bookshelf speakers for audition. Depending on how that goes, my Dynaudio Social 40s might wind up on the block.
  13. DPM

    DPM Senior Member

    Nevada, USA
    A few weeks ago I sent my Music First Audio "Baby Reference" passive preamp to the UK for service. The remote had stopped working about a year ago, and the volume control itself was acting a bit wonky. The proprietor fixed the issues, but then offered me the option of trading up to the newer V2 version of the preamp. I took him up on his offer. That unit should be shipping to me either this week or next.
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  14. ngower

    ngower Forum Resident

    Bought the Kef R3 on sale today. Hoping this ends my speaker quest and that pretty much locks in my system for a while. May eventually move up to a new amp but hoping my NAD gives me plenty of life.
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  15. Tim 2


    Alberta Canada
    At this point I may change anything or everything, except my Sonus Fabers.
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  16. ngower

    ngower Forum Resident

    Came in today. Watched Ant Man (2.0) and have listened to some records (Evans’ “65”; Turrentine’s “Rough N Tumble”) plus some sporadic tracks here and there.

    I was worried bass would be overwhelming for my space, and though it can get low it’s not fuzzing up the room with bloated reverb.

    Pretty killer deal.
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  17. TheVinylAddict

    TheVinylAddict Look what I found

    Still clocking in where I bought a CD player a couple of months ago, but that's it for the last 20 months and counting... I'm really enjoying what I've set up here over the last six years.... it's nice to not think you "have to have" something!

    The mind still wanders though... :)
  18. Glmoneydawg

    Glmoneydawg Here for the chuckles.

    Ontario Canada
    At that point purchases have to"first do no harm"....good place to be:righton:
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  19. blakep

    blakep Senior Member

    I ended up buying another sub. On the used market-couldn't really pass it up. Older Acoustic Energy AE108S: quite a bit different from their current offering under the same model #. This one is a 12" driver, good sized box (there is no replacement for displacement haha!) and 150 WPC A/B amplifier-has both high level inputs and outputs (I'm using the high level inputs) as well as RCA inputs.

    Picked up for $125 CND and already had the SVS subwoofer feet which I took off my smaller KEF C4. Friend of mine built me a nice (2 1/4") subwoofer platform using sandwiched MDF. Looks and sounds great-a serious bang for the buck in my system. Good to around 25 Hz. Really wish that I had investigated subwoofers much earlier.

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  20. TheVinylAddict

    TheVinylAddict Look what I found

    I worked my Krivakrasov to get where I'm at.... but yeah, no harm done, and I'm enjoying the sh** out of it (when I have time that is...) :)

    I won't sit still forever though... never do...
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  21. Mr. Dean

    Mr. Dean Forum Resident

    New York
    I may step up to a Rega P8(in new Matt White finish, drool) from my P3 soon.
    Last edited: May 20, 2023
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  22. Donivey

    Donivey Forum Resident

    Just bought some Triangle Bro3’s to pair with my Vista Spark in a nearfield setup. Really looking forward to it!
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  23. bangkok19

    bangkok19 I drank to your health, but ruined mine!

    I've currently got a 1980 model Kenwood Integrated Amp (65W x 2) for sale on eBay. Beautiful old unit, never let me down plus great looks.
    Technology has improved in leaps and bounds since the 80's.
    I'm buying a Rotel Amp with a multitude of inputs and potentially much better sound.
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  24. Bryan T

    Bryan T Forum Resident

    I decided to get a headphone station. All digital with a WiiM Pro streaming from Roon to an SMSL M500 mk3 DAC and headphone amp. A compact little system that sounds amazing.

    It blows me away that I can listen to recordings I’ve heard hundreds and hundreds of times and still discover something new. What a thrill!
  25. FuzzyNightmares

    FuzzyNightmares Forum Resident

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