What happened to Blu-ray Audio?

Discussion in 'Audio Hardware' started by floyd, Mar 25, 2017.

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    Bill, long time Who fan. I agree that the bass is a little lite in the mix, but by your own statement it can be boosted with a little boost to the sub. I don't think it should distract from what is a great 5.1 presentation. Let's celebrate the really great ones. No?
  2. Ephi82

    Ephi82 Still have two ears working

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    Why would anyone have to waste money on taking in a demo of hi res 5.1 music?

    There are many equipment retailers who would allow you to experience 5.1 music.

    If you haven't tried it, why piss on it?
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  3. Ephi82

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    Totally agree Bill.

    For the first time I am putting a member of this forum on my ignore list

    "High Fidelity" is relentlessly negative and adds no value to any thread participated in.
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    I am as well :)! The subs will be getting a little boost next time I listen to the Quadrophenia mix :righton:.
    I totally agree with your thoughts and very well said :)!
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    And there you have it for me: I have a disc spinner (Pioneer) which will play pretty much every available disc format, a DAC (Hugo) which will decode pretty much every available digital file type, but when playing audio Blu Ray I would need another processor between them to allow the Hugo access to the digital signal...And then most of them are surround, which, for many reasons, aesthetic and practical, is just not for me.

    If this format gave direct access to higher resolution, stereo digital files, fine, but it doesn't, so not of any use to me.
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  6. Linger63

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    Don't understand this.

    Why do you think you need another processor between your Pio and Hugo?

    If you want hi res BD audio fed to your Hugo..........just get a HDMI de embedder.

    I use an $80 one with my OPPO 105 and Benchmark DAC2 for just such a purpose and it is totally transparent.

    I AM assuming that your Pio allows full res output via HDMI as my OPPO does.

    Regarding M/C..........

    Most,if not all, of the BD audio discs I own also offer a hi res PCM 2.0 stream.
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  7. Blank Frank

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    All the discs I ever investigated did NOT (according to the producing companies' info) output a digital signal through the digital outputs of the likes of my Pioneer, only via HDMI and, thus, some class of home cinema receiver. I can recall some companies talking about not natively outputting hi-res digital signals.

    Never heard of a "HDMI de-embedder", which may be 'cos I have never investigated home cinema stuff...

    I stopped looking after that.
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  8. Linger63

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    Wrong.........a de embedder is all you need ..........NO need for an AVR at all.

    Your loss then.....:(

    BTW.........a HDMI de embedder is NOT......."home cinema stuff".........LOL :rolleyes:

    You obviously have NO IDEA what you are missing..........which only takes $80 to fix!!!!:agree:

    If you care at all about your stereo SQ............. which you clearly appear to...........I strongly suggest investigating HDMI de embedders.

    PM me if you want............more than happy to help.:targettiphat:
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    DVD-Video allowed for 96/24 output stream over Coax and optical and it works great. Blu-Ray doesn't? Odd.
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    Not my hill to die on, but this may be the most aggressive offer to help I've ever seen!
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  11. Ephi82

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    You need to speak Australian.

    They make New Yorkers look timid! Linger is always willing to help................ (like most New Yorkers are too)
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  12. Linger63

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  13. Linger63

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    LOL.................TAKE MY HELP OR ELSE!!!!!....:wantsome::cussing:...............:wave::cheers:
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    NO RCA out, many high end 2 channel purists can't play it. Sim
    Won't work if there is NO RCA Output to play the disc unencumbered by DRM walls. Full resolution Stereo output or no 2 channel high end adoption by the purists and vintage gear fans. IC laden AVR crap not tolerated here for anything but movies. NO RCA output, without resolution restrictions, then simply put, it FAILED.
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  15. Linger63

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    RCA output is analog ...........of course DRM doesn't relate.

    Sorry but I think you are confused.

    FULL resolution stereo output IS available from HDMI out which I told blankfrank in an earlier post as he has a HDMI equipped Pioneer BD player and a Hugo DAC.

    The very simple solution is a HDMI de embedder which strips the audio from the incoming FULL RES HDMI signal of his Pioneer and sends it out to his Hugo DAC via coax or optical....( FWIW....I can get 24/192 from both but prefer the SQ of coax)

    So.........a couple of choices for the purists and vintage gear fans then.........

    1......get a BD player of your choice and listen to hi res via analog out.........( which a stack of OPPO owners love doing)
    2.....get an external DAC and HDMI de embedder and add it to a cheaper player (which then becomes a transport only).

    If the purists don't have/want a TV in their system .........that's fine..........they can get a HDMI mini monitor ( maybe a 10") instead......... or use an app.

    IC laden AVR crap!!!!!..........LOL......wow what hate!!!!............anyway I LOVE my Pre/Pro just as much for hi res M/C music as for movies...........Fantastic.

    FAILED???..............NOT AT ALL IMHO and IME.........

    Just seems to me that maybe there's a few uninformed people out there making incorrect assumptions and spreading inaccuracies.

    Also...........I see you have a laptop in your system so why not simply utilise that to get all the hi res audio you want?

    It seems to be the way a LOT of people here are going now..................not me though.
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  16. TarnishedEars

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    I think that you basically nailed it here. For me BluRay Disks are a genuine PITA to play on my stereo when I want to listen to the stereo high-res tracks. If you don't have a monitor hooked up to your stereo system, you are basically SOL with most BluRay disks and those idiot menus which they force your to navigate you way through just to find the stereo mix.

    Why these labels keep beating each other up with competing high-res/multichannel formats after SACD finally won (and just barely survived) the format war with DVD-Audio is completely beyond me.
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  17. darkmass

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    Nothing has happened to Blu-ray audio. It's still the format of the future...and it always will be.
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  18. norliss

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    With respect to using a HDMI de-embedder, I suppose that can also boil down to the combination of how well a/ the digital-only player does DSD -> 24/192 and b/ the quality of the DAC vs how well an analogue-out equipped machine does DSD -> Analogue. There are certainly fewer steps in the latter although from what I understand, many machines don't convert straight from DSD to analogue in any case?
  19. Linger63

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    Yeah I didn't mention DSD in my posts as it's OT.

    FWIW I listen to DSD decimated to 24/88.2 PCM by my OPPO before going to my external DAC and have absolutely NO issue with SQ.:righton:

    Obviously......... WRT using a HDMI de embedder.......... hard core DSD fans would need to make other arrangements.:)
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    Ripping the audio of Blu Ray Audios is straightforward. Plenty of gear can play hi res stereo FLAC files, fewer pieces of kit can play multichannel FLAC files, but the DRM on a Blu Ray doesn't need to be a problem. I would suggest that ripping using a Blu Ray drive straight to a computer is easier than using an HDMI de embedded.
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  21. norliss

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    I'd forgotten that this post was about Blu-Ray audio which does make my comments about DSD a little OT! However, I suppose it does fit into the whole multi-format player discussion.

    FWIW, I can rip both DVD-A and Blu-Ray audio without a problem so it's only really SA-CD & DSD that would be a consideration for me as far as a player is concerned.
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    Never a truer word spoken. I'm about nervois that this new 8 track format might take over though?
  23. tmsorosk

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    High price and the lack of modern releases ended Blue-rays run before it got off the ground, what were they thinking ?
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    I thought one of those two solutions (coax or optical, IDER) had a practical wire bandwidth limit in general and simply could not get to 192/24?
  25. Kyhl

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    Wait, Blue Ray Audio was a thing?
    The last thing I want is another format or a spinning shiny disk. I'm surprised anyone is interested in such a thing. That is why it is a non-factor.
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