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What happened to drummer Eddie Hoh?

Discussion in 'Music Corner' started by jdmack, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. Kerom"Kim" Capli was my half brother

    Long story here. Kerim and me had a band in Rochester New York in the mid sixties. I will try to enclose a photo taken in 1964. He lived with my family. His father was 'Piano Pasha" and his mother a famous opre singer in Turkey. ( Izmer was his home town )

    We both moved to L.A. and went in different circles. He went with the Monkees and I went with them on a few of the tour dates in the summer of 67.
    As I was doing some session work in L.A. I had met "Fast" Eddie Hoe and did a demo session with him at Goldstar at one point.His nickname was 'Fast Eddie Hoe ' Everybody knew him.

    Kerim was a different story. He was the most multi talented musician imaginable. Drums were no more his primary instrument than guitar.bass or vocals and a close second on piano.

    He joined the Sundowners and got the Monkees gig. He called me when they went on tour and invited to go along for the ride. I could only handle it three days.

    This was right after Hendrix left the tour and no one knew who Jimi was. Kerim told me "You have got to hear this guy,Jimi. He is where music is going "

    Kerim died about five years ago in Turkey. You can Google his name and see a video shot in Turkey in the mid eighties. He is singing"Give Me Lovin" the Spencer Davis tune.

    However,he also had the Kim Capli Blues Band.
    Check out "AWESOME JOHN" who was a friend of Kerims. He is stranded in Turkey.

    It's amazing how many great session players from the sixties L.A. scene have fallen on bad times.

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  2. It was Goldstar not Sunset Sound

    The nickname was "Fast Eddie Hoe". Not because of his drumming,rather he was all over the women at the time. The 'Pickup Artist"

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  3. viper66

    viper66 Forum Resident

    new jersey
    Awsome info jakobian1946, thanks!
    Yes Kim Capli was an awsome drummer as well & You must be proud!Sorry to hear that he is no longer with us :(Also now i know the real reason behind the name of Fast Eddie hoe:righton:
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  4. loooking

    loooking New Member

    Eddie Hoh

    Worked with Eddie back in the 60's. Real name is Eddie Hoe. Live off Des Plaines Ave In western suburbs of Chicago. Sorry to hear about his situation. Eddie was a very good guy and I liked him very much. Remember when he did a session in Chicago I believe at Universal Studios, told me you gotta hear these guitar players,turned out to be super session LP. Ya he had magic with the gals but drumming was his thing. So,So sorry he deserves better.
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  5. loooking

    loooking New Member

    Photo Eddie Hoh

    Eddie on left, Vic Cerny & me. Don't remember who chicks are. Pre California days when he was on the road with the Millionaires a Chicago club band.

    Attached Files:

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  6. varispeed

    varispeed what if?

    Los Angeles Ca
    His playing is so cool on Words by the Monkees. Been lovin that drum part since summer of 67. I call drum parts like that "candy". So yummy. Very inventive with no rocket science. Great use of toms. The thing he's doing on the second verse at about 1:18 is one of my favorite kinds of hh/snare/bd things.. right in the pocket with the open/close hh and snare .. and yet different than what he does on the first verse. Probably no charts either. Cool stuff.
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  7. MagneticNorthpaw

    MagneticNorthpaw Forum Resident

    Chicago, IL USA
    It's one of the most tasteful drum parts I've ever heard - and probably my favorite drum performance on a Monkees song.

    He was always skillful with the bass drum - see "Salesman" and the original version of "Carlisle Wheeling." And, for my money, I've always wanted to hear a "drums up" version of "What Am I Doin' 'Hangin' 'Round" a la the alternate mix of "Tapioca Tundra."
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  8. MarkTheShark

    MarkTheShark Forum Resident

    What's weird is that's not too far away from me and although it's been 40 plus years, from ages 0 to 2 I lived with my family in Forest Park, Illinois off of DesPlaines Avenue! I'm almost tempted to try and locate him and ask him to sign my Pisces album but it sounds like that would be a bad idea to say the least. The way his name is listed on the Pisces back cover is:

    Drums: Micky Dolenz, (Fast) Eddie Hoe, Kim Copli

    When I was a kid I took that to mean whenever the drumming was fast, it was Eddie Hoe.:laugh: Great drummer -- you can really hear what he's doing on that odd alternate mix of "Tapioca Tundra" on the Birds/Bees set.

    So he played with Al Kooper, Mamas & Papas, I wonder who else -- I gotta check this out.

    In that Glenn A. Baker book there is a quote from Davy Jones saying he played drums on the three Monkees' 1976 Christmas single. From the info I've read in this thread, that seems pretty unlikely. Can anyone confirm?
  9. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Through the Morning, Through the Night

    St. Thomas, ON
    Eddie's drumming on the fist Lee Michaels album is fantastic.

    He also played in the Gene Clark Group 2.0 for a brief period.
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  10. groundharp

    groundharp Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger

    California Day
    Are any of the 'close friends' you mention people who knew Eddie Hoh back in the 60s or are they more recent acquaintances?

    In the book GO WHERE YOU WANNA GO by Matthew Greenwald (which was published in 2002) Denny Doherty [who has himself since died] is quoted: "...Eddie Hoh from Chicago. Poor bugger, he died. But we had a lot of fun with him..."

    Is it possible the near-homeless man you see on the street is someone who has adopted the identity of Eddie Hoh, but isn't really him? I've heard of that sort of thing happening before.
  11. groundharp

    groundharp Maybe your friends think I'm just a stranger

    California Day
    Well, here's another quote from the Mamas + Papas book I mentioned above:

    "Eddie Hoh had these luminous drumsticks, and at one point in the show it would go to a black-light or something, and there was just this blur of drumsticks - it was awesome, real showmanship."

    This points to speed with the drums, as opposed to speed with women.
  12. Eddies Pal

    Eddies Pal New Member

    My late father was very close to Eddie and he was a good friend of my family through the 70's and early 80's.

    I would like to help him somehow, possibly get in touch with the police officer in this thread.

    Please contact me via PM if you have any recent info.
  13. kevinsinnott

    kevinsinnott Forum Coffeeologist

    Chicago, IL USA
    I just happened onto this thread. Are there any discographies of Eddie's work? I read a rumor he played drums on the Mamas and Papas Rooms, instead of Hal Blaine. Most Mamas and Papas songs are distinctively Hal B's style, but Room apparently might have been him.

    Daydream Believer. Any others?

    Funny, I'm in Forest Park a lot too. Very sad to hear of his misfortune.

    I apologize if his session list has been published elsewhere, but a quick check didn't give anything close to complete.
  14. Holy Diver

    Holy Diver Forum Resident

    I love Words. Never knew who did the drums on it. Great song and drumming.
  15. Kendude

    Kendude Member

    Hey guys, I found Eddie Hoh! I was googling him to learn more about him and came across your forum. He is living in Illinois and is alive and well! Well, except for some hearing loss!! I have a selfie I took with him last week, but I'm having trouble uploading it. If anyone has any questions for him, I can relay them for you, as I see and visit him every week! If we can set up something for fan mail, that would make him so happy. He thinks he's forgotten, and it would be nice to let him know he isn't.
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  16. John DeAngelis

    John DeAngelis Senior Member

    New York, NY
    Session musicians don't get paid royalties. And L.A. studio musicians were paid quite well, in fact.
  17. kunstwork

    kunstwork Forum Resident

    Los Angeles, CA
    Does he still play drums? Who was the guitar player in the Mamas and Papas band at Monterey? Truly a great and influential player.
  18. BadJack

    BadJack doorman who always high-fives children of divorce

    Boston, MA
    Happy to hear this. It does seem that he's overlooked, as in the Monkees case where I think people just assume that Dolenz did "Headquarters" and the rest was Hal Blaine. Hoh's playing on "Pisces" is a great blend of musical parts perfectly suited to the songs and some pretty impressive chops. I wish there more examples of his playing out there.

    Tell him that, with all due respect, I'd rip off his licks quite a bit when playing and that at least one guy remembers him quite fondly. Thanks to Eddie, and to you.
  19. Mister Charlie

    Mister Charlie "Music Is The Doctor Of My Soul " - Doobie Bros.

    Aromas, CA USA
    I learned from Eddie on those records, not knowing until later in life who it was I was trying to keep up with, drum wise.
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  20. Clarkophile

    Clarkophile Through the Morning, Through the Night

    St. Thomas, ON
    I'd very much like to hear any recollections of his stint in the Gene Clark Group (which also included Clarence White & John York).
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  21. Parlophony

    Parlophony Forum Resident

    New Orleans area
    His little solo bit in Salesman is one of the best drum breaks I've ever heard.
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  22. Kendude

    Kendude Member

    I'll be seeing him on Sunday, so I'm taking a list above to bring him both in questions and comments.

    In response to kunstwork's question as to if he's still playing, I can answer that now by saying no he is not. He tells me that in the early 70's he took 10 years off, and then he went back to play in the '80's, but he was no good anymore. He said he just couldn't play; he completely lost it and it boggles him as to how that could happen.

    I plan in the near future to have him go over and edit his Wikipedia. I'm also going to try to take a nice studio photo of Eddie so there is a current photo of him on there.

    If there's anything else anybody wants me to tell or ask him on Sunday, please keep listing!
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  23. Hep Alien

    Hep Alien Forum Resident

    New York City
    Oh wow, Kendude!:righton:

    Please tell him that his drumming has brought me decades of happiness and he is definitely on my list for one of the great rock'n'roll drummers of all time!
  24. Parlophony

    Parlophony Forum Resident

    New Orleans area
    Could you please tell him how much his drumming on those Monkees tracks is appreciated? Tell him his drum break on Salesman is a classic! Also, could you ask him if he remembers anything about cutting the Door Into Summer over what is believed to be Micky's original drum part?
  25. ruben lopez

    ruben lopez Nunc Est Bibendum

    Barcelona Spain
    Ask him about his memories playing with Mike Bloomfield,the 1969 Barry Goldberg And...LIVE is a killer!
    Eddie Hoh
    Barry Goldberg
    Harvey Mandel
    Mike Bloomfield
    Long drum solo included:drool:

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